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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 138 :: remembering

23 May
Today felt like a holiday. A little weekend fun, sun and relaxation. But the deeper meaning of the weekend is not lost on me.

Remembering. Honoring. Celebrating. 

More tomorrow.

  {what are you remembering?}

Jamie’s BLOG – DAY 145 :: happy memorial day

25 May

I couldn’t help myself when I found this image.  I see hearts everywhere I go — I even found a mole on my arm that looks like a heart.

But I couldn’t think of a better image than this one for today.

More tomorrow.

{happy memorial day}

Jamie’s BLOG – DAY 144 :: forgetting is easy

24 May

It’s funny how easy it is to forget.

For instance, today, I tried on my bras, my swimming suit tops and summer tank tops. All to measure if my breasts have grown with the saline fill last week (all part of the reconstructive surgery).

You would think one could remember what size her breasts were a mere month ago. You would think something that you waited for years to pop up and out of your prepubescent shirt would become implanted in your brain.

It hasn’t.
I can’t remember what “they” looked like or even felt like. Right now, “they” look smaller and bigger all at the same time.

It’s because they are different. Different shaped, differently angled, and a different filler on the inside too.

It’s funny how easy  it is to forget something you’ve worn around most of your life.  And tonight, it makes me realize how easy it is to forget most of the things that we yearn for, long for, work for …after they end.

I suppose that’s what Memorial Day Weekend is for.

To remember the things we should never forget, when we have moved on, life has changed, or something different has taken its place.

Here’s to all of those who have served.

Even when it’s hard to remember it’s important not to forget.

More tomorrow.

{to those who have served}

BLOG – GIFT DAY 147 :: 30 days of love: love where you are

27 May

It’s DAY 17 over here of the 30 Days of Love. We’ve already had two yummy recipes and a week-long Giveaway, some treats, a sneeze, some wise words to the Class of 2013, some news, a Pop Quiz, 3 things I love, a biopsy, a call to say what you need to say, a prayer, a choice, and now…
A reminder.It’s Memorial Day. The sun is out, the breeze is rolling by and people in towels and bathing suits are dotting the beach.Even though I’m not ready to jump into the freezing ocean water, I am taking it all in.We leave our little beach cottage by the ocean in a matter of days. We’re headed west. Moving to Oregon. We will be closer to mountains than this salty sea air.There’s so much to appreciate about both.

But, I for one, am grateful for this winter by the sea. 

This winter has, in its own unique way, been amazingly terrifying. 

We evacuated the house three times (on my insistance) before hurricanes and blizzards ravaged the beach, tore down our stairs, and left many houses down the street condemned.

On the inside, I have also been dealing with the perfect storm, a health matter, biopsy, and medical procedures relating to the cancer treatment I had 20 years ago.

But it has also been amazingly beautiful. 

I have a new appreciation for the ocean. The massive body of water that I am afraid of, has become like a friend. One I share mutual respect for its power, its energy and its life force.

The ocean is alive. A moving, ever-changing being.

From the baby seal that washed up in the fall.

To the lobster boats that fish off the rocky shore. I have newfound respect for  this massive body of water. It’s home to so many, and sustenance to us all.

As I have watched all the houses dotting the street rebuild and refurbish after the storm, I have also found deep respect for my own body: for its power, its energy and its life force to rebuild and renew.

And it reminds me that we can always begin again. Start over.

As we pack the car and start to move WEST, searching for our own little spot on this earth called “home” — I find deep solace and relief knowing that we are already there.

No matter where we plant our chair.

Home is all around us.

Love where you are, when you are there. 

Happy Memorial Day.

More tomorrow.

Lovemore {fearless}
{Live on.}

Day 148: lovemore monday :: memorial day

28 May

A few photos from our long, long, drive that is almost over.
Road trips are fun, but they all must end sometime.

These photos seem most fitting on this Memorial Day, as we passed lots of monuments, cars and bridges during our drive.

And, what ‘s more American than that?
Happy Memorial Day to you and your loved ones.




Day 150: giving your all

30 May

Today is Memorial Day.

And, it’s clear to me the intent of the day is to honor and remember those who served.  Which I believe is a noble day to set aside.

Yesterday, as I rolled by the local Vineyard Haven cemetery I couldn’t help but notice the little flags waving back at me.  It looked like a sea of memories, of reminders, of heroes.  Almost as if the flags were whispering in unison: remember us.

I just read a description about the holiday and its metamorphosis over time.  One phrase jumped out at me:  “to honor those who gave their all” ~ and I kind of like the sound of that.

Giving your all.
I grew up with the mantra “What you put into it, you get out of it.”
And I would like to think that is what we are doing here, whatever we serve.

Maybe in different forms and versions and scenarios, but still, giving our all.

If The Promise 365 is teaching me anything, it is certainly this:
Giving “my all” is a day by day process.
But, so worth it. 

It’s Day 150 of 2011 …are you giving your all?

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