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Day 45: a love letter to hair

14 Feb

Tonight continues my commitment to more love and less fear this year.  For February, I am writing a love letter each day.  Tonight is dedicated to …hair.

Dear Long Locks:  

I had no idea how much I loved you until I lost you.

I took you — my thick, long hair — for granted because you were always part of me.  Like Superheroes and their special powers, I thought you would always be around, in full force.

Until I lost you.
Filling a wastebasket full of long locks every night for a week.

Losing you to cancer treatment, was really just a small price to pay in the big-old-grand-scheme of things.

And, like most challenges in life, I grew from it.
But you, my dear hair, never grew back the same way again.

I have tried all sorts of ways to hide your barren patch at the nape of my neck.  Cut short.  Cropped around my face.  Layered at my shoulders.  Worn down the middle of my back.

Never made much of a difference.
So, I will forever live with the memory of what you looked like (which is probably good that’s it’s just a memory, since it involved a kinky 1980’s perm with spiked bangs. Do you remember those days?)!

Which brings me back to today.
As I sat in my hairdresser’s chair and she asked me what I wanted to do with you, I just smiled and decided to let inspiration be the guide.

So, we now have bangs.
And long layers.

Happy Valentine’s Day, my dear hair.
I hope you like your new look.


P.S.  Don’t worry!  If you don’t love it, just consider this another opportunity to grow.

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