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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 19 :: the joy of sprouting

19 Jan
{winter joy}

It’s winter. And in the thick of January, I was surprised -and so very excited- to see these little sprouts today. They are pushing their way back up.

They are doing what they do best – finding their way back. It seems effortless. Just looking at the little sprouts take formation and rise up above it all. We don’t see all that goes on underneath the surface, below ground.

I wonder if that is how the inner working of JOY actually works? Simple. Easy. Effortless. Allowing.

Here’s to allowing!

More tomorrow…


{oh, joy}

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Day 31: how many days until new years eve?

31 Jan

New Year’s Eve already seems like a century ago.
The Superbowl is this weekend.
I am officially 37 years old.
January is so O.V.E.R.

How did this month go for you?
Here’s a recap of January:

31 days and 31 blog posts – whew!
31 days and zero frivolous purchases – sweet!

2 serious temptations…
Max Mara red coat – let’s just call it pure heaven!
Shoes of Prey customized soles – oh la la!

In the Investment Column:

$58.94 for 3 Books  (21 LessonsThe 4-Hour Body, Women Food and God)

$20.00 Hot Power Yoga Class (thank you Bala Vinyasa)

$29.99 for 48 tennis balls (14 tennis days in January, a personal record!)

$2.99 for iPhone Pocket Yoga — not used yet but plan to break out tonight)

$2.58 for 2 songs to rev up my workouts (Raise Your Glass and Just The Way You Are)

All being put to good use for a better me.
So far, I really enjoy thinking about my purchases in this way. Just stopping to ask — how will this improve or benefit me has been very helpful.

The hardest part? Writing.
Definitely writing every single day.

New Years Eve means 334 more days of writing for me.
What does 334 days left mean for you?

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