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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 339 :: blissful bit parts

9 Dec

Today’s bliss…bit parts.

I recently heard an NPR interview with Harvey Keitel regarding his upcoming film “Youth”. Here’s the excerpt that held my attention: 

SIMON: Your character has a line toward the end of the film. I won’t give away the circumstances. But the line’s been running around in my head for the past 24 hours. Your character tells Michael Caine’s character, I believe, we’re all extras.

KEITEL: I’m going to go to Stanislavski to help me with this answer, the great discoverer of the method, who said there were no small parts, only small actors. So an extra could be a misleading term. And my advice to any actor who’s playing, quote, unquote, “extra” to think of it more like Stanislavski did. It’s not a small part. You are the lead in the movie, in your own movie.

SIMON: Your own movie meaning your life?

KEITEL: That’s what I mean.
And it has me thinking. About life, parts, roles, and leading. Which leads me to bliss. Part of being blissful I’m learning is freedom. Part of bliss is being present. And part, I believe, is letting go of the ego, the one small part of me that tells stories and believes what other people say. Their review of your movie.

So, I’ll quote Dabbs Greer, a bit actor, who said, “Every character actor, in their own little sphere, is the lead.” It reminds me that we are all the lead in our life, and leaders of our own bliss.

And that is no small part.

More tomorrow. 

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 24 :: spa bliss

24 Jan
If a dog is Man’s Best Friend then the spa just might be a girls. Or mine. Okay, I can’t choose, I love our pups more than a spa … but sometimes a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do.

Spa Day!

Today my hairdresser had extra time so she styled my hair. I cannot tell you the last time I sat to have my hair styled …. STYLED with a curling iron.  It sort of felt like a teenage version of myself getting ready to go to the Prom.  As I left the spa in a cloud of hairspray I felt my bubble burst. My hair was way to prettified to go home. 

Going home felt like such a boring answer to my glorified styled up hairdo. Ironically as I drove myself through the familiar streets on my boring path home, there was an NPR program dedicated to power of boredom.

The program was all about boredom and how it literally doesn’t exist anymore. The death of boredom as we knew begins at the first hint of our minds screeching to a halt because we grab the cell phone in our purse and find something to occupy the minds.

Which is a brilliance killer. Apparently boredom bears brilliance or at least leads to more creativity.  Now that’s something to ponder (when you’re not looking at your phone!).

As I arrived home with my curled up  hair I realized one of the reasons why I love going to the spa. It’s a break. It’s a moment when I can’t be disturbed. While my head is in the sink or under the hot lamps my mind lets go and drifts to something it hasn’t had time for …day dreaming.

So maybe daydreaming is part of the path to bliss?
Hold the phone. Let me think about that. 

More tomorrow. 

 {do you have time to daydream?}

Day 145: road trip anyone?

25 May

Road trip anyone?

Today, the second leg of our road trip North, took us straight to the South ~ South of the Border that is and a much welcome break from road warrior status.

South of the Border is one crazy place. 
With 100 miles of billboards leading up to the eventual arrival one cannot help but stop.  I love how even their own billboards refer to the stuff for sale as “cheap crap” (and believe me I didn’t buy anything!).

But, I did appreciate the eye candy and the chance to stretch our legs (Pup’s too!).

They even supply “pet restrooms” for those with four legs.

While it was a long day on the road, I was happy to have a chance to catch up with my favorite road trip buddies:  the NPR team. 

In between NPR station reception, whenever static began to take over the air waves, I scanned through the remaining stations looking for a new car trip buddy (while at the same time trying to lift my very sore hiney off the seat to reduce the throbbing from sitting too long in one place).  I found rap, oldies, christian sermons, local car salesman screaming at me and a wide variety of mixed tunes.

Which I gladly sat through until the next NPR station came into reception.

Tonight, as I begin to rest my head, it occurs to me that I probably learned more today in the car than I have all month in front of my computer.

And it reminds me why a mixed perspective is good.
When I’m in control of my news I pick the stuff that interests me.  But, when I am forced to tune in and can’t click away I get a much more well-rounded review of what’s going on in this world.

Today alone, I celebrated Oprah’s final show, debated the Supreme Court’s decision on California prison overcrowding, discussed abstract art with Frank Stella, caught up on Obama’s trip to Europe, and pondered the role of women in comedy with Paul Fieg and Maya Rudolph of the movie Bridesmaids and so much more…

All that and I drove through 5 states and went South of the Border.

Not bad for a day’s work.
I think I’ll call it a night and give this head some rest.

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