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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 9 support system :: 34 days to go

27 Nov


There are 34 days left of The Promise 365!

We are watching Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings tonight. I have loved her since I was a little girl, her songs, her humor, her grit. Justin found the new show for me and as we were watching episode two tonight I mentioned that I had to do my blog.

Justin’s eyes got really big and said, “Let me do it!” I laughed. He was serious. So, tonight, I am handing the reigns over to Justin for his very first guest appearance or as he said, “Guest-starring Justin Aiken.” His words are below. I did not edit a word. 

Dolly is the tits. I’m not saying that because of her endowments, but because my beautiful wife and life partner absolutely adores her, as do I. She has never disappointed anyone in her performances or appearances, just like my wife. I used to think that showing up was the best thing you could do, but it’s not. You do have to deliver, and Jamie does every time. I know her blog is coming to an end, but she still shows up every day and always delivers. If I’ve learned anything in my life it is this, Jamie always delivers, Jamie never disappoints, and I’ll always adore her. She is my Dolly. Tits and all.

What can I say? The man is sweet and he makes me laugh. More than anything, he has been by my side every night of this blog for the past nine years. He is my support system in more ways than one, and that, right there, is the biggest lesson of all. 

The secret to success is a support system. May you always have one that thinks you are “the tits” as one might say. 

Trust me!
More tomorrow.



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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 77 :: ah love

18 Mar

Day 77: Feel Good Friday.

I thought Justin and I had a Martha’s Vineyard Love Story… but this one takes the cake! Click here for a little feel good Friday.

More tomorrow.

{feel good?}

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Jamie’s BLOG – DAY 197 :: beauty is in the eye of a watermelon jalapeno mojito

14 Jul

Tonight’s blog is easy. I mean, really, how hard is it to find something beautiful when you are served THIS:

It a Watermelon Jalapeño Mojito from Justin’s Test Kitchen — aka the man I live with, the love of my life, the boy who loves to cook. He always had. He once made me a dish of shrimp fettuccuni — at age seventeen — and boy, was I impressed.

I still am.

He brings me things to taste, sliding a spoon under my nose with the announcement of, “Try this!” They are like little gifts, each one. His form of cookery is like watching beauty unfold. He loves it, that’s all. He does it for the love of flavor and food — to create and to share with me.

Someone we grew up with recently posted this after seeing Justin’s latest creation, “I thought JJ was the lucky one … I guess I was wrong.”

Well, yes, Scott, you were wrong.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder… the beholder of a mojito, which is really a gift, that comes from a place of love, that ought to be shared.

Cheers to that.

More tomorrow.

{what did you taste today?}

Jamie’s BLOG – DAY 139 :: i want smore!

20 May

Well it’s officially summer. At least around here because tonight we ate s’mores.


They didn’t come out of a fire pit, more like a cast iron skillet. And they weren’t my brainchild, of course they came from the genius that is Justin.

And they were good.
Too. Good.

What a beautiful thing. The smell of summer.

P.S. Is it called s’mores because you just want s’more of it?

More tomorrow.

{what is your favorite summer smell?}

2014 BLOG – DAY 56 :: return of the creepy crawlies

25 Feb

The phantom spider is gone. 

I spotted it in the kitchen today at high noon. Just as Justin walked into the kitchen I looked up and pointed.

“See!!” I was ecstatic. “There it is. The spider!”

I felt like I had won a game of hide and seek. Actually, I felt sane. Like I hadn’t been imagining a huge, black spider that only crawled on the kitchen walls just for me.

“Ah, do you want to play with it?” Justin asked as he reached up to grab it.

“No!” I screamed.

“I thought you liked spiders now.” Justin smiled as he whisked the spider off the wall and it fell into Brady’s dog crate. Now we had to try to find a black spider in a black metal dog crate.

Justin tipped the crate from side to side looking for the fuzzy, black thing. Brady ran around in circles, expecting something very exciting to happen. We had, after all, invaded his space.

Justin finally spotted the spider, clinging to one of the metal bars of the crate and scooped it up in a napkin. He then walked outside and release the poor little spider (Did I say little? It was huge).

If you’re keeping score, here’s the standings:
Spider = 1
Jamie = 0
Brady = best. day. ever.
Justin = my hero.

As for peak performance?
None for me today.

