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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 231 :: good choices made daily

17 Aug

Day 231: Every damn day.

Today I’m thinking about daily mistakes, the tiny, little choices that we make every day. My friend Lauren has a saying, “Poor choices made daily.” She usually says this out loud when a car passes her in the wrong lane. It’s half funny, half commentary, but all true.

And tonight, as I looked at which day of the year it is… the number at the top of this blog, something looked funny. Because I made a mistake.

I had written Day 221.
The fact of the matter is we are at Day 231.
Somehow, throughout the year I have lost a few days. Ten days to be exact.

Ten days? Where did they go? They dropped away quietly in the dark as I sat here at my desk writing my late night blog. That is what happens when you’re tired. You lose time.

Poor choices made daily.

So it makes me very happy to report that I make good choices daily too. That’s what this yoga promise is all about. Taking care of my body. Stretching my limits. Balancing my energy. Letting go of pent up stress with a downward dog.

It’s my promise. And it’s a good one. Even when I barely have the time to squeeze in a plank or two before midnight.

So, no matter where you are with your promises, repeat after me:
Good choices made daily.

More tomorrow.

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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 344 :: bliss-fa la la la la

14 Dec

Today’s bliss…music. 

As I sit here tonight working and listening to The Voice and waiting for Adele I am struck by the simple truth of music. It moves. It is magic.

And it’s something I don’t really do…all that well. I mean, of course I have some shining moments in the shower or driving in my car – in private – who doesn’t? But I am SO in awe of those who can sing, really sing. It’s amazing to me, the good vibrations with just a few vocal chords. 

And it seems not so ironic that it’s that time of year. When people sing out loud. Carol door to door. Sing a happy tune.  And share a vibe of bliss. 

‘Tis the season.
For the most wonderful sound of year. 

More tomorrow.


JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 312 :: blissful cheese

12 Nov


Today’s bliss…cheese. With Michigan Cherry Compote. It. Was. So. Good.

While it lasted….and isn’t that the truth of all good things. Enjoy it while it lasts.
And tastes so good.

Thank you Chicago!

More tomorrow. 

{sooooo good?}

Jamie’s BLOG – DAY 201:: hale to the kale

20 Jul

It’s Sunday night and all I have is a little bit of kale to share.

Okay, so it’s a LOT of bits of kale to share. My lunch of kale chips only put a minor dent in this latest harvest.

There’s something so great about eating kale — I feel like every cell of my body sucks in every nutrient a like a vacuum.

Kale has got to be some ancient secret, super power, magical kind of food. Even if it’s not, it makes me feel like I am a peak performer.

And sometimes all that matters is feeling good.

More tomorrow.

{what makes you feel good?}

Day 55: yo bella!

24 Feb

Tonight, I had my first taste of this:

It’s not ice cream, it’s not fro yo, it’s actually called Yogurbella.

And according to their website it is: “Made with less than 4 major ingredients + our proprietary Yogurbella flavoring blend, it’s a simple and tasty way for supporting a balanced diet for healthy, active kids, men & women throughout the lifecycle.”

It felt like a flashback for me, to like the year 1987, when frozen yogurt was the latest trend.

Or, maybe to the year 2005, when I was a Brand Manager for Baskin-Robbins (yes, all 31 Flavors).

Maybe this is a new recipe?
Maybe it’s just a remix of the old school yogurt mix?

Either way, I can report that Yogurbella was tasty.
I even want to believe the marketing messages posted outside the door, that it is good for my head, heart, body and soul.

Well, all except for those chocolate peanut butter cups I ordered on top.

It may be cheating to call it good for my health.
But isn’t that what we really want to hear?

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