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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 9 – DAY 62 :: trust is neighbors helping neighbors

4 Mar


Oh, snow! We woke up to the car being buried in 15 inches of snow. Just a small Boston problem but that is what snow plows are for! Except they missed us and our parking spots while I was on a work call so we had to shovel the cars out ourselves. Or, I should say, JUSTIN had to shovel the cars out.

There was a neighbor who lent a shovel, which was very nice. It makes me think about the power of trust and neighbors. Something that just isn’t as necessary as it used to be (why borrow an egg when Amazon can deliver one?).

I think we help each other in different ways now, through social media recommendations and email requests. But sometimes it’s nice to have some good old fashioned neighborly helping hands.

Trust me!
More tomorrow.



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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 255 :: be a welcoming neighbor

12 Sep


New neighbors moved in today. They oohed and ahhed over Pup and Brady as I walked the dogs up the hill.

As I was walking the dogs back home I realized that I should have gone over and introduced myself. I should have done something KIND to welcome our new neighbors.

It’s on my Kindness List for tomorrow.

More tomorrow….


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Day 217: three things i love more than chocolate (today!)

5 Aug

Today continues this hot summer series…Three Things I LOVE more than chocolate (today!) as a way to stay in touch with the power of gratitude.

On this very hot day, while walking Pup, I met new neighbors.

I swear Pup is a magical dog. He always seems to turn a corner just in time to introduce me to someone new.  Or, stop and sit on the sidewalk until somebody walks by.

I am usually annoyed at Pup, tugging on his leash to go in the other direction, pulling with all my might.  Just then, of course, someone new shows up in my life that I am supposed to meet.  All because of Pup’s persistence.

And, it happened again today. 

Pup literally dragged me into a stranger’s yard.  They turned out to be gracious, lovely and nice people — as well as dog lovers.  They rewarded Pup handsomely with pats behind the ears and a big bowl of water.  He stood there as if he knew he was invited over!

Today, magically, I also returned to the halls of hot yoga.  It’s been a love/hate relationship this hot yoga of mine. Ever since I vowed to take care of my head, heart, body and soul, hot yoga has been right there for me.

Me, not so consistent.

And, today, I’m not so sure I needed to stretch in the heated yoga studio, because just walking down the street was enough to pour the toxins out of every single one of my pores. But it was so worth it!

And, I only showed up because I was meeting a friend.  It’s a good lesson for me to learn — I need a buddy, a partner, a friend to keep my yoga practice consistant.

While stretching to the sun, in the intense heat of the yoga studio, a song began to play.

I loved it! It was perfect.

The lyrics arrived at the most perfect moment, just as I was ready to pass out in my now see-through shirt drenched with sweat. The song’s message: “Don’t quit.” Or, maybe, it was “Don’t stop.” It could have been “Don’t stop until the end?”

Ugh. I can’t remember. And, I can’t find it on iTunes or anywhere else. I guess that means I just have to go back to yoga.

And let it magically appear.

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