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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 38 :: winning

7 Feb

Day 38. Mama Sling.

Tonight, the Denver Broncos won Superbowl 50. Mama Sling would have been happy.

Very happy.

So much so, my father and sister both texted me after the game saying just as much. Which I think is so perfect – like Mama Sling was right there watching the game with all of us.

And that feels like winning to me (even if it’s not the team I wanted to go to the big game).

To be honest, I would have my team lose if it meant seeing my mom again, cheering on her team, squealing with those high pitched giggles, scolding John Elway and then cheering him on again, all the while holding her breath for the final game-winning kick.

Of course, tonight’s game wasn’t quite that dramatic. There were more flags than footballs (certainly more penalties than touchdowns). But the image of my mother holding her breath, squealing, cheering and laughing with glee came back to me all the same. Like she was right here. In so many ways she was. Is. Will continue to be.

Because we never really lose what we think we have lost.
And maybe that’s the point of this big old silly game we all play anyway.

P.S. I did my yoga ūüėČ

More tomorrow. 


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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 25 :: this gift

25 Jan

Day 25. This gift. 

It’s almost an¬†hour until my birthday begins. So this gift is on me, to you, if you like free yoga that is.¬†


Okay, maybe that’s not the biggest¬†gift ever given… but I am starting to think that this year of yoga could be the best gift I ever gave to myself. Of course the jury is¬†out for about another 340¬†days.

I have to admit, tonight, I didn’t feel like any sort of downward dog. And that’s the power of a promise. It’s a nudge, a kick in the pants, a reminder of what I said I would do, every single day. So I did my yoga. And I felt better once it was done.¬†

And that brings me to this: my Mama Sling. I realized in the middle of my downward, upward, sun salutations that what I really wanted was a hug from my mom. On the eve of my birthday my thoughts center on her – what was she thinking, doing, dreaming, hoping, bracing herself for in these moments before I came into the world just after the clock struck midnight.¬†(I did break her tailbone, so maybe it’s best that we not relive that particular¬†moment in time.)

As long as she’s been gone I still long for these¬†moments with her, how she would retell the story of my birth (all ten, wrinkled,¬†roly-poly¬†pounds of me). And yet, the older I get, the more I find my birthday story is really her story. After that day, the rest of my days¬†are¬†my own promises¬†to keep.

So tonight I bought myself an early birthday gift. A new pen.
To write the rest of my story. 

More tomorrow. 


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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 325 :: bliss -full- holiday

25 Nov

Today’s bliss…a holiday pie.¬†

I attempted something new tonight. A pie. Not just a pie but my mother’s pie crust and a pecan pie filling.

And I have been attempting that pie since 6PM.

First, I made an emergency trip to the store to buy a pie pan. It turns out I only own a cake pan. And it seemed silly to make a pie in a cake pan. So, Grocery Outlet to the rescue. Thank you. Done!

Then, there was a call to my sister. To confirm that the crust was setting up correctly. I texted her photos. She walked me through it over the phone and recommended a little milk. As I reached into the refrigerator for milk the phone dropped and hit the kitchen floor. And then the screen went blank.

It was now 8PM on the eve of Thanksgiving. I knew nothing would be open on Thanksgiving Day so I packed up my purse and broken phone and headed to Verizon. While driving there I got lost (of course, this is still a new town to me!). This is when I realized that I cannot navigate the world without Siri and my phone.

Around 8:30 I zoomed into the Verizon parking lot. An hour later I left with two new phones. BTW: Verizon is having a buy one get one free sale for those Black Friday shoppers out there.

Back to the pie. I have no idea how this thing is going to taste. But I know this.¬†It’s now 11:41PM. We have two new phones, one pie coming out of the oven and a few too many glasses of wine.

Happy Holidays. Happy Eating. Happy Bliss.
Oh yeah! And this….Don’t forget to call someone you love.

More tomorrow. 
{who you gonna call?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 318 :: blissful dreaming

18 Nov

Today’s bliss…bed.

More like my bed heater. It’s that time of night over here. Where I switch on the bed heater before I write my blog so that I can crawl into the warm cozy sheets as soon as my eyes are ready to fade.

Because it’s getting cold here. The rain is turning into chilled air and it feels like winter is on her merry way. Which I welcome with open snowballs in my arms. Because that means the holidays are coming, and twinkling lights with green wreaths and surely my attempt at making my mother’s dinner rolls will soon follow.

And just the thought of that has me singing in my head a refrain from a musical that I can barely remember. But I remember this line:

All I want is a room somewhere. Far away from the cold night air. Warm place, warm food, warm chair… and wouldn’t it lovely.¬†

Loverly. Loverly.
Blissful dreams. Night night.

More tomorrow. 


JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 262 :: PJ moments

24 Sep


Bliss moment of the day: comfy pajamas.

I don’t know if it’s thoughts of Christmas morning…
Or snuggling under the covers…
Maybe it’s the comfort from Mama Sling when I was a child sick in bed…
Or pillow fights from teenage pajama parties…
Possibly going to class in college with only a care for comfort…
Or sleeping in on Saturday mornings…

Whatever it is …. I LOVE MY PAJAMAS!

So tonight, I end this day with a thought of PJ’s.
And there seems to be promise in that.

More tomorrow.

{night night?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 96 :: surprise simple pleasures

7 Apr
The photos arrived today! ¬†My cousin sent me the photos of my Mama Sling’s wedding day that she happened to find going through some old photo books.

They bring me such JOY! And it has me thinking about simple bliss. The tiny things that bring me so much happiness.

I have to admit, it’s hard to remember the simple pleasures of the everyday when my mind is caught up in trying to figure out the complex measures (and stress) of the everyday.

