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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 303 :: great-full

1 Nov
It’s officially November. I’m curious what the last two months of the year will bring. As this peak performance promise starts to wrap up I’m also overwhelmed with gratitude.

Gratitude being the universal theme for November.

For me there is so much to be grateful for…just getting through this year is a small feat and accomplishment. But I couldn’t have done it without a village of support.

And that makes me want to change the word around.

Great – Full.
Great – Full – Ness.

It’s all a state of mind, a feeling really, an appreciation of the greatness that happens everyday in so many small but meaningful ways.

How are you feeling Great-Full?

More tomorrow. 


 {who can you fill with greatness?}

BLOG – GIFT DAY 306 :: ’tis the month before christmas

2 Nov

It’s November?

That means we have 59 days left in the year. FIFTY-NINE DAYS LEFT?!

That means…
24 days until Hanukkah.
25 days until Thanksgiving.
52 days until Christmas.
59 days until The New Year.

But before all that…
Tomorrow morning at 6:45AM EST there will be a total eclipse of the heart. I mean, moon. It hasn’t been seen like this since 1854. Now that’s something to celebrate.

If you’re on the East Coast of the USA, or perhaps find yourself in Africa, you will have a great view. If not, the live stream can be viewed here: http://events.slooh.com 

If you miss this one… the next one is August 2017.  Mark your calendars.

Speaking of marking days on the calendar, I am marking November as a month of inspiration.

In this year, my promise to explore and discover ABUNDANCE, I am a little bit sad that this experiment is rolling to a close.

So before it does… I am dedicating the month of November to all things inspiration. An ABUNDANCE of inspiration if you will.

And today, in honor of the month of November, which happens to be National Adoption Month, I start with this:

Thanks to my friend Laura who shared this video with me.  If you want to learn more about the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, click here.

Have something inspiring? Please share on the blog.

What inspires you?

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

{What inspires you?}

BLOG – GIFT DAY 305 :: what have you gained?

1 Nov

It is officially November. Welcome. 
We started off the month with a sunny, 70-degree day.

As I sat in my office I couldn’t wait to go outside. My body was screaming at me to move. To do something. Anything.

You see, I have gained a lot over this year. For starters, a new address on the west coast, a new lease on life with my thyroid being surgically removed, and now, I have officially gained a few new pounds.

As my pants get tighter and tighter I am getting more and more motivated to MOVE THAT BUS!

I begged Justin to go for a walk with me. He refused. Countless times. Then he told me to make sure I walked for an hour. I rolled my eyes and took to the streets by myself.

Somehow underneath the bright, shining, November sunshine I finally found a walking path worth waiting for…

It winds all along the waterfront. And it is beautiful.

As I huffed and puffed my way over the river and through the woods, I realized that I haven’t really given this new town of ours a fighting chance. As I huddle in the comfort of my office I have missed out on a few gems…. and one is right down the street!

When I returned home in an exuberant daze from a mouthful of fresh air and a camera full of new photos I spotted Justin in the driveway.

With two new bikes!

“What are you doing” I asked him confused but now fully understanding why he required I leave the house ‘for an hour’….


We officially have new bikes. And it immediately took me back to where this whole Bike Saga began.

It seems I have now gained a new, pink bike with a basket (and coffee cup holder!).

The good news…. this bike is perfect for me. The seat is comfy. The color is perfect. The basket is convenient. The cup holder is lovely!

My other bike (the one we left smashed on the highway in our cross-country drive) was a mountain bike. Sure, it was a great bike by all specs and standards.

But this one is even better because it’s perfect for me. It suits my personality. It fits. (Did I mention the seat is comfy??!!)

And it was a surprise.
As if someone was saying “welcome home.”

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

{What have you gained?}
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