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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 302 :: joy is halloween

31 Oct


We have candy! Happy Halloween. 

We didn’t have any trick or treaters show up but we do have a bucket full of candy. So tonight, joy is eating it while we watch Halloween inspired movies. 

Candy makes life more fun… and sweet. Happy Halloween!
What joy!

More tomorrow… Lovemore,


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BLOG – GIFT DAY 304 :: snickers

31 Oct

In keeping with my promise to seek abundance this year, here’s my Abundance Photo of the Day our leftover Halloween candy.

We have an ABUNDANCE of Snickers candy bars leftover from our Halloween handouts.

Good thing these bars are FUN sized or else we would be in double, double, toil and trouble. I thought we had a plethora of zucchini HAUNTING us this summer and now we have GOBS of chocolate bars sitting on our counter.

Alas, there is a solution for every problem — the freezer!
Ours is well stocked with BOTH zucchini and Snickers.

So if anything happens, say a visit from zombies or the apocolypse, I think we’re prepared.

Happy Halloween.

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

{Happy Halloween}

Day 303: a scary week to feel like a kid again

31 Oct

It’s certainly been a scary week over here on the East Coast.

My heart and prayers go out to everyone cleaning up and digging out after this storm.

Since Halloween arrived on schedule, Justin decided we needed a little humor. So we now have matching pajamas for our Halloween costumes.

They aren’t just any pajamas though…
These are full length, all body onesies (splattered with the Patriots logo of course).

We may have had lots of tricks around here this week – Sandy being up to her scariest and delivering an All Hallows Week to Remember…

But, in a way, it has all made me feel like a kid again.

The fright of not knowing or understanding what might happen in a storm.
Wishing and wanting to run into my parents bedroom and duck for cover from said storm.
And, now, turning in for bed in a set of onesies with a zipper all the way down the front.

The only thing missing is a big bucket of candy and kids ringing the front door for treats.

But we have survived worse, haven’t we?
Happy Halloween. 

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