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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 198 :: promises

23 Jul

Day 198: Joy. Joy.

There are so many things I love about this photo. The girls are not just adorable, funny, smart, fun and full of life. They are beautiful too. They are the two biggest reasons we moved to the PNW and they make my heart so very full.

I also love this photo because it took place outside on a summer night right after we had all braided each other’s hair. I braided their hair and one of these little scrumptious ones braided mine. It’s a circle really, one I don’t take lightly. Passing down the art of the braid.

I think of the generations of women who have braided each other’s hair over time and time and time again. I think of my mom and my aunties who braided mine. And I think of the braids these girls will continue to weave long into the future ahead. It’s a circle of women, the art of the braid. And I’m so glad I’m here to be a part of even just one strand.

It’s a lot like this promise of mine. While every day is different, every moment counts. Whether you are looking for better health or a better situation, it all comes down to a promise.

So now, I yoga. To keep this promise of mine.
Are you keeping yours?

More tomorrow.


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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 187 :: bliss and a vacuum

11 Jul
Our vacuum sucks. Now. 

But this morning it didn’t. Which was only discovered after Justin pointed it out after we had vacuumed the house. It led to me whining (sorry no complaint challenge) and asking for help. One vacuum taken apart into many pieces later (don’t ask me how) and finally the culprit was found.

My hair.

I have been losing the hair on the back of my head for almost a year now. After my last surgery the hair began to drift away. It’s apparently from the anesthesia. Every day I would pull out clumps and strands. Like they were jumping ship. Overboard! 

Turns out the vacuum took the brunt of their descent.

As we inspected the innards of our hoover (it’s really a Eureka) I had a eureka moment. My hair had wrapped itself around the inside roller, making it immobile which burned a hole in the belt. It literally snapped against the pressure.

Which means I have been cleaning house for some time now, imagining the carpet was spotless while my vacuum was secretly decommissioned.

The hair was so thick and wrapped so tightly around the roller I felt like I was giving my Barbie a hair cut. Which I did once when I was young. Be warned, Barbie’s bangs will not grow back.

But hallelujah! One trip to Home Depot later, and a few bags full of hair, dust and rug wool, the vacuum now sucks.

And so does the lesson. Sometimes when you think you are using the right tools you’re not. And I suppose that’s the moment you need to ask for help.

Also, that which you think you’ve lost can always be found… even if it’s inside of a vacuum!

More tomorrow.

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Day 45: a love letter to hair

14 Feb

Tonight continues my commitment to more love and less fear this year.  For February, I am writing a love letter each day.  Tonight is dedicated to …hair.

Dear Long Locks:  

I had no idea how much I loved you until I lost you.

I took you — my thick, long hair — for granted because you were always part of me.  Like Superheroes and their special powers, I thought you would always be around, in full force.

Until I lost you.
Filling a wastebasket full of long locks every night for a week.

Losing you to cancer treatment, was really just a small price to pay in the big-old-grand-scheme of things.

And, like most challenges in life, I grew from it.
But you, my dear hair, never grew back the same way again.

I have tried all sorts of ways to hide your barren patch at the nape of my neck.  Cut short.  Cropped around my face.  Layered at my shoulders.  Worn down the middle of my back.

Never made much of a difference.
So, I will forever live with the memory of what you looked like (which is probably good that’s it’s just a memory, since it involved a kinky 1980’s perm with spiked bangs. Do you remember those days?)!

Which brings me back to today.
As I sat in my hairdresser’s chair and she asked me what I wanted to do with you, I just smiled and decided to let inspiration be the guide.

So, we now have bangs.
And long layers.

Happy Valentine’s Day, my dear hair.
I hope you like your new look.


P.S.  Don’t worry!  If you don’t love it, just consider this another opportunity to grow.

Day 167: beauty school drop out

16 Jun

Today was officially Haircut Day over here at The Promise 365. 
Did you celebrate?
Boy did I need to!

It was my first time at Maggie’s salon (on the recommendation of Debbie ~ thank you!!).  I have always found my stylists through friend’s recommendations.  What about you?

When I entered Maggie’s salon I was greeted with a surprise. Richard came to the front desk to call my name, but instead he said:

“Oh, Jamie’s not a boy, Jamie’s a girl!”

(It’s okay, it happens sometimes, usually with junk mail addressed to Mr. Jamie Eslinger.)

Turns out, I was the one in for a surprise.
Today Richard treated me to a new do as well as some really informative tips about my hair, optical illusions and insider secrets.

1) Did you know that many blonds have sparse or uneven hairlines?
I didn’t.
Richard pulled back my hair and demonstrated the ebb and flow of my hairline, which due to its unevenness ultimately leads to thin looking locks around my face.

Richard’s solution: some creative cutting around the face.

2) Did you know you should part your hair at the highest point of your eyebrow?
I didn’t.
It creates an optical illusion of fullness or roundness in the face, instead of a long narrow face. (Round is apparently more attractive to the human eye).  Richard parted my hair to the side just a little further than it’s natural fall.  And there it was!  My face (and eyes) opened up.