Maybe that is the lesson of this year… that bliss is always just a photograph away. Or a ray of sunshine, or flower blooming, or child laughing.

It’s all here.

More tomorrow.

  {what is your simple pleasure?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 91 :: highlight of my day

1 Apr


If ever there was something to bring me bliss… it is this! ¬†My cousin sent this image to me today. It’s my Mama Sling on her wedding day. (Long before I ever arrived on the scene, and well within¬†white gloves are all the rage!)

She’s so perfect. It was probably the most blissful day of her life. And I love it. More than anything else I love thinking of her like this, before the chemo and the hats and the wigs. She’s all hope and white gloves and pill box hat.

Sometimes pictures say a million blissful things.
And on April 1st, that is no joke!

More tomorrow.

  {what was the highlight of your day?}

Jamie’s BLOG – DAY 209 :: birthday detour down the coast

28 Jul

We took a detour today, down the Oregon Coast on our way home. It was Mama Sling’s birthday, so it seemed appropriate. She loved the Oregon Coast more than anything.

As the drive and the day wore on we were forced to stop for gas. The old gas station that we remembered was closed and we weren’t sure we were going to make it to the next town. So Justin decided to pull off at the next possible point.

It turned out the next possible point was the Sea Lions Caves. Mama Sling LOVED the Sea Lion Caves. I can still remember her giggling at the creatures. I can still remember her walking that long staircase down the hillside.

I turned to Justin after we nabbed some gas from the friendly staff and said, “Mama Sling has to be with us today, she loved this place.”

Finally, we pulled off in Florence for a real gas up. Once there I lovingly turned to Justin and said, “Let’s get a mocha for old time’s sake.”

You see, the first time I visited Justin it was in Florence and it was in the height of my three-a-day mocha addiction. For the last three hour we had already passed all the places on the coast where we spent our little reconnection honeymoon: Depot Bay, Cape Perpetua, Haceta Head Lighthouse.

It seemed only natural that we should stop for a mocha in Florence.

As soon as we pulled up to the Dutch Bros. coffee house my ears perked up. Justin turned me with a smile and said, “Do you hear that?”

I nodded my head in disbelief. It was the song. THE SONG. The one and only song that reminds me of my mom. It was popular after her funeral and it’s hardly ever on the radio anymore. But it still makes me cry.

“I do hear it,” I nodded to Justin with a huge smile on my face hearing every single word of the Vanessa Carlton song in the background.

Making my way downtown
Walking fast
Faces pass
And I’m home bound

Staring blankly ahead
Just making my way
Making a way
Through the crowd

And I need you
And I miss you
And now I wonder….

If I could fall
Into the sky
Do you think time
Would pass me by
‘Cause you know I’d walk
A thousand miles
If I could 
Just see you

It’s always times like these
When I think of you
And I wonder
If you ever 
Think of me

As we pulled away from the coffee stand I realized that I really don’t wonder any more about these coincidences.¬†Because¬†they are not. They are real.

I lifted my mocha up in the air and said one last,¬†“Happy Birthday Mama Sling!” before we got on the road.

Happy. Birthday. Indeed.

More tomorrow.


{happy birthday mama sling}

Jamie’s BLOG – DAY 208 :: happy birthday

27 Jul

I’ve been thinking a lot about birthdays – and newness. Partly because this surgery journey is winding down, partly because of the book I’m reading, and mostly because of my mamas.

Tomorrow¬†is my mother’s birthday. Off the top of my head I have no idea how old she would be, and honestly, I don’t want to figure it out. She is timeless in my heart. A few wrinkles sure. But an angelic face and beaming smile will always be my memory of my Mama Sling. Forever youthful. Forever my loving, doting, silly and serious mother.

Today is Jaynane’s birthday. My other mama. She was Mama Sling’s bestie and they shared more than laughs, golf outings, recipes, and good times. They shared so much life together, including their teenage children’s love for each other.

Mama Sling left me to this world a long time ago. And, sometimes, I wonder if she was able to move on because she knew Jaynane would be there to pick up right where she left off. And she has. Which makes me feel so lucky and loved.

I think birthdays are good reminders of life, where we’ve been and what’s next to come. A moment to pause, if you will, to enjoy some simple beauty, whether it’s a big party or a little card. It is a time to celebrate.

Happy Birthday Jaynane. Happy Birthday Mama Sling.
As I celebrate my mamas, I also celebrate my new “girls” my new implants, my new lease on life. Let the party begin.

More tomorrow.


{what can you celebrate?}

Jamie’s BLOG – DAY 130 :: to all the moms

11 May

Happy Mother’s Day! To all the mommies, mammas, mothers and mama mias.

While right now I am just a mommy to four-legged kids, I couldn’t be more lucky with the moms I’ve shared in my life.

It’s been almost fifteen years without my own mom in my life. But Mama Sling left a shining example on my heart and in my life. And it couldn’t be more beautiful since the “mom” in my life now was her¬†best friend then.

And today I was blessed to share Mother’s Day with Jaynane.

We toured the local vineyards and tasted the local wine. As we sat in adirondack chairs, soaking in the sunshine, sipping Syrah, and starring at the Applegate Valley, I couldn’t help but wonder if my own mother was looking down upon us.

There are some things that a mother always leaves with you, even when she is no longer psychically around. Sometimes it’s a song, a saying, a recipe, a reminder, a photo album, a baby book, a diary or a love letter.

Even though Mama Sling will always be with me, in my heart and in the shining rays of light that bounce of the beautiful moments of my life, she also left me something else. ¬†Her best friend. And I couldn’t feel luckier.

Moms love.
Love moms.

More tomorrow.

{happy mother’s day}
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