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

{what’s haunting you?}

2014 BLOG – DAY 55 :: the creepy crawlies

24 Feb

What are you afraid of?

I’ve done so much over here to get over my fears (if you’ve been around here for a while you already know the long drawn out story… swimming in the ocean, gardening with spiders, surgery!).

I have a new fear to add to that list.
Phantom Spiders.

As in the large, black, creepy spider that only shows up in the kitchen when no one else is home or looking — but me. Justin thinks I’m making it up. He thinks it’s my imaginary friend. Possibly from spending too much time alone at home in my office staring at my computer screen.

But I know it’s real.

I saw it yesterday crawling on the ceiling. I considered getting out the vacuum to suck it up but then decided against it. Mostly because I made a pact with Justin (and karma) not to kill any more spiders.

Then, last night, just as I let the dogs out for their last run before bed I spotted it. In the corner of the kitchen.

As if it’s taunting me. Teasing me from afar. And, really, I prefer it that way. Far, far, away.

I have looked for the spider all day to no avail. Every time I open a cupboard I wince. Every time I reach for a dog treat (which we have to keep on top of the refrigerator so you know who doesn’t eat the entire box) I brace myself.

I’ve come a long way in this spider thing. But I am still amazed at how much fear they instill in me – instantaneously.

So I did some searching.
According to one source, spiders can represent many things, including:

  • Patience
  • Receptivity
  • Feminine energy
  • Creativity
  • Weaver of life’s fate
  • Shadow self, dark aspects of life or personality

It has me stopping and thinking. (Patience?)
Maybe this spider is only showing itself to me because it has a message? Maybe it wants me, and me alone, to figure out something creative, or feminine, or weave my fate for this promise of peak performance?

Or, maybe Justin’s just playing a joke on me?

To be continued…

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

{what do spiders mean to you?}

BLOG – GIFT DAY 305 :: what have you gained?

1 Nov

It is officially November. Welcome. 
We started off the month with a sunny, 70-degree day.

As I sat in my office I couldn’t wait to go outside. My body was screaming at me to move. To do something. Anything.

You see, I have gained a lot over this year. For starters, a new address on the west coast, a new lease on life with my thyroid being surgically removed, and now, I have officially gained a few new pounds.

As my pants get tighter and tighter I am getting more and more motivated to MOVE THAT BUS!

I begged Justin to go for a walk with me. He refused. Countless times. Then he told me to make sure I walked for an hour. I rolled my eyes and took to the streets by myself.

Somehow underneath the bright, shining, November sunshine I finally found a walking path worth waiting for…

It winds all along the waterfront. And it is beautiful.

As I huffed and puffed my way over the river and through the woods, I realized that I haven’t really given this new town of ours a fighting chance. As I huddle in the comfort of my office I have missed out on a few gems…. and one is right down the street!

When I returned home in an exuberant daze from a mouthful of fresh air and a camera full of new photos I spotted Justin in the driveway.

With two new bikes!

“What are you doing” I asked him confused but now fully understanding why he required I leave the house ‘for an hour’….


We officially have new bikes. And it immediately took me back to where this whole Bike Saga began.

It seems I have now gained a new, pink bike with a basket (and coffee cup holder!).

The good news…. this bike is perfect for me. The seat is comfy. The color is perfect. The basket is convenient. The cup holder is lovely!

My other bike (the one we left smashed on the highway in our cross-country drive) was a mountain bike. Sure, it was a great bike by all specs and standards.

But this one is even better because it’s perfect for me. It suits my personality. It fits. (Did I mention the seat is comfy??!!)

And it was a surprise.
As if someone was saying “welcome home.”

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

{What have you gained?}

BLOG – GIFT DAY 249 :: will you share your potato salad?

8 Sep

We sorted through old photos today. 
And found this gem.

It’s Justin and his sister Jill circa 1970 something. ADORABLE!

I can’t stop smiling. It’s just SO cute.

There’s something about old family photos that are so precious, special, adorable, unforgettable, magical. And there’s something that photos say much louder than words . . .  the time, the space, the clothes, the colors, the feel, that precious moment of a time gone by.

I read something in a magazine today (I think it was Good Housekeeping) that said happy families have more family photos displayed around their house.

The reasoning is that we tend to dwell on happier moments if we have reminders of those moments around us. And I agree.

Somehow photos turn into THE memory for me. As time goes by I remember the photo more than the actual moment.

And that’s okay. Because photos become carved into memory, burnt into my soul, forever engraved upon the personal book of history we call family.

Speaking of family….
What do I have to do to get the recipe to this secret family recipe?

Jaynane made this Davis Family Potato Salad today and I think it might be the BEST POTATO SALAD I have ever tasted!

I’m pleading for the recipe.

Speaking of recipes… send my your best secret zucchini recipes! I can’t wait to taste.

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

{what do photos mean to you?}

BLOG – GIFT DAY 208 :: where there’s smoke…

27 Jul
The sky turned black today and the sun was a ball of red. There is a fire in the nearby mountains. Justin caught it on video, just as the overhead plane was dropping the fire retardant (or whatever it is that they drop!).

Check out the video here:   http://youtu.be/0GQDZ_0u42o

I’ve never seen the sky turn so dark and red at the same time.

This fire is about 20 miles north of us but the smoke filling the sky makes it feel like it’s barging down the highway aimed straight for us.

Of course, that’s not what will happen, but man, it feels close!

Despite the dark sky and ominous sun, I sent off my card right on time. It was Pup and Brady’s pick today… and that’s your hint.

Meanwhile, we sit and watch the smoke fill the air, knowing that where there is smoke, there is fire.

More tomorrow.

Lovemore {fearless}

P.S. This is all made possible by Green Ink Gallery. Check out their beautiful fine art cards!


P.P.S. Yesterday’s Card….If you guessed that it went out to Lily and Drew, you are so correct. Thanks you two! For brightening my day and sending me some hand-drawn love in the mail. Love you both!

{where is the fire within you?}

BLOG – GIFT DAY 191 :: how to stand out

10 Jul


I am honestly not sure how to say this…
we bought this couch and matching chair today.

Justin is SO HAPPY.
He LOVES this couch and chair.They are hideous.
And, I am not the person who called them “hideous” — it was the sales woman!

But, they are comfortable, and practically new despite being from 1970 something.

I immediately said NO WAY. NEVER. UH-UH. NOT HAPPENING.
But then I saw the look in Justin’s eyes, a look that doesn’t happen too often when it comes to things like decor or furniture (thank god) — pure love.

As I stood across from him soaking up the GLEE in his eyes, I asked myself:

What would be the fearless thing to do? 

We need a couch. The cross-country move was so expensive we can’t afford a brand new one right now, and I had already spotted a white sectional that I was in love with….


What would be the fearless thing to do?

I would rather not think of it as if I caved to the whims of a man who prefers Star Wars T-shirts over button downs, or bright orange hats to baseball caps.

It’s more like, I can’t remember the last time he looked this excited about home decorating.

So…. we bought this hideous couch and matching chair today.

Sure, it will go in the living room for now. And, when we get ahead of the curve after that cross-country move I will go buy the couch of my dreams and this little number will be moved to the Man Cave.

Plus, I already found some inspiring ideas on how to make the most of color on HOUZZ that will soon be implemented in our living quarters — you know, just to make it look like we planned this cacophony of color.

But, until then, I will rejoice in the look on the face of the man I love. 

And I will feel more fearless in my own skin for caring more about his feelings that the looks of horror on our future guest’s faces as they cozy up to the floral velour softness of our living room set.

Oh, yes, did I mention it’s a sofa bed too? 
Who wants to come visit!!??

But seriously.
The joy Justin brings me more than outweighs the wincing that will accompany walking through our living room on a daily basis. And, if he’s happy, then I’m overjoyed.

And, isn’t that, right there, the whole idea behind spreading ABUNDANCE?

Speaking of ABUNDANCE….Tomorrow I will reveal who yesterday’s card went too….
She is:

  • talented
  • fun
  • brilliant
  • artistic
  • a dog lover
  • living on the east coast

And, today’s card, well… I think Justin just earned a little Thank You note for keepin’ it real.

Because, after all this hullabaloo over a “loveseat” I am reminded that to stand out — to really STAND OUT — you have to be willing to cause a scene.

You have to be different.
Not trying to act the part of anyone else but you — all — you.

It’s not easy being green.
Or plastered with yellow and orange flowers circa 1971.

But if you are, I say, own it. 

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

{how do you stand out?}
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