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Day 98: two reasons why patience is a virtue and lemonade is sweet

7 Apr

Just the other day I lamented about my Lulu Lemon loss.
Well, today, I am happy to report the Lemonade arrived.

After spending my Friday night browsing every store from Lucy to Title Nine, and Athleta to Fruv —  I still couldn’t find what I was looking for.

Items were either too small or too big.
Out of stock or not in stock until July.

So this morning, while searching eBay, I screamed with delight when I found Angelic Passions Ebay Store — where my beloved Lulu Lemon cropped leggings were waiting for me … in my size!

I scrambled to order the leggings and bought them outright (instead of wading through the bidding process) only to find that when the receipt hit my email I made a mistake.

I typed in my own address incorrectly!

(Which, believe me, is ironic if you remember my online shopping fiasco from a few days ago.)

I quickly scrambled to contact the owner of Angelic Passions and sheepishly admitted my mistake in hopes she could change my address before my item shipped.

And, that’s when I received a sweet note back from Angela herself.  She found my note and fixed my address before the box hit the post office.

What a saint!
What an angel!

What a different experience from that of Miss-Tight-Sassy-Pants from the Lulu Lemon retail store.

My perfect fit item is on its way, and this is all I have to say…
After my year break from shopping, I forgot just how time consuming it can be.

However, if you do need a Lulu Lemon fix of any sort, I highly recommend Angelic Passions.

Tell Angela I sent you.
(You get free shipping and she’ll take great care of you too!)

Day 96: when life gives you a lulu lemon

5 Apr

I can shop! 
I made my promise and I kept it. I went all 365 days of last year with no purchase of clothes, shoes or frivolous items.

And, it was so worth it!

But, now, as I begin to exercise that shopping muscle again, I seem to have forgotten how to use it, or maybe it just does not want to be stretched.

Especially at Lulu Lemon.
Today was attempt number THREE at trying to buy at Lulu Le-mone (I like pronouncing lemon as “le-mone” with a hard “o” — similar to how I prefer to say Target as “tar-jay”).

The first attempt was while shopping with Holly Getty a few weeks ago.  Holly rounded up a fantastic outfit for me, both comfortable, stylish and fun. It was perfect for my days working at home, walking the dogs or even (gasp!) doing yoga.

The only problem?
It was my FIRST stop, my FIRST try-on of any item of clothing in over a year.  So I didn’t want to rush to the check-out counter and buy the first item of clothing I placed on my body.

“No problem!” Holly said, and we decided to hold the items at Lulu Le-mone and come back later for them.

Just as we placed the fabulous items on hold and prepared to leave the store, the fit young woman manning the front door looked us up and down, pointed to her watch and said in her best kindergarten teacher voice, “So …we agree to hold these items for ONE HOUR.”

She nodded her head up and down trying to get our heads to move in the same motion as hers while she pronounced the words “one hour” very SLOWLY and very LOUDLY, as if we were not only 5-years old but also hard of hearing.

We nodded our heads back, left the store and I promptly announced to Holly that I didn’t want to buy from someone so rude.

So, at the end of the day, I didn’t.

But, then, after a few weeks of contemplation, Holly sent me a follow-up email suggesting I consider the amazing cropped yoga pants, relaxed T-shirt and wrap.

I agreed.
They were a great fit.

But, I still didn’t want to go back into that dreadful store and be greeted by Miss Tight-Sassy-Pants and her time keeping watch. Instead, I decided to exercise my online shopping dexterity.

Just as I loaded up my shopping cart and clicked the check-out button on lululemon.com an image flashed across my computer screen.

“ADDRESS NOT VALID” it read in bright red letters.

“That’s odd,” I thought and assumed it was my own user error.  I back tracked, checked my data entry and confirmed it was indeed the address where I dwell, with proper street numbers and zip code.

So I hit the check-out button again.
“ADDRESS NOT VALID,” my computer screamed back

Alright-y then, I sighed and gave up.

Until today, when I found myself back in the vicinity of Lulu Le-mone. I was so close. Just around the corner. I decided to try again.

I quickly found all the items Holly picked out for me and entered the dressing room.

They fit!  They were still fabulous!  I loved them all!

As I approached the check-out counter I realized there was a problem.  I left my card at home (since I didn’t plan on a shopping trip). I asked the woman behind the counter if I could write a check, which I did have with me.

