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Day 123: blooming like a monet canvas

3 May

Today we packed up and trained over to Giverny.

It was like stepping into a canvas of color.
I was in awe of Monet’s masterpiece as it came to life, right before my eyes.

And, my camera.

I visited Giverny with Debbie Phillips and friends in honor of Ellen Wingard’s birthday. What a special place to celebrate life.

And friendship.

And flowers.

In the middle of the tulips, pansies, lilac and crepe myrtles, we also saw frogs.

Scratch that.
We HEARD frogs.

Apparently, it’s mating season at the pond.
And you know what they say… if the lilypad is rocking, don’t go a knocking.

The frog’s mating calls sounded like riotous laughter echoing through the valley and circling the pond in a round, bouncing from lilypad to lilypad and back again.

It sounded as if they were putting on a show — truly making the painting come to life before our eyes and ears, and all senses combined.

Being in the fresh scent of lilacs and the buds of wisteria made me realize something.

I don’t grow anything.

Well, I’ve had a little luck with some tomato plants.
But, that’s about it.

So I bought some certified Monet seeds from the gift shop.

Both to represent the beautiful blooming flowers I witnessed all around, and the bounty of blossoms in the hearts of these women I was so privileged to share a journey with into the french countryside.

If there is one thing I witnessed today, it is this:
Nothing can grow without love.

Not flowers.
Or friendship.

All you need is a few good seeds.
And, a lifetime of unconditional love. 

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