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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 305 :: more joy, more peace, more presence

3 Nov
It is Day One of Meditation Nation! Actually, it’s just the next installment of the Chopra/Oprah meditation duo. And this one is a doozie! It’s all about the law of attraction for you Secret readers out there.

I just finished Day One and feel slightly loopy but relaxed. I was taking a dose of my OWN medicine (no pun intended).

Ironically, someone I love very much told me today that she is extremely stressed out and wants to calm down. So I recommended the 21-Day Meditation experience. It seemed like the perfect moment to share some “med-itation med-icine.”

So tonight I am sharing with you too. If you need a moment of zen-peace-calm try this.
You might find your place of chill or you just might attract what you want to you.

More joy?
More peace?
More “presence?”

More peak performance?
‘Tis The Season. 

More tomorrow. 


 {what do you want?}

Day 91: my cup runneth over

31 Mar

From the moment I stood in line waiting for those big doors to open today, I knew there was something amazing about to happen.

And, it wasn’t because I was wearing my fabulous new pair of jeans (thank you Holly Getty!). It was actually because today was my first live and in-person experience with Abraham-Hicks (thank you Rob and Debbie!).

There were so many aha moments, and brilliant one-liners, that it’s hard to know where to begin to share my enthusiasm and enlightment.

My mind is still spinning inside the positive vortex.

Here are a few goodies to reflect upon.

“Are you obsessed with what you  want …or, are you obsessed with the absence of it?”

“Make a list of the things you appreciate, of where you stand right now.”

And, probably the most important (and repeated!) concept throughout the day…

“The only questions you have to answer are:
WHAT do you want
And, WHY do you want it?”

It’s a great question, isn’t it?

I will write more tomorrow.
Until then… try this on for size.

WHAT do you want?
And, WHY do you want it? 

Personally, I want to keep feeling this way.
Ahhhhh …my cup runneth over.

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