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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 105 :: joy of pizza

14 Apr
{Saturday Night}

Sometimes joy is as simple as a pizza. One shared with loved ones and your favorite girls. 

Last night was chocolate. Tonight is pizza. I guess joy is as simple or as complex as you want it to be. 

More tomorrow…


{simple joys}

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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 47 :: friendship bracelets

16 Feb
On Valentine’s Day Justin found a wooden box that had been moved to the back of the closet. He opened it up and brought me the contents. Inside was a gold and silver bracelet engraved with my nickname “Slinger.”

It looked so familiar to me. I remembered it clearly, sitting on my wrist in high school. It was like a mini reunion!

Justin has been giving me jewelry since I met him. So I assumed the bracelet was from him. We both did. Until I turned it over and saw the engraved words, “Love Kari.”

Kari was one of my best friends and favorite people. I immediately remembered the gift from her. I loved it then, in high school, when we were inseparable. And I love wearing it now.

The best part is that it sits on my wrist right next to the newest bracelet I own. One from Sara, as a birthday gift. 

I suppose that’s why they are called friendship bracelets.

I love looking at my wrist and being reminded of the friends in my life. The ones who knew me as a little girl and the ones who are seeing my through this thing called adulthood.

They are a special kind of bliss. One that lasts through the ups and downs of life and all the great rides in between.

Here’s to the girls.

More tomorrow. 

  {who are your lifelong friends}

Day 289: periwinkle is the color of friendship

17 Oct

I had lunch today.
With a good friend.

Diane is twice my age, old enough to be my grandmother, but she feels like a soul sister to me. At times, she has been a fairygodmother.

As we chatted and caught up over lunch at Periwinkles, I couldn’t help but feel the amazing connection we have always had, even though we are decades apart in this lifetime.

Such a good reminder that friendship knows no colors, borders, boundaries, ages or generation gaps.

Even better to realize…
Girls can giggle at any age. 


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