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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 53 :: joyous snow

23 Feb
{joy time}

It snowed today. A tiny bit. So little, I could still see green grass outside my window. But apparently, it was a big deal. Everyone was nervous about the roads, and schools closing early, and doctors offices closed due to the storm.

I was surprised. Especially after surviving so many Boston winters of the past. Part of me was like… “Seriously!!! I drove to work, uphill, both ways in two feet of snow!”

Of course, the weather will always change (as do our memories!). The challenge is to find joy in the moment right now, wherever it finds you. Rain or shine.

Maybe joy is all about staying flexible?

More tomorrow…



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Day 287: lovemore monday :: a walk on the beach

15 Oct

It’s Lovemore Monday… you know what that means.

What did you love today?

For me, it was a nice night to sit at the picnic table outside on the porch.

The sun was warm. It was almost 70 degrees!

And, I’m here in the northern hemisphere just soaking in these blessed moments while we still have them. For winter is on her way, and this table will soon be full of snow — or blistering cold winds.

And, that’s why on the Lovemore Monday…

I. Love. It.

Here’s to the love of a good weather day…
in the middle of October.

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