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DAY 3: the inspiration

3 Jan

I have to credit Debbie Phillips, founder of Women On Fire for giving me the “spark” of inspiration behind The Promise 365.

Debbie took me to Lake Austin Spa Resort (check it out if you haven’t already, it is amazing!) for a week working on Women On Fire marketing projects (yes, we were really working at the spa, promise).

Here’s the video we took on the grounds of Lake Austin where I found my inspiration and explain my big decision.

So, I know it sounds simple.

And, I know it may also sound a little silly.

But, this is what I would love you to think about: what if you dedicated one entire year to really understanding what you put in and on your body? What would you do? What promise would you make to yourself?

What am I learning? For one thing, I choose chocolate when I really want comfort. I buy dresses when I want to feel beautiful and I purchase shoes when I need to express my creativity.

What I know is true: while shoes are a passion, dresses make me feel pretty and chocolate is pure joy, they do not compare to an hour of power yoga or one minute of meditation.

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