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Day 266: falling into the equinox

23 Sep

It occurs to me that today is a point of balance.

The fall equinox, the point at which the day and night are once again equal.

As I return from Omega Institute, and a weekend of Women+Power, I hear these words echo through my mind.


And the words of another woman follow:

“Men and women need to come together, they need to meet in the middle.”

Those were the words of Anna Quindlen at my Smith College graduation. That was more than fifteen years ago, and Anna’s message on feminism stuck in my head like glue. I have never forgot that directive.

And, this weekend, from all the speakers and leaders and visionaries I heard the sound of another equinox, another balance forming.

It seems there is a calling to the world, a cry for action, a new vision forming that is bigger than us all.

It is a cry for help for some. A battle cry for others. And a good old fashioned painful gut wrenching cry for some.

But this time it felt different. I am left with the feeling that it is time for the magic to take hold. It is time for healing to happen. All around the world. For the world.

It seems we are in a new season. Might it be the point at which the day and night are once again equal?

To be fearless without instilling force. To do what is right and necessary. All around the world. For the world. 

Or, maybe, I was just