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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 273 :: the last tomatoes

5 Oct
Bliss of the day: the last tomatoes.

Salsa Anyone?

More tomorrow.


JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 240 :: letting go to grow

3 Sep
It’s that time of year. The garden is toppling over with bounty. And today we pulled out this bliss: a cucumber bigger than a hammer.

At first we didn’t see it. Because it was growing on the OTHER side of the fence. But once it came into view it was hard to miss.

Of course we picked tomatoes and peppers and filled our bowls with other vegetables too, but I haven’t been able to get that cucumber out of my mind.

That big, huge, overgrown, amazing cucumber keeps whispering to me. It’s a reminder really. Sometimes the most powerful way to grow is to plant a seed, water it, let the sun shine where it may and then let go, stop watching and forget about it.

Let it do what it wants to do.
(No matter what side of the fence it wants to grow.)
Because sometimes we have to let go to grow.

More tomorrow.


JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 134 :: before and after – grow, grow, grow

19 May

Today’s bliss report….the garden is officially in.



Okay garden….Bring it on!

Grow… grow… grow…

More tomorrow.

  {what are you planting?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 299 :: enjoy simple bounty

28 Oct
My mantra this year has been to enjoy simple beauty. But tonight I am in awe of the simple bounty coming out of our garden. Just a few seeds, some starter plants and voila! A veritable feast. In October!!!

It’s enough food to feed the two of us for a while, or for Justin to make another kickass batch of salsa.

So isn’t it ironic that today would be the day that a blog reader and friend would send me a link to this: The Thanksgiving Project.

Peak performance starts with a good base. Usually breakfast, but most of the time the proper ingredients for a healthy diet. So tonight, I can’t ignore the irony of this link popping into my life today.

Feel free to check out more. I’m doing my part by helping to promote this good cause: mothers who want to feed their families. And if this isn’t up your alley, just plant a seed. Any seed. One in the ground that can blossom and grow. Or one in the hearts of the children you know.

Because everyone deserves peak performance.

More tomorrow. 


 {who can you help grow today?}
Thanksgiving Project Image

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 243 :: the final haul of summer

31 Aug

So the summer is almost over. It’s quite hard to believe. And yet, I am so relieved to be on this side of a long hot summer. Literally and physically and emotionally and spiritually …and surgically. 

Tonight as we brought in the garden’s gorgeous goods I wondered…is this the final haul of summer? Will there be more?

And what’s next?

There is something beautiful about the season changing right before my eyes. The last flowers hanging onto summer’s brilliant colors remind me of where I’ve been. The leaves starting to blow up and out of the trees rev up something inside of me about where I’m going next.

I suppose that’s what makes the season changing so thrilling.
Not really knowing what’s next, only anticipating what’s to come.

More tomorrow. 


 {what’s next?}

Jamie’s BLOG – DAY 217 :: missing out on some serious salsa

5 Aug

Looks like I’m missing out on a serious crop of salsa.

Justin sent this photo to me today just to prove that the garden goes on without me… and continues to push the limits of peak performance.

It’s a good reminder to me, that, you know, life goes on (even when I’m not home to pick the tomatoes) …and that absence makes the heart grow fonder …and totally filled with salsa.

Yum! Yum!

More tomorrow.


{what is growing for you?}

Jamie’s BLOG – DAY 200 :: watching over summer tomatoes

19 Jul

We are more than halfway through the year, and in the height of ONE HOT summer.

The 100-degree heat is good for sweating off some unwanted pounds and producing some beautiful vegetables. I swear you could grow anything here on the left coast — it’s so sunny and hot, just add water.

And just look at these tomatoes I picked today!

I mean honestly! I still have no idea what I’m doing in the garden. I have no idea what makes these things grow. We just water the ground and it sprouts.

The corn in the garden is now taller than me. The tomatoes have created their own kingdom of vines. The celery is turning into towers and the kale looks like its own radar tower shooting out of the ground floor.

I would love to take credit for any of it, but I cannot. Justin turns on the water at night. I wake up in the morning and look at the green jungle in awe. It is literally growing before my eyes.

It is Mother Nature’s Peak Performance.

I do nothing except pick and harvest and talk to the little flowering buds.

Sometimes I sing to them. It’s really a function of being a highly outgoing individual who is socially starved of the intellectual connections she once knew in a land called Boston.

There, in Beantown, I would discuss the fate of humanity, the economic crisis, politics, business and the outcome of every Red Sox game.

But, here, on this coast, it is just too hot to think intellectually. My mind is focused on how to cool down the house, when to open the windows and when to turn the air conditioner on for maximum ice box potential. P.S. On this coast nobody really cares about the Red Sox.

So I watch my tomatoes grow. And in some simply beautiful way, it seems there really is nothing more important in the world that making sure somebody watches over them, makes sure they are sung to, and picks them at just the right ripe moment.

And that makes me think, in some odd way, if everyone just took care of their own tomatoes there might be more than just fresh food in the world.

There might be a bit more singing. And salsa.

More tomorrow.

{who do you sing to?}

Jamie’s BLOG – DAY 191 :: a beauty-full bounty

8 Jul

Speaking of peak performance… the garden has blossomed!

Even Brady thought this little bounty was head-turning beautiful. We’re just lucky he didn’t eat it all.

Just a little spot of beauty from our corner of the world today to yours.

More tomorrow.

{find something beauty-full?}

Jamie’s BLOG – DAY 151 :: i’ll give you 4 guesses…

31 May

Can you figure out what I did today?

More tomorrow.

{recipe tomorrow}

2014 BLOG – DAY 82 :: what’s blooming?

23 Mar

I kept my promise today. I weeded the garden.

Well, I actually whacked it to pieces. It felt great to pound the ground. I made a list of everything I am angry and sad about and then I just pounded it into the ground.

Then I pulled the weeds and all was left was dirt and some strangling roots in the one section of the garden I was able to cover.

(When Justin arrived home he asked why part of the soil was turned up and uneven in the garden. Anyhooo….)

I highly recommend it. If you have any pent up emotions just go hit something, preferably the ground. I was given this great advice from a friend.

“Mother Nature can recycle it. She can take all that anger and neutralize it, then recycle it into energy somewhere else.”

So, Mother Nature, let me say thank you. I feel relieved. And I hope you’re able to use some of that energy to create pretty new blossoms somewhere else.

Speaking of blooms. We have strawberries! And mint!

We also have pink flowers on our trees.

A new season is here.
It’s almost ironic that I say this, but here goes:
Let the anger go and the growing begin.

More tomorrow.

{are you ready for spring?}
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