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Day 258: the rock solid shape of your heart #love

15 Sep

When I arrived home after our funny little thing the other night, I found a pile of rocks on my desk.

Actually, I didn’t see them at all. When I crawled into bed Justin finally asked, “Did you see what I left on your desk?”

“You left something on my desk?” I said with half sleepy eyes. Justin just gave me that look. The look I have come to know as Jamie Stop Complaining. 

I peeled myself out of bed, somewhat annoyed and practically sleep walking into the other room to see what was so urgent it couldn’t wait on my desk until morning.

It was a pile of rocks.
But not just any rocks.

They were all heart shaped.

Justin found them on the beach that day and reported back to me. “I kept seeing a theme so I brought them home. I thought maybe you could write a blog about it.”

Boy, can I.
That man constantly surprises me.

Just when I think he has left me a pile of rocks I realize he has left me the shape of his heart.

I just have to listen and trust and pay attention more. 

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