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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 319 :: blissful eating

19 Nov

Today’s bliss…cooking… and eating.

I don’t do it often, but tonight I did…. cook that is.
Because it was Julia Child Day at my alma mater of course!

“For students, the highlights of Julia Child Day are house dinners. Entrees this year include brie en croute, pumpkin ravioli with brown butter sage sauce, beef bourguignon and poached local fish with citrus beurre blanc.”

I’m not sure I can pronounce most of that, but it sounds lovely doesn’t it?

And that is so NOT what I prepared in my kitchen tonight. My creation was more of a cross between a burrito and a potato plus some spinach. Julia is shaking her head and a vat of butter somewhere at that I’m sure (but I promise it tasted good).

Tonight, as I was cooking (or sautéing, really) I reflected on The French Chef. It’s a tale of Pride and Pressure. I’m so proud of Julia Child and relish the thought that we walked down the same aisle at the library, maybe even picked up the same dusty forgotten book on a shelf. Or possibly sat gazing out a window, inspired by the same tree’s leaves falling, decorating Paradise Pond.

And then there is that pressure point. The one that comes rearing it’s big ugly head at the thought of sharing the same book, gazing at the same tree, and realizing there is so much to live UP to in this long line of amazing women traveling through the halls of Smith College. The pressure is real.

But that brings me to another “P” word, the one that I have to say over and over to myself to remain grateful and not overwhelmed with pressure. Privilege.

All women deserve the attention, detail, education, and exponentially expanding experience that comes from an amazing college education, no matter how it is packaged up or where/which campus it occurs.

So thank you, Smith College. I may always feel the pressure to live up to your good name, but I will never forget the privilege that comes with it.

And to that, I raise a block of brie and chocolate croissant.
Pure. Bliss.

More tomorrow. 

{favorite recipe?}
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