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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 231 :: good choices made daily

17 Aug

Day 231: Every damn day.

Today I’m thinking about daily mistakes, the tiny, little choices that we make every day. My friend Lauren has a saying, “Poor choices made daily.” She usually says this out loud when a car passes her in the wrong lane. It’s half funny, half commentary, but all true.

And tonight, as I looked at which day of the year it is… the number at the top of this blog, something looked funny. Because I made a mistake.

I had written Day 221.
The fact of the matter is we are at Day 231.
Somehow, throughout the year I have lost a few days. Ten days to be exact.

Ten days? Where did they go? They dropped away quietly in the dark as I sat here at my desk writing my late night blog. That is what happens when you’re tired. You lose time.

Poor choices made daily.

So it makes me very happy to report that I make good choices daily too. That’s what this yoga promise is all about. Taking care of my body. Stretching my limits. Balancing my energy. Letting go of pent up stress with a downward dog.

It’s my promise. And it’s a good one. Even when I barely have the time to squeeze in a plank or two before midnight.

So, no matter where you are with your promises, repeat after me:
Good choices made daily.

More tomorrow.

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