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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 90 :: tulips…or standing out

31 Mar

Day 90: standing out.  

We saw the tulips today! And they were beautiful. Amazing. Gorgeous. Breathtaking. Okay… seriously, we have over 500 photos of them. We were a little inspired.

But they reminded me of something good. Standing out. Whether it’s with your message, marketing, memories or other important moments.

Sometimes being unique is as simple as standing out.
Be the yellow tulip in a field of reds.

And.. if you must do yoga in public… try a muddy field.

It’s enough to make you laugh.

And don’t forget to smell the tulips…. because they don’t smell at all. (News to me!!)

If nothing else… be the yellow tulip.

More tomorrow.

{standing out?}

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Day 318: we are here to be alive

15 Nov

Sometimes it feels like a message falls out of the heavens, exactly when I need to see or hear it.

Tonight, this one fell out of my journal and landed in my lap:
“We are here to be alive.”

I tucked this little card into my journal months ago. Who knew it would fall into my lap tonight, on this day, at this hour?

What am I supposed to take from it? 

  • Is it a reminder to be alive, awake, alert, enthusiastic — to quote an old camp song?
  • Is it a subtle nudge to enjoy the roaring ocean view outside my window — instead of fearing it?
  • Is it a practical joke — to “pinch me” and remind me that I am not dead yet?

I have no doubt that everything happens for a reason. Even this subtle little sign.

I don’t question when things go “wrong” or “bad” or otherwise all wonky any more.

I have learned in times of uncertainly (can you say cancer?) or disappointment (pink slip anyone?) I just need to wait for the lesson to unfold. The outcome is usually better than my original plans or dreams or expectations anyway.

But, tonight, I sit here pondering what it means, this message I hold in my hands:
We are here to be alive.

Maybe it is just supposed to be that uncomplicated.
And simple.

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