Her face turned sour and she squinted her downward dog eyes at me.

“Oh, noooooo,” she gasped rolling her eyes at her co-worker. “We can’t take a check, we don’t have anything to process that with.”  Emphasis on the word “that” as if I was carrying an alligator in my purse.

So I placed all my items back on the shelf and left the store again empty-handed.

As I walked through the glass doors, into the open air mall with smell of salt water and palm trees, I couldn’t stop thinking this was just not meant to be.

Third strike you’re out.
And, I’m really okay with it.

In the past, I would have hopped in my car, gone home, grabbed my card or made a mad dash to the ATM. I would not have been able to live without my precious items.

But now, after my journey of 365 shop-less days, I know I can live without my precious items — even more so, I realize that maybe I am supposed to live without them.

Because, one thing I have learned, is this:  when something is hard, not easy, or not in the flow, it means there is probably something even better waiting around the corner.

What seems like a Lulu Lemon today, will turn into sweet lemonade —someday.

Who knows what I’ll find in place of those fabulous items?
But, I’m sure it will be even more precious than I can imagine.

Day 77: st. holly’s day :: first time shopping in over a year!

17 Mar

This day shall forevermore be known as Saint Holly’s Day. 

Sure, the rest of the world wore shamrocks and guzzled down green beer, celebrating leprechauns and such.  But, for me, today, was more spirited than St. Patrick could ever know.

Today is the day that I officially celebrated my PROMISE.  That’s right, I have been waiting for this day for one year and seventy-seven days.  That’s 442 DAYS!

It. Was. Well. Worth. The. Wait. 

First up, in our fairytale day of days, Holly Getty worked her mind magic and guided me to my Style Points.  Holly has a special process that brings out the best in you — literally, from the inside out!

After much laughter, deep thought and conversation, she led me to my NEW Style Points, which are:  Creative. Expressive. Significant. 

Instead of a St. Patty’s Day Parade on green tinted water, St. Holly had me parade around in ALL the clothes from my summer wardrobe.  We pulled out items that were too big (3 pairs of jeans), too small (2 dresses), too short (pants), too baggy (2 coats), and too out-dated (many skirts, jackets and tops) — and we placed them in a dedicated GOODWILL pile.

After a few hours of Holly working her editing magic, I now have a closet The Container Store would envy — and my hanger shortage has officially been solved!

After a wonderful lunch we hit the Waterside Shops to delve into that thing that I haven’t done for so long.  It’s where you go into retail stores, try things on in a box called a dressing room, and then proceed to the check-out counter.

Do you remember what that’s called?

Oh, yes…

I have to admit, I was intimidated by the mere thought of stripping down in front of a full length mirror that reflects both my front and backside.  It’s been a long time since I have been forced to look at my body in a three-way mirror — NAKED.

But, Holly is one smart cookie, and she took me to Lulu Lemon as the first stop on our journey.  I was surrounded by the familiar feel of yoga pants and tops and we found a bonanza of comfortable and stylish pieces.

From there it was on to J.Crew, Max Mara, Nordstrom, Sak’s Fifth Avenue, Calypso, and Anne Fontaine.

I fell in love with a pair of platform slides from Prada!
And, a colorful striped scarf from Calypso!
Oh, the Ande Leather Tote from Milly!

But, in the end, I went back to BASICS.

On this 442nd Day, I did buy something — two things actually!

1)  A pair of Cole Haan black shoes that are both stylish, fun and comfortable. They are significant because I am going to PARIS next month with Women on Fire and I need a pair of really good walking shoes with a little flair.

2)  An expressive pair of AG Jeans!
They fit like a glove and as Holly pointed out, lengthen my legs by balancing out my waist, hips and torso ratio. (Who knew that all my life I was buying my jeans too baggy?)

So, there you have it!
My promise was kept and my celebration has started.

In some ways I feel like Holly has swooped in like a Fashion Fairy-Godmother and granted me my three wishes.

In other ways, I feel like one Lucky Girl, since Debbie Phillips introduced me to Holly in the first place.

On a day like today, some might call it the luck of the Irish.
But, I would like to think of it as a small reward for a big journey.

One that continues to show me how deeply creative our connections are, how expressive we can all be, and how significant this life really is— especially when we take the time to take care of our head, heart, body and soul…

And, I hope that will never end.


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