Richard’s solution: new part!

3) Do you know how to dry your hair? 
I thought I did.
Richard showed me the most important feature of a hair dryer — the “cool” button.  Turns out I have been drying my hair upside down and wrong my entire life!

Richard showed me how to hold my locks and force the hair dryer over them just like an ironing board which creates of course a straight line and adds fullness.

Plus! Richard blew my locks just damp enough and then instructed me on when to hit the “cool” button.  The combo of hot air and cool air helps set the style.

By the time I left the front door I felt sorry I didn’t take notes.
Richard shared with the properties of water, hair color, chemical combinations, dryness, moisture, the evolution of hair styles, and the mathematical nature of a great haircut!

Class dismissed.
Today was more than just a wash, cut and dry — I felt like I graduated from Beauty School 101 by the time I paid the bill.

The result?
Please understand it’s hard to take a photo of myself with an iPhone 3 … and this little pic does very little justice to Richard’s work….

But, here’s my best attempt using the rear view mirror of my car:

This girl’s got one thing to say about her Goldilocks:
Thank you Richard!

Day 164: wasting time splitting hairs

13 Jun

I’ve just spent the last hour cutting off the split ends at the end of my long locks.
I think this officially counts as wasting time splitting hairs.

Funny thing is:
In the process I received some really good ideas and solved some challenging questions in my head

I blame the screen.
There are too many of them.  On my computer, my phone, the iPad, the TV, my nano from Integrative Nutrition, the Garmin in my car.

Screens, screens everywhere and not a drop to drink!

Over the past hour, over a pair of scissors and some seriously split ends, I just pried myself away from all imaginable screens.

Hairdressers everywhere are cringing at this very moment. 
They are doubled over with grief and humiliation.  “No, not the home remedy for split ends!” they cry.

You may be too.

I know, I desperately need my hair cut and have been putting it off amongst the travel, move, and a pretty packed schedule.  It flies in the face of The Promise 365 and all it stands for (to be fair it wasn’t head, heart, hair, body & soul!).

I will call tomorrow to schedule a haircut.

But, tonight, I am grateful for the tiny splits at the end of my hair.
They gave me a small vacation, an itty-bitty break, a little respite.

They also gave me something priceless, a trip into my own head where I figured a few things out:

1)  What to give my dad for Father’s Day. (I would tell you, but then he might find out and it wouldn’t be a surprise, and then we would all feel guilty, and that wouldn’t be good for anyone’s head or heart.)

2)  I figured out how to follow up on a work proposal that I have been sitting on, noodling and dragging my feet.


3)  Inspiration for a blog post, the one you are reading now.

Never fear salons everywhere!
I am not advocating we women take scissors into our own hands (at least not permanently). Well, I’m sure it’s okay to cut a few split ends now and then, or maybe even up some bangs.  You get the point.  Hey, it’s not worth splitting hairs over.

But, I do know this:
A little time away from the big screen (and little screen, and teensy-weensy screen) can do wonders for the head. 

Maybe even the heart.

Day 131: talking heads

11 May

Hello Boston!

I boarded the plane to Beantown today.
While sitting in dull silence on the plane, waiting for the seat belt “ding” to ring out (to alert all passengers, who had already undone their seat belts, that it was now allowed to undo said seat belts) I noticed the back of a woman’s head.

She was sitting a few rows in front of me.
I noticed because she had a very different hairstyle. Part of her head was shaved.  The rest of her hair was long and placed high in a ponytail.

It was a déjà vu moment bringing back a flood of memories.
I once had a very similar hairdo.  When I was seventeen.

Except I didn’t choose it.
My hair fell out from radiation treatment as part of a course in curing cancer. Turns out, just half the hair on my head fell out, the bottom half.  The hair that was in range of the radiation rays fell out in clumps, filling a waste basket each night before I went to bed, for a few days until nothing was left but bare skin.

It left me with long hair on top of my head, and no hair on the bottom.

Here’s the really amazing thing ~ and if you are in your late thirties you might remember this ~ I lost my hair right around the time it came into fashion to shave the bottom half of your head and wear the top half long.

What a lovely coincidence.

I would love to take credit for my ability to start trends and be in-fashion (or “in-fad”) if only I had chosen the hairstyle.

Right about the time baby hairs started to sprout back into the follicles back there the “half shaved fad” reached its apex.  I was so ahead of my time.  Or so it seemed.

Seeing this woman’s shaved head today made me sit and ponder all that we wear for the world to see: clothes, shoes, hair.

As the rest of the passengers fumbled for their luggage I wondered:
Just what was this woman trying to tell the world?

The irony of it made me stop and think:  just what did people (who didn’t know I was going through cancer treatment at the time) think about my half shaved head?  Punk?  Trendy diva?  Cocky?  Crying out for help?  Trying to make a statement?  Doesn’t get enough attention?

As I inspected the back of this woman’s head it occurred to me that whatever I thought about this girl, I probably had it all wrong.

At best, I only had half of the story.
The half that only shows up on the outside.
And that half might mean everything or it just might mean nothing at all.

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