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Jamie’s BLOG – DAY 176 :: good grape

24 Jun

We have our first tomato. It’s official! A little, round, red, plump tomato has made itself known in the garden.

Since this is the second year of the garden, I find it amazing that I’m just as impressed by the first tomato as I was last year at the first tomato. A.K.A. squealed with joy!

I’m kind of impressed with everything Mother Nature makes…. it’s like some form of secret, ancient magic.

Which doesn’t make it too surprising that I was shocked to see these grapes hanging over a fence. Not our fence, but still, a fence! In a yard! Of a house!


Good grape! Wonders never cease.
And isn’t that wonderful?

More tomorrow.

{what feels wonderful to you?}

Jamie’s BLOG – DAY 147 :: blue beauties popping

27 May

The blueberries are here! The blueberries are here!

It might be the first natural sign of summer. But I am more enchanted by the colors. I am always amazed that Nature is able to make every color combination work…always.

And these little berries are beauties.

I love the soft, light blue. I love the purple tips that look like the berry is blushing before it starts to pop blue all over.

Mother Nature does it again.

And it’s beautiful.

More tomorrow.

{what are your first signs of summer?}
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