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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 80 :: happy monday

21 Mar

Day 80: Monday.

This is what Monday Yoga looks like to me.

(Found on Curvey Yoga)

And may you be happy too!

More tomorrow.


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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 354 :: away in a manger

25 Dec

Today’s bliss…singing.

In church.

Merry Christmas!

More tomorrow.


JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 256 :: happy list

19 Sep

Here’s a flashback, one that found me on Facebook tonight. A memory in a photograph.

It’s the ocean at night, with light overlooking Oak Bluffs, Martha’s Vineyard.

And, in this year of Bliss, I’m adding it to my happy list.

More tomorrow.
{what’s on your bliss list?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 97 :: f*ing friday

10 Apr

Happy Siblings Day! That’s a shout out to my sister, you know who you are. But it’s also Feel Good Friday!

So tonight I give you this: Babies and Kittens.

C’mon, babies laughing and kittens playing? Can anything be more feel good than that?

More tomorrow.

  {feel good}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 70 :: happy dogs

11 Mar

I love watching dogs do their play thing. They are so much better than humans at shaking off what’s bad in life and then moving on to the next treat. It’s like they live in a constant state of Happy.

Case in point.
This is a happy dog:

He just ate a bug. He loves to chase bugs and then eat them. It’s the most bizarre game I’ve ever seen a dog play.

Especially these bugs:

He loves them. He literally and physically eats them up. It’s quite gross to me but to him, it’s amazing fun.

And this is a happy dog:

He loves tennis balls. NOT playing catch or running after tennis balls but EATING them. Pup chews the balls until they have lost all bounce. He will confiscate them after we throw the tennis ball so he can munch on it peacefully in his own private spot in the yard.

Both are games they like to play. But neither play by what I think the rules should be. Doesn’t matter to them. They are happy.

It reminds me that one’s BUG may be another’s BLISS.
Or tennis ball.

More tomorrow.
Lovemore, do more.

  {what do you love?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 61 :: blissed off

2 Mar
I’m trying an experiment. Being blissful.
But not in a annoying sort of way, over they top happiness, like this definition describes.

Not that anything is wrong with supreme bliss. But it feels a little hyper and I think I’d like a more gentle approach to life these days.

So bliss it is. In small bits. Gentle waves.

My experiment is to see if I can sustain a blissful state of mind even when that around me won’t provide it. Like tonight, while at the grocery store when a woman wouldn’t move out of my way …. I gently turned around and went in the other direction.

Maybe that is more like avoidance. But I’m wondering how long I can sustain a positive attitude, a blissful state if you will, while still having a grip on the real world.

We’ll see how long it lasts…. how blissed off can I possibly get?
It’s got to be worth a try.

More tomorrow.

  {what blisses you off?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 32 :: what’s the score

1 Feb
I’ve been in an airport since this morning, before the sun rose. The Blizzard has rerouted and rearranged my plans, along with many others. But it’s good to know that the Super Bowl goes on… as evidenced by everyone huddled around TV’s throughout the airport.

Including me.
Until now.

I just realized I have less than an hour before my flight leaves and I need to post my blog (or I will miss the window for today, and I won’t let that stop this 5-year writing streak!).

So I had to pull myself away from the game. I have no idea what the score is while I’m over here in this corner of the airport writing, sucking up juice from an outlet to keep my computer running. I can hear the cheers and boos coming from afar but I have no idea what they mean. Of course I’m hoping it’s for the Pats good fortune but I am surrounded by Seahawks fans so…..

And then something hit me! As I pulled myself away from the crowd I see something beautiful. Further proof that we are all connected. We are all plugged into this game (well, most of us) one way or another. Whether it’s for the team, the commercials, or as my friend Laura said about her kids, they care more about the food!

Speaking of commercials. I am beyond moved by these Coke ads. The brand has taken the Big Game and turned it into a platform for a big message. One that we all know is true = what we say to each other matters so let’s talk about things we all want to hear.

And while Coke wants us to hear a message to crave more sugar, I know what we all really crave is love. I know this from my own trials and tests. When my body craves something sweet what I really want is some LOVE. Or something I can’t have, like a hug from my mom. Give me some sugar! As Kid President says.

We are all connected. But it’s being connected to our hearts that matters most. That’s the big game. So while I have no idea what the score is right now, I do know this:  when we all live from our heart, from a place of love, everybody wins.


More tomorrow. 

 {what is your sugar?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 27 :: a little bit happy

27 Jan
Oh bliss!  I still don’t really know what that means. I do have very clear moments of locating BLISS in my memories. Like yesterday, all of those birthday messages that you left me on Facebook made me cry, very happy tears.

Back in college I was given an award. It was “Most Likely To Be Happy In A Nuclear Holocaust.” I’ve been thinking a lot about that award lately, especially in this new promise of finding bliss.

I am really mostly happy most of the time. I like to think I look on the bright side of shit hit the fan. But I have my melt down, drag out, it aint pretty moments. (Just ask Justin, he gets to see them up close and personal more than anyone. Lucky guy.)

But to harness bliss ALL the time, well, I’m not sure even “happy girl in a nuclear holocaust” can figure that out. It might actually be certifiably mental for someone to be happy all the time.

But that’s okay. I’ve dedicated an entire year to absorb, research, track down and capture as much bliss as possible. As this journey unfolds, in what I hope will be in the most wonderful of ways, I am reflecting on the fact that it’s my life (and yours!). Every single day of it.

Good enough reason to be even a little bit happy.  

More tomorrow. 

 {what makes you a little bit happy?}

Day 235: are you happy?

23 Aug

Tonight, Justin walked in the door, outstretched his hand and said, “Here’s your next blog post.” 

In his hand he held a DVD of a movie called Happy.

It’s all about what happy is made of and where it lives. (Turns out it lives more often in Denmark than Japan.)

From Bhutan (where they are measuring a Gross National Happiness equation) to meditating (takes only two weeks to rewire the brain) this movie covers all aspects of what happy is, can be or ought to be — and how to get there.

Back in college, I was required to fill out a questionnaire that asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

While everyone else had a more clear vision for their future, be it lawyer, doctor, mother, teacher, I wrote something else.

My answer?
You guessed it: happy.

I’m not sure back then I had a plan or roadmap to get to happy. I just knew life was better when it was fun, adventurous, and spent with friends and family.

According to Happy The Movie, my college-aged notions are part of that formula.

I wasn’t surprised to hear these words above all else: gratitude, compassion, caring and love. 

That’s right, LOVE. There’s that word again.

The bottom-line? Happiness is a skill and it includes many things we can practice, like:  Play. Adventure. Friends. Family. Appreciation.

The good news? 
It’s all free. 

Now, doesn’t that make you happy?

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