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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 58 :: exposing what’s broken

27 Feb
I made it to and through two yoga classes. Small feat. Two HOT yoga classes in one week. It’s not easy for me, mind you, these muscles are being stretched beyond their limits. I have yet to chataranga and I have never seen my legs shake so violently through yoga pants before, to the point of convulsion.

It’s tough to be this out of shape. It’s hard to look at my shaking thighs and try to remember what they used to look like, what they used to feel like, what they used to be able to do.

So tonight when the instructor said, “Pay attention to what hurts. It has to be exposed before you can fix it,” I had to take a pause.

It’s so true. I can’t fix what’s broken if I don’t know it has broke, or is tired, or out of shape, or shaking so hard the room thought there was a west coast earthquake hitting the gym floor.

Sometimes it feels so not very fair. Having spent so much time taking care of my head, heart, body and soul, getting in great shape only to have three surgeries bring me down. Sometimes it feels like looking up at a mountain, one where I almost made it to the top and then tumbled my way down to the bottom.

And then other times, someone says something that makes me take pause and feel again that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. Listening to my body.

“Pay attention to what hurts. It has to be exposed before you can fix it.”

More tomorrow.

  {what are you paying attention to?}

2014 BLOG – DAY 78 :: engage your core

19 Mar

There is one proven way to make yoga more intense. Turn up the temp, make it hot and sweat a lot.

I am a fan of hot yoga and I was thrilled to find a new hot yoga offering at our gym. I was beyond thrilled.

So yesterday, after receiving my latest diagnosis, I went directly to a hot yoga class. I wanted to sweat it all out: the stress, the disappointment, the sadness, the shock of another surgery.

What I didn’t realize was I needed to be realigned.

The entire class was all about alignment. And since there were only two of us in attendance, the class was an intense practice of hands on realignment and repositioning.

Foot here. Hip forward. Toes up. Heart forward. Lift up the ribs. Sink into your buttocks. Move left. More forward. Dip. Bend more. Sink less.

And then I learned a phrase that hasn’t left my mind since: engage your core. 

As I squeezed in my stomach to engage the proper abdominal muscles, and then more, and then more, more, more as I engaged my core, I realized something profound.

Everything was easier. And more intense.

With each move the instructor remind me to engage my core. After hearing it a few times I realized the significance of the phrase.

Engage your core. 

It hit me on a much deeper level than the sore tummy muscles I woke up with today from yesterday’s hot yoga alignment.

Engage your core. 

Today, when friends called me to wish me well and to remind me that my latest diagnosis indeed SUCKS.

Engage your core. 

Receiving encouraging notes on Facebook from people I love and adore.

Engage your core. 

This morning, while on a conference call discussing strategy with four incredibly talented women who are rocking it in the business world.

Engage your core. 

This afternoon, when I talked with my Thyroid Surgeon who took such great care of me last fall and tonight promised to help me find the perfect surgeon for this next journey.

Engage your core. 

Connecting with my family and Justin’s family.

Engage your core. 

Finally, tonight, when Justin slipped and told me that he emailed all my friends and asked them to reach out to me to keep me occupied (instead of Googling a diagnosis).

Engage your core.

I think it’s a recipe for peak performance across the board. And it’s a reminder to me that everything is easier when you engage your core.

It’s more intense, it will make you sweat, but it makes everything easier.
All it takes is a tiny realignment.

Engage your core. 

More tomorrow.

{who is your core?}

2014 BLOG – DAY 63 :: flowering up spring

4 Mar

First, let me preface this by saying I’m sorry.

If you lived in the snowy blizzard belt this winter I recognize that this post will make you want to scream, or vomit, or throw things at me…. or all of the above.

But, this post is about more than just flowers. So, bear with me as I show you what popped up in our front yard today:

I have no idea what it is!

Okay, so it’s a flower. Got that. But on a tree?
Any ideas??

Other things are flowering over here too. Today was my first day back to hot yoga. It’s been MONTHS since my body has felt that kind of sweat (except for my accidental 30 minutes in the hot sauna, oops!).

The best part was not the hot yoga but making a new friend.
(See… things are blooming over here!)

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

{what’s blooming with you?}


Day 217: three things i love more than chocolate (today!)

5 Aug

Today continues this hot summer series…Three Things I LOVE more than chocolate (today!) as a way to stay in touch with the power of gratitude.

On this very hot day, while walking Pup, I met new neighbors.

I swear Pup is a magical dog. He always seems to turn a corner just in time to introduce me to someone new.  Or, stop and sit on the sidewalk until somebody walks by.

