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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 355 :: the yoga kindness

20 Dec

Day 355: Circles.

OMG it’s almost here. The end of the year. Where has the time gone? Between bitter election campaigns and the media frenzies that followed, it’s hard to believe 2016 was only one year. It feels more like two, or at least one and a half.

I probably couldn’t have chosen a better year to dive headfirst into yoga. Or hide my head in downward dog to avoid it all. And yet, ironically, I find myself back where I started. Doing yoga. At home. Every night.

It’s like running in one big circle. Same yoga, same time, same mat.

Speaking of circles, we gave our niece a microscope for her birthday. An honest to goodness college level microscope. She couldn’t have been happier. Like squeal at the top of her lungs delighted. We spent the evening looking at slides and the patterns that all sorts of bugs and bacteria make when blown up ten bazillion degrees.

The pattern I noticed was a circle. So many circles. Blood. Butterfly wings. Lymph nodes. Ink. Cells. Cell walls. All circular in nature. It made me stop and think, and notice, that in many ways we travel in circles. Maybe it’s because we are made up of circles.

And so, I find it ironic, that I am ending the year where I began – boosting my yoga practice. Tonight was Day 8 of the Shred. And we worked on upper body physique.

Why is that ironic? At the beginning of the year I was working on my upper body strength with yoga. Just trying to make it through a few planks to get back in shape to go back to power yoga.

What is that ironic? Because this year has taught me a different kind of yoga. The one of kindness. Yes… Kindness. Not power.

Well, actually kindness is pretty powerful I have learned.  It takes more strength to be kind. It takes more resiliency to remain kind. It takes a heart of gold and abs of steel (okay, maybe not abs of steel but still…) to operate from a place of kindness.

That’s a circle. A golden circle. Some call it the Golden Rule. Something I was taught as a little girl. Isn’t it funny how long it takes to learn a lesson?

There is strength and power in being kind. It’s not about being NICE, don’t be confused. It’s about treating ourselves and others in the highest of regards and expecting, no demanding, that back in return.

Aha! See? Another circle.
The roots of kindness grow into the leaves of joy.

Tomorrow there will be more Shred Challenge. You can join the course here.
Namaste, Kindness. Namaste.

More tomorrow.

{being kind?}

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