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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 16 loving kindness

16 Jan


This seems like enough to post today. It’s a message of love but it’s an act of kindness.

May you walk forward in love, kind soul.

More tomorrow.

P.S. Challenge #2 Is On: Confidence 
If you choose to accept this challenge, please join me in

  • Feeling certain. Tap in and trust your most kind self.
  • Believe in the best of any situation. Hold onto and trust that the most kind outcome will be yours.


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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 18 :: compassion and love

18 Jan

Day 18. MLK.

In honor of compassion and love… and yoga, or yoking them both together, I did a compassion yoga class tonight. Virtual of course.


More tomorrow.

{spreading love?}

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2014 BLOG – DAY 20 peak performance: stretch

20 Jan

I tried something new today. 

A combo class of Pilates, yoga and thai chi. It stretched my body and my mind. Maybe even my soul.

And that has me thinking about the word stretch.

“Be capable of being made longer or wider without tearing or breaking.”

I think that’s fitting for today.
In memory of MLK, someone who stretched out thinking.

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

{what or where do you want to stretch?}
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