I am usually annoyed at Pup, tugging on his leash to go in the other direction, pulling with all my might.  Just then, of course, someone new shows up in my life that I am supposed to meet.  All because of Pup’s persistence.

And, it happened again today. 

Pup literally dragged me into a stranger’s yard.  They turned out to be gracious, lovely and nice people — as well as dog lovers.  They rewarded Pup handsomely with pats behind the ears and a big bowl of water.  He stood there as if he knew he was invited over!

Today, magically, I also returned to the halls of hot yoga.  It’s been a love/hate relationship this hot yoga of mine. Ever since I vowed to take care of my head, heart, body and soul, hot yoga has been right there for me.

Me, not so consistent.

And, today, I’m not so sure I needed to stretch in the heated yoga studio, because just walking down the street was enough to pour the toxins out of every single one of my pores. But it was so worth it!

And, I only showed up because I was meeting a friend.  It’s a good lesson for me to learn — I need a buddy, a partner, a friend to keep my yoga practice consistant.

While stretching to the sun, in the intense heat of the yoga studio, a song began to play.

I loved it! It was perfect.

The lyrics arrived at the most perfect moment, just as I was ready to pass out in my now see-through shirt drenched with sweat. The song’s message: “Don’t quit.” Or, maybe, it was “Don’t stop.” It could have been “Don’t stop until the end?”

Ugh. I can’t remember. And, I can’t find it on iTunes or anywhere else. I guess that means I just have to go back to yoga.

And let it magically appear.

Day 40: yoga just got hotter

9 Feb

Hot yoga night over here.

Day 2 of my week-long commitment to yoga it up with a super fabulous hot rock massage as my reward.

So far the count this week is: 2 days, 2 yoga sessions downward dogged.

Tonight was not just any yoga night: can you say Hot. Yoga. With. A. DJ?

How hot is that?
Very. Sweaty mat and towel included.
I actually wasn’t sure what to expect.
Well, I knew I would get all stretched and sweaty and sent to the edge physically. No question there.

But, yoga and a music DJ!?
Would it be hip hop night at the old Bala Vinyasa or a some meandering mellow jazz? Turns out it was totally cool.

Most yoga classes go like this for me:
Step One: Ahhhh!
The stretch feels so good. I am ready to unwind and feel the love.

Step Two: Put my foot where?
Feeling the ouchie-ouch. Trying to stay zen and on my mat but, Oh. My. God. my body doesn’t bend that way!

Step Three: Total distraction.
I am sweating rivers down my arms, I can’t keep up with the flow.
I am wobbling on one foot trying to find a spot in the room to focus my eyes in order to stay balanced, but I can’t stop noticing I am about to fall sideways and face plant into the beautiful bamboo floors.

Step Four: What time is it?
Searching for a clock in the room. How much time is left in this class anyway?

Step Five: Ahhhh.
I thought you’d never say it: Savasana!

But not tonight.
Thanks to yoga instructor, Michelle Ploog, and yoga DJ,
Ian Hyman (DJ Hyfi) my power yoga yin and yang were perfectly aligned.

Time flew by at light speed.
Michelle encouraged everyone to go to each persons physical edge while at the same time reaching out to the actual person by their side.

Seriously, we literally held each other up by the foot during some of the most heinous holding moves. (Oops, am I allowed to say heinous when referring to yoga?).

It was kind of like performing in the Rockettes, or standing in a Women On Fire closing circle: each one of us was literally and physically reaching out and extending support (and dripping sweat on each other at the same time — how beautiful is that!?)

The music was my distraction and my anchor.
I never made the connection before, music totally takes the sting out of running for me, so why wouldn’t it super-zen a yoga session? I think I stretched even deeper and longer. Now, I’m not saying I made any pigeons fly but I did hold a crow for a record .0003 seconds.

Gotta love progress.
If I can keep this challenge up through the end of the week, just imagine all the other farm animal poses I could do!?

Makes me wonder, as far as investments go:
If music and support are this powerful, how else could they super-zen or super-charge my life. How else could they help yours?

Day 11: hot yoga

11 Jan

I have a power yoga hangover this morning.

I feel like my body has been forced through one of those homemade spaghetti makers. I am noodle.

It feels so good.
I am both dehydrated and re-energized.

Which makes me think, maybe I should have called this blog THE SHIFT 365 or INVESTMENT 365.

While I am not spending money on clothes or shoes or other things to decorate or adorn my body, I am investing in my body and in activities or other healthy ways to take care of my body, soul, head, heart.

I am merely shifting my spending to new categories, with the plan to get much greater bang for my buck.

Hot Yoga was the best 20 dollars I have invested all year.

Now, please excuse me, I need to go invest in a large glass of water…

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