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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 261 :: a call for kindness

24 Sep

Day 261: Human Kindness.

I have been thinking about kindness for the past 24-hours, and my Random Act of Kindness commitment this week.

But, it has been a long 24-hours living not far from Burlington and the Cascade Mall. The shootings last night were surreal, and tragic, and everything that everyone has ever said about unnecessary violence. This time, it was just down the street.

But isn’t it always? Just down the street? Somebody’s street is always just down or out of the way of the latest violent act of randomness.

I was in Mount Vernon last night. I drove right by the mall on my way. I almost stopped to buy more underwear, because, I need some. But I didn’t because life and plans got in the way and I was running late. The only reason I bring it up is that it could be ANY of us buying something at a Macy’s counter on ANY random night.

And I think that is what has saddened me most. Why this keeps happening down any one street, or school, or movie theater, or mall just doesn’t make ANY sense to me. Violence knows no boundaries in times like these.

But I do know this.
How we choose to act on any given day makes a difference in the lives of others and our communities and for ourselves. Our choices matter. All of them. And, in my book, our world could use a whole hell of a lot more Random Acts of Kindness, if we choose. So I will.

Starting with me. Human kindness. Randomly. Thoughtfully. Repeatably.
That’s my choice.
What is yours?

Bright before me the signs implore me:
Help the needy and show them the way.
Human kindness is overflowing,
And I think it’s gonna rain today.…

More tomorrow.


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BLOG – GIFT DAY 317 a month of inspiration :: being human

13 Nov

Today, in my month-long nod to inspiration, I share a beat.
But first, a song by The Killers

Are you human? Or are you dancer?
I love it. I sing it. I bounce to the beat.But ….it took me this long to understand it. Apparently Hunter S. Thompson said “America is raising a generation of dancers.”I missed those years, and don’t really have all the context, but his point in short: people were afraid of stepping out of place and following their own beat. Thus the lyrics by The Killers, “are you human or are you dancer?”

If you watch the above video you will see a guy at a Celtics game who just doesn’t care. He is definitely dancing to his own beat… and inspiring many around him I might add.

Both videos are beats.
And I think beg the question… are you dancing to your own beat?

If that’s not inspiring to think about, I leave you with the words I bounce to when I get stuck, confused or otherwise forget that I am human:

I did my best to notice
When the call came down the line
Up to the platform of surrender
I was brought, but I was kind
And sometimes I get nervous
When I see an open door
Close your eyes, clear your heart

Cut the cord

Here’s to dancing to your own beat, whatever that may be.

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {playmore!}

{what would it mean
to dance to your own beat?}
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