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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 69 :: joy rides

12 Mar

We went for a joyride today. And I have to say…Sunshine makes all the difference. Even for a view like this one!

The sunshine and the springlike weather have me thinking about joy. It’s so much easier to feel joyful when the weather is nice and warm on a perfectly sunny day.

But I think the secret is to feel joy always. Even in the dark.

JOY has a message for me this year… and it’s to head toward the light. Focus on the light. Be the light. Live for joy.

So, here’s to the light. May joy be with you always and illuminate your life. 

More tomorrow…



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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 26 :: oh, joy, oh, birthday

26 Jan
{fun adventures}

Ah, birthdays. How I love thee. So much so I took the day off ….just to play!

Today was an adventure, a joy ride of sorts. After pampering myself at the salon I decided to go for a surprise adventure. Down a road, any road. And then Chuckanut Drive was right in front of me. So I took it.

With sweeping views of the bay.

And places to pull off the road to take photos and paths to walk.

Then I found myself in a little, tiny town called Edison. Oh, Edison, you are so quaint.

With yummy foods to eat!

The only problem was, after ordering my meal I was informed the cafe only took cash — or checks. Cash or checks? I usually have none of these things in my purse. Bank cards, yes. But cash? I had to check.

I scrounged through my wallet and pulled out six dollars. I was ten dollars short of a meal. And I was on my surprise adventure so I didn’t even think to bring my checkbook. It sat in my desk all the way back home.

“You can just mail us a check.” The beautiful young lady said to me with a smile.

“Mail?” I repeated. “Like …send you a check in the mail?”

“Yes!” She smiled and wrote the cafe’s address on the back of my receipt. “You’re good for it.”

Wow. What a birthday gift I thought to myself.
And then I thought… where am I?

This level of trust never happens in our modern world. Did Chuckanut Drive whisk me down a time machine portal and plant me back in the 1950’s? To a little town that still accepted cash and CHECKS. To a store clerk that just shrugged it off with an I.O.U. handshake for a future check to be sent via SNAIL MAIL?

As I ate my avocado toast (which tasted simply divine) I counted my lucky stars and the minutes on the clock before the cafe closed. I was the last customer they would serve on this day.

Then I popped across the street to another artful adventure. A yarn studio.

Actually, I’m not really sure what to call it — but it was artful and beautiful and all made of yarns and silks. With my newfound joy of crocheting, I asked the artist all about her yarns and was mesmerized by the process.

We compared notes on yarn and I told her about the “finger” crochet blanket I am attempting. We laughed about the insatiable, irresistible pull a skein of yarn can have on one’s heart. And the need to finish just …One. More. Row.

Then she hugged me goodbye. She hugged me. Physically hugged me. And I hugged her back. What a surprising little store and friend to make over the beauty of art.

She told me to stop at the bread store before leaving town. So I did. Afterall, she hugged me. I trusted her advice. And she said that this store had the best bread in the entire state of Washington.

The bread store was also a quaint throwback to a simpler time. Packed with cookies and pastries and loaves of bread with an open bakery to watch all the action behind it all. I picked up a gluten-free treat and headed to the counter to check out.

As I stood in line I saw a sign that said, “Cash or Check Only.”
Seriously? With all my cash gone and an I.O.U. already in my wallet, I put my cookie back on the shelf. Saving it for another day.

As I left the little town of Edison, I stumbled upon a Blueberry patch.

And a crop of birds!

But the best part of the day, and my adventure was coming home. To a dinner out with Justin and a surprise dessert tray delivered by our waiter.

It included a little white box and two cards.
The first card was from Pup and Brady (of course!)
And the second was from Justin.

The white box contained a jewelry box and these gorgeous, one-of-a-kind earrings. Which is the best complement to a flourless chocolate torte that a girl could ask for!

All in all, the day was more than a joy ride. It was a surprise joy ride.
And aren’t those the best kind?

Just like life is, really.
We may never know what’s around the next turn, but with a few hugs and maybe an I.O.U. here and there, we can make it through with flying colors.

And, of course, tons of joy.

More tomorrow…


{joy ride}

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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 20 :: joy ride

20 Jan

We took the Blue Bug to Seattle today — for a little joy ride. I had my acupuncture appointment and then Jaynane and I headed to the Ballard neighborhood looking for a little joy – and I believe we found it!

In a few consignment stores, a yummy hamburger and a walk around the block. It reminds me that the journey is the adventure, and joy is found in shared moments.

