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Day 8: getting beat up by the three stooges

8 Jan

Day 3 of Antibiotics.
I feel like I’ve been in a little rumble with the Three Stooges.  As if Moe, Curly and Larry poked me in the eyes, ears, and throat all at once.

I don’t remember the last time I was this sick.
I haven’t left my bed since Friday.  Other than the occasional saunter outside the bedroom door, to the bathroom and back, I’ve been in bed.

Like a pause button has been pushed on my life.

I tried watching some football with Justin, but the mere sight of people running around was exhausting.

It makes me remember something I figured out long ago: when you hurt you hurt.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve been through worse.  It actually doesn’t matter if you’ve been through less.

When you’re in it, you’re in it.
And that’s when it hurts the most.

I’m trying to find the love in this situation, and all I can come up with is this: when this cold is over I will be so thankful for my good health.

It’s not just a gentle reminder.
It’s more like a kick in the pants.

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