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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 9 – DAY 83 :: trust your day

25 Mar


There are so many little miracles in a day they are easy to miss and hard to count. So tonight I offer this… 

What miracles could you count today? There had to be at least one.

Trust me!
More tomorrow.



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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 359 :: merry christmas

25 Dec

Happy holidays. Merry Christmas. And good tidings.

Today, we awoke to a little Christmas miracle. A blanket of snow. It was pristine and beautiful — and a surprise! Which reminds me of the power of miracles.  

Last night at dinner we tracked Santa’s sleigh with an online App. We also discussed the weather and all wished to wake up to a white Christmas. We then watched Santa make stops in Bolivia and Costa Rice, Canada, the USA, and Mexico all on a phone held in our little hands while sitting at the dinner table (what a miracle!).

Then, this morning I awoke to Jaynane singing Christmas music from the living room and announcing, “It’s a White Christmas!”

I thought she was referring to the song. And, of course, the Christmas music wafting into our room. As I stumbled out into the living room in my pajamas she turned on the porch lights to show off the blanket of snow outside. It was a Christmas miracle – a snowclad world sparking outside.

We dreamt about it. We talked about it. And then we woke up to it. It may seem small but it was a magical way to greet the day. And it reminds me that Miracles can come in all forms.

Last I checked, Santa delivered 7,281,439,471 gifts around the world on this Christmas holiday. How kind of him. What a feat! A true miracle if you ask me.

Maybe the biggest miracle of all is remembering to believe.
In the power of loving each other.
Of being kind to those in our lives all year long.
And recognizing the magic in our everyday experiences.
Even when it’s just surprise snowflakes out the window.

That may be the kindest Christmas gift of all.

More tomorrow…



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GIFT DAY 061: you’re such a miracle

2 Mar

Oh, life!

I know exactly the moment I realized I was a miracle.I was watching a television show about the birds and the bees, the story of how the stork “really” does his job. I think it was NOVA.Just as the voiceover described the long journey that sperm make, how most die, how very few make it to the final destination, and how only one egg, one chance, one moment awaits…

It hit me.
I yelled from the family room into the kitchen where my mother was cooking dinner.

“I am a miracle!” 

My mother walked into the family room to find me fascinated by the story of life. She agreed with me, “Yes, you are a miracle, Jamie.”

I then tried to explain to her (as if she had no clue how I came about) how amazing it was that I came to be. I tried to tell her what I just saw on television and how it was absolutely incredible that I was alive.

Against all odds. 

Now, looking back, I’m absolutely certain she was giggling under her breath during this conversation. She must have been amused. I’m sure she couldn’t wait to tell my father all about the conversation when he arrived home.

Looking back, I also realize I was right.

I am a miracle.
You are a miracle.
You beat the odds.

Good to know we all started off as a success story, isn’t it?

And if that’s not abundance, I don’t know what is.

More tomorrow.

{You are a miracle, miraculous marvelous you.}

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