Thank you, Seattle, for bringing us a little joy today.

More tomorrow…


{joy ride}

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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 17 :: joy ride

17 Jan

Oh, Joy. I’ve been thinking and pondering about the whole concept of joy (so far) this year. And even though we are only a few weeks into 2018, Joy has been whispering in my ear.

What it is saying is ….”DO SOMETHING!”

So I am listening. I think what it is saying is that to really experience joy we need to take action. Any sort of action. Anything at all. So I have decided to call these little forms of action a Joy Ride.

I’m thinking the Joy Ride can be any sort of action – a walk in the woods, a Sunday drive, a 15-minute yoga routine, a 17-second meditation.

Tonight, I’m in the mood for a 17-second meditation.
Let the Joy Ride begin!

More tomorrow…


{joy ride}

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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 12 :: taking a joy ride

12 Jan

Ah, the new year is underway! And so is my new promise: Joy. And like a little kid learning a new word I’m trying it on for size.

I am also realizing that joy is a personal statement, a choice, a collection of choices really. As I think about what brings me joy, and what brings me happiness, I’m wondering how I ever learned the difference and the meaning of these words.

  • Happiness
  • Glee
  • Bliss
  • Pleasure
  • Delight
  • Cheer
  • Joy

They are all so similar, yet so very different. I look forward to exploring more this year. Contrasting them and trying them on for size, and truly deciphering joy from the bunch. It will be a joy ride, I’m sure.

Speaking of…..
What brings you joy?

More tomorrow…


{joy ride}

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BLOG – GIFT DAY 153 :: 30 days of love: put your emphasis on joy!

2 Jun


It’s DAY 23 over here of the 30 Days of Love. We’ve already had two yummy recipes and a week-long Giveaway, some treats, a sneeze, some wise words to the Class of 2013, some news, a Pop Quiz, 3 things I love, a biopsy, a call to say what you need to say, a prayer, a choice, a reminder of home, a sunrise, a road trip, a little joy, looking for a rainbow, there’s something to love, and now…
Put your emphasis on JOY.
I’m writing from Kearney, Nebraska tonight.This wasn’t a planned stop on our journey, it’s just how far we got.We left the land of Maid-Rites in Iowa… 

And made it almost six hours down the road.

Just as we started to cross the Great Plains…

Where we entered the land of Runza:

And discovered car problems. The GMC stopped running. ON THE HIGHWAY.

After pulling over to the side of highway 80, I called Progressive Roadside Assistance (which I must admit, has TERRIBLE customer service and I wished the entire time I was on hold — while semi trucks zoomed passed us on the highway — that we had Triple A instead).

The tow truck arrived and carried us away to the auto shop that doesn’t open until Monday. 

Unexpected. Detour. Stuck.

As we followed the tow truck carrying our GMC Jimmy and the UHAUL behind it, I felt fumes rising up inside of me.

This is not in the plan! This is not in the budget!

And that’s when I caught myself. I had just written on this blog that very morning about always finding something to love. So I started racking my brain for something…. anything… to love.

I started to reason:

  • At least it happened on a sunny, dry highway in the middle of the day (and not the rain/tornado storm we encountered the drive before).
  • We are safe.
  • No one was hurt.
Once I got started with this positive reframing it got easier. And became fun!

  • We are moving WEST and will surely save money once we settle in an area with a lower cost of living than the North East!
  • We will be closer to family on the west coast and won’t need to buy all those plane tickets to travel and see them for holidays!

And so it begun.
The journey of finding joy. 

For the last 24 hours I have been keeping busy in our hotel room (with free WIFI) getting caught up on the Hay House World Summit.

Today I listened to Esther Hicks, famous for The Law of Attraction and teachings of Abraham.

As she spoke, I found myself nodding my head.
And then she said it.

“Put your emphasis on JOY.”

YES!  I said to myself remembering the fireworks show we saw last night on the horizon of Kearney’s Centennial celebration.

Who knows why we are stuck here in Nebraska (the state of Justin’s birth!)  for a few days…

Who knows what is wrong with the car…

Regardless, I am focusing on JOY and finding something to love here in Kearney, Nebraska. Even if it’s a few hours to get caught up on email and taste the local treats.

Just a slight stop on our Joy Ride west.

Westward bound, girl.
More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}
{where can you focus on Joy in your life?}
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