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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 9 – DAY 83 :: trust your day

25 Mar


There are so many little miracles in a day they are easy to miss and hard to count. So tonight I offer this… 

What miracles could you count today? There had to be at least one.

Trust me!
More tomorrow.



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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 359 :: merry christmas

25 Dec

Happy holidays. Merry Christmas. And good tidings.

Today, we awoke to a little Christmas miracle. A blanket of snow. It was pristine and beautiful — and a surprise! Which reminds me of the power of miracles.  

Last night at dinner we tracked Santa’s sleigh with an online App. We also discussed the weather and all wished to wake up to a white Christmas. We then watched Santa make stops in Bolivia and Costa Rice, Canada, the USA, and Mexico all on a phone held in our little hands while sitting at the dinner table (what a miracle!).

Then, this morning I awoke to Jaynane singing Christmas music from the living room and announcing, “It’s a White Christmas!”

I thought she was referring to the song. And, of course, the Christmas music wafting into our room. As I stumbled out into the living room in my pajamas she turned on the porch lights to show off the blanket of snow outside. It was a Christmas miracle – a snowclad world sparking outside.

We dreamt about it. We talked about it. And then we woke up to it. It may seem small but it was a magical way to greet the day. And it reminds me that Miracles can come in all forms.

Last I checked, Santa delivered 7,281,439,471 gifts around the world on this Christmas holiday. How kind of him. What a feat! A true miracle if you ask me.

Maybe the biggest miracle of all is remembering to believe.
In the power of loving each other.
Of being kind to those in our lives all year long.
And recognizing the magic in our everyday experiences.
Even when it’s just surprise snowflakes out the window.

That may be the kindest Christmas gift of all.

More tomorrow…



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2014 BLOG – DAY 60 :: miracles appear in the most unusual places

1 Mar

I lost my diamond earring today.

I reached up to my earlobe as I was working at my desk and gasped with horror. My earring was gone!

Not just any earring. It was the earring that Justin gave me for my birthday a few weeks ago. The diamond earrings he helped design.

I immediately dropped on my hands and knees and began scouring the carpet. Nothing.

I stripped the bed. Nothing.

I took a flashlight and crawled on the floor under our bed. Nothing.

The closet. Nothing.

The bathroom. Nothing.

I even checked the kitchen, the laundry room, the couch, the front step and my car. NOTHING!

Losing my diamond earring just capped off a week to forget. The lump in my left breast. The naked hole in my right earlobe. It was just too much. Finally I called Justin and immediately began to cry.

He told me to sit tight and wait.

“Don’t move anything until I get home. We will find it.”

“Okay.” I blubbered into the phone.

As I waited, I realized the insight that this undefined lump in my left breast has given me. It’s clearly brought into focus all that is important. All that I can change. What I can impact and what I have power over. And what I don’t.

In short, I realized that a lost earring can be replaced.

So I resigned myself to the idea of just paying to have another earring made. After all, it was a gift for my 40th birthday, and it was special, because it was from Justin, so I would find a way to replace it myself.

When Justin arrived home we turned the entire house inside out. He strapped on his headlamp and I followed with a flashlight. He lifted the mattress off the bed. He opened the pull-out bed inside the couch. No stone was left unturned.

The earring was still  missing. It was no where to be found. We collectively gave up. The search was called off. Case. Closed.

Just as we put the couch back together, I stood up. My underwear began creeping up my backside from all the aerobic searching. I reached down to pull the elastic back in place, where it belonged, when I felt something hard, small and sharp.

“My earring!”  I screamed with joy as I lifted it out of my pants.

“Is this a joke?” Justin looked slightly angry. “Have you been walking around with that in your pants just to tease me?”

“It’s not a joke.” I shook my head in disbelief. “I cannot believe it was in there. It must have fallen into my clothing when I was dressing this morning.”

I was dumfounded. I couldn’t believe it. I never even thought to look in my underwear.

“You never checked your clothes?” Justin asked as he chuckled, clearly as relieved as I felt.

“I didn’t even think of it.”

“See,”  Justin hugged me tight. “Miracles can happen.”

We were both relieved to find the missing diamond earring. But, deep down inside I knew he was talking about something else.

And it’s a good reminder to me. Even when all feels lost, there’s probably a place that I just haven’t looked. There’s probably a small miracle just waiting to be found.

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

{here’s to miracles}

BLOG – GIFT DAY 354 :: it’s not always what you think

20 Dec

I love this ad from Apple. 
It reminds me that things are not always what you (initially) think. 

We have experienced a year of miracles around here.

So many miracles!
Even though it hasn’t always felt or seemed that way in the moment.

I found a lump in my throat. (scary!)
After surgery it turned out benign. Miracle!

Brady ran away this summer. (scary!)
Brady returned home safely because a wonderful woman found him and called the local radio station. Miracle!

We lost the bikes off the back of our car during our cross country adventure. (scary!)
Nobody was injured. Miracle!

Brady jumped the fence and went on his own adventure. (scary!)
I luckily saw it happen and knew which direction to send Justin on the chase. We found Brady making friends in the neighborhood and safely brought him home. Miracle!

Miracle are everywhere.

Just goes to show things are not always what you (initially) think.
Sometimes you have to wait around for the rest of the story.
Sometimes you have to wait for the miracle to show up.
And sometimes you have to look at it differently to see the hidden gift.

My gift of the day is this:
I wish you many, many miracles.

Thank you for being here.

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

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{what miracles did you have this year?}

BLOG – GIFT DAY 329 :: a month of inspiration :: miracles and roses

25 Nov

Today, in my month-long nod to inspiration, I share a rose. 

In this week of gratefulness and gratitude I am reminded to count my blessings. Because while some things in life last longer than you can possibly imagine, others drift by with a blink of an eye.

I thought the growing season was over …like so long ago! I thought the last surprise rose in bloom had already passed us by.

It turns out I was wrong. 
We have another pink rose in bloom, amongst the morning frost and the November cold.

And, so today, I celebrate more than a winter rose.
I celebrate miracles.

I am inspired by the every day kind of magical miracles blooming under my nose.  The ones with petals and the ones without.

Some occur in the moments right before the sun rises and my pups rise along with it. Others occur in a happy note, a wink, a laugh, a smile from a stranger, a knowing look, a nod, or a song.

Instead of waiting for a miracle I am reminded to stop, open my eyes, look around and smell the roses that abound.

It is, after all, the only way to recognize a miracle blooming right under your nose.

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless!}

{celebrate your miracles}

GIFT DAY 088: 30-day gratitude challenge: day 12 expect a miracle

29 Mar

Day 12 of the 30-Day Gratitude Challenge over here.

Miracles abound.

Today this caught my eye as I was waiting for my acupuncture appointment.

expect_a_miracle, jamieeslinger.com, the promise daily

Expect a Miracle.

I take that to heart.

Today I am grateful for:

2) The angels who show up in my life exactly when I need them
3) Cool clients who make work fun (you know who you are!)

What miracles are you expecting?

What gratitude do you wish to share?

More tomorrow.
Lovemore (fearless),

{What are your grateful for today? Share one, share all, in the comments section below.}

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