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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 256 joy is good memories

18 Sep


Tonight at dinner, I was asked if I had pets. Of course, the answer is yes. I immediately found photos of Brady and then had to also show off a photo of Pup. Just that simple act reminded me how much JOY that dog brought to our lives. Any pet, really, has lasting effects and lingering affections that make up random acts of joyousness.

So many good times and good memories come from our pets.  What joy to be shared, to be savored and to be stored in memories forever.

More tomorrow…



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GIFT DAY 059: sit ubo, sit. good dog.

28 Feb

Our internet went out today.

Sometimes the secret to getting what you want is an ABUNDANCE of patience.Sometimes it’s as simple as being in the right place at the right time.

It left me in a tizzy asking myself, what did I ever do without THE INTERNET?

In my frustration, we went outside for a walk and had a romp on the beach.

My plan was to snap photos of Brady. At least, I TRIED to take Brady’s photo.

But he kept running and jumping.

I ended up with photos that looked like this:

brady blurry brady jumping

But finally, with a lot of concentration and patience, I was able to capture this one:

brady long

It was a lesson in patience for me.
And, as I got over my frustration with the dog that chases everything on the beach, I finally found a strategic way to get him to sit still for the camera.

(Sit Ubu, sit! Good dog.)


It’s not pretty.

But nothing that a little cropping can’t fix.

And, that reminds me of something.
Sometimes you have an ABUNDANCE of both patience and strategy.

More tomorrow.

{Have a caption for this photo? Dish in the comments section below.}

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