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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 9 – DAY 49 :: trust is an afternoon break

19 Feb


It’s Day 49 today and I decided to take a break. It consisted of a smoothie and a quick drive in the sunshine around 3pm. It was glorious and full of kale and cocoa in the best way possible.  

Sometimes you just need an afternoon break and a little kale.
Trust me!
More tomorrow.



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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 86 :: from the kale files

27 Mar

Happy Friday.

On this March Madness ramp up I am amazed at the madness happening in the garden. We haven’t done anything to it for months and yet the kale still grew through the winter.

And now it has turned to flowers. Who knew kale did this? Okay, maybe most people did, but I had no idea. It’s probably against some sort of gardening protocol but we’re still learning.

Spring is officially here. Even the kale is blooming.

Something else is blooming this spring too… I’m launching #LoveMoreDoMore #Sundays this weekend! They are insightful interviews with people who are doing amazing things, all in the name of learning more and sharing more…. so that you can do more!
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More tomorrow.

  {what do you have planned this weekend?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 69 :: kale blissed out

10 Mar
This is not a tree.

It is kale. Almost growing over the fence kale. Almost taller than me kale. Growing through the entire winter kale without any supervision kale.

Completely blissed out kale?

More tomorrow.
Lovemore, do more.

  {what helps you grow?}

Jamie’s BLOG – DAY 201:: hale to the kale

20 Jul

It’s Sunday night and all I have is a little bit of kale to share.

Okay, so it’s a LOT of bits of kale to share. My lunch of kale chips only put a minor dent in this latest harvest.

There’s something so great about eating kale — I feel like every cell of my body sucks in every nutrient a like a vacuum.

Kale has got to be some ancient secret, super power, magical kind of food. Even if it’s not, it makes me feel like I am a peak performer.

And sometimes all that matters is feeling good.

More tomorrow.

{what makes you feel good?}

Jamie’s BLOG – DAY 152 :: lemon ginger kale chips

1 Jun

As promised, the recipe for yesterday’s Lemon Ginger Kale Chips is here.  And, if I had to change something it would be this: bake for 8 minutes (not 10).

(but they were still fabulous and came right out of the garden too!)

Today, I have a question.
If you could only watch one more movie, ever, ever, ever again…. what would it be?

More tomorrow.

{movie anyone?}

Jamie’s BLOG – DAY 151 :: i’ll give you 4 guesses…

31 May

Can you figure out what I did today?

More tomorrow.

{recipe tomorrow}

Jamie’s BLOG – DAY 149 :: kale, kale, kale

29 May

Today I learned how to harvest kale. Okay, it’s not complicated. But I haven’t done it before.

Until now…

It came direct from the garden and we already have enough kale for a salad!

What a beautiful thing.

More tomorrow.

{spot something beautiful today?}

Day 197: choking on an avocado and JLo

16 Jul

Taking care of my head, heart, body & soul can be dangerous business.

I almost choked on an avocado today. 
It wasn’t over the article I was reading about JLo’s latest news and newest divorce (although I was totally shocked when I read the pair’s shared press statement.)

I’m not sure what started the seizure in my throat.
Was it the bit of avocado?  Did I swallow too hard?  Did I bite off more than could be chewed?

The scary part was not the horrifically loud coughing noises coming out of my body.  It was the fact that I was home alone.

“This is how it happens,” I thought to myself violently coughing and gasping for air, “I’m going to be that unsuspecting woman eating a killer avocado in an email chain listed as one of the stupidest ways to die.”

And then the strangest thing happened. While my throat was closing and my lung were gasping I swore I heard my name. “Jamie?”  That’s weird?

And, then again, “Hey Jamie!”

I looked out the front window and there was our friend Al walking up the street.

“Are you okay?”

Maybe the fact that Al startled me allowed me to catch my breath.  Maybe the avocado dislodged itslelf.  Maybe I really was having a panic attack over JLo’s seperation?  Whatever the reason, I finally caught my breathe.

Al peaked in the window and looked me over to see if I was alive.  “Hey, I can hear you coughing from the street. You okay?”

Upon seeing I had caught up with my breath, Al went on to tell me stories of what he learned in his EMT classes, how people dislodge food from their throats, what to do next time…

As he was talking I realized this: I wasn’t alone.
And maybe we never are, even when it seems so.

