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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 9 :: free kindness

9 Jan


I often say that words are free, but tonight this caught me by surprise.

Kindness is free.
And a great investment.
What a deal!

More tomorrow.

P.S.  Challenge #1 is on till Wednesday!  Are you Practicing Respect?
If you choose to accept this challenge, try one of the following acts:
– admire someone with kind words
– point out a particular and appreciated detail with kind words
– use thoughtful words to compliment someone on an achievement

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Day 9: new shoes

9 Jan

On the first day of the New Year I purchased a pair of shoes. Black Nike athletic shoes to be exact.

I refer to them as my tennis shoes, which makes no sense because they are built to be running shoes or gym shoes. For some reason I refer to all sneakers as “tennis shoes” (I do, in fact, have a specific pair of high top white soled shoes for playing tennis — which I also refer to as tennis shoes. Confused?)

Regardless, I allowed myself to buy the Nikes because they fit into The Promise 365:  they are an investment in my body: to improve it, keep it in shape and keep it running.

Or start me running again.
Because I did run a marathon. Once.

It was the Twin Cities Marathon, which I luckily finished before the sweep van could drag me off the course. I ran the entire race behind a woman with a sign taped to her back that read “Age Group 70+”.  No kidding. Talk about motivation (or a 26.2 mile slap in the face).

I tried to pass that elderly woman the entire way.
I would kick it up and leave her in my dust only to notice that same blue 70+ sign running in front of me again. The fact is, despite our age difference, she was in better shape.  And, despite my 3 month training program and my successful finish at mile 26.2 … I stopped running the very next day.

Life is a marathon, not a sprint.
The saying may be true, but it sure helps to have the right shoes and stay on a training program.

New shoes bought = 1 week ago
Miles run = 0

Yeah… it might be time to let these new shoes do some running.
Well, maybe tomorrow.

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