But just to be safe I blended up the rest of my lunch and drank it as a smoothie.
It was one of the best green smoothies I’ve had yet this year, all kale and pear.

Ironically, in art, I believe that is what we call a happy accident.

Day 193: raw and ready

12 Jul

You’re not ready until you’re ready.
This I know is true.

Today, I decided I was ready.  Ready to slump back into the ring for another attempt to remove my reigning title as The Kitchen Klutz previously on the ropes from lack of skill and desire.  Since cooking is my downfall I decided to try my hand at not cooking. That’s right, no flame, no heat, just raw.

The Arena: Raw Food
In One Corner: Chef Jamie “The Kitchen Klutz” Eslinger
In The Other Corner:  Wilted Kale Salad with a Creamy Chipotle Dressing

Round One: Shopping
I so fall in love with recipes and the idea of creating something yummy, until reality sets in and I have to actually go grocery shopping.  Especially when the recipes I fall in love with have NOT communicated with my local grocery store — who doesn’t stock the items necessary to replicate the lovely dish my stomach craves.

For instance:
chipotle peppers
hulled hemp seeds

The best part is describing to stock boys exactly what I’m trying to find.  It’s like speaking a foreign language. Jamie: “Do you have chipotle peppers?”  Stock boy: “All of our peppers are on this wall,” starring blankly at a display of bell peppers.

And if you think that’s hard try the “hulled hemp seed” conversation.  Stock boy: “is that something you eat?”  End of conversation.

Good thing my iPhone works in the produce aisle and I was able to locate a substitute mix of herbs and powders.

Round Two: Let the dirty fighting begin!

This little recipe from Russel James of The Raw Chef fame took three separate steps titled “mix by hand” — yes, you read that correctly, take your bare hands and mix together salty, tomatoed and seeded kale until the salt burns holes in your hands.

Round Three:  We have a mix up!

Just grab a blender, some avocados, spices, lemon juice, and blend together.  (Oh yeah, and leave out the Agave because you are not eating sugar).  Much easier said than spun.  The blender didn’t want to cooperate, sticking and stopping and subtly screaming up at me.

I was almost ready to throw in the towel!
With force of hand it slowly and eventually came together with a little spatula work.

Then came the final blow:
Go back to Round Two and mix the whole mess up with bare hands in a big bowl of kale.  Talk about sticky fingers. (I tried to take a photo but my hands were too messy — believe me, it would have been a great photo.)

The Final Verdict: A Knockout!

Even Justin liked it.
I must admit, I was impressed with my own non-cooking abilities — maybe that’s the clincher — not cooking?

In the end, I totally recommend this tasty salad, (and might do it again) even without the Agave which I dismissed for sugar reasons, but it was sweet enough and totally filling.  Plus, the nutrients in the kale alone are good for my heart and body.

A win-win in both corners if you ask me.

Want to learn more? Check out The Raw Chef here.
Get the recipe here:  Wilted Kale Salad with a Creamy Chipotle Dressing

Day 20: buzz kill

20 Jan

I crave coffee.

Actually, I heart mocha. Love it.

Which is why this “How To End Your Coffee Addiction” post by Food Renegade makes me sad. Or confused.

It’s not like I’m looking to end my coffee addiction.
I very much enjoy it.

It is part of my daily routine.
Part of the comfort zone in my virtual office:

Macbook Pro – check!
Green Notepad – check!
Levenger Pen – check!
Coffee Cup – check!

I don’t drink an exorbitant amount of coffee. Somewhere between 1 – 2 cups a day.

But, it does disturb me a little – the whole caffeine addiction/nutrient deficient theory. Especially since the other side of the fence promotes coffee as a superfood/antioxidant.

Food theories and diets change like the shirt on my back.
What’s in? What’s out?

I was in the food marketing business long enough to know that food is a fad. Just like fashion has a shelf life so does the latest blueberry/kale/quinoa/ craze.

Here’s a trend I’m following this year… listening to my head, heart, body and soul.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll denounce caffeine in all forms. Maybe I’ll start eating raw coffee beans?  Maybe I’ll drink mocha upside down while patting my head and rubbing my belly? Or is that rubbing my head and patting my belly?

Or maybe not. The jury is still out.

I know this much is true — being more aware is a fun experiment.

I highly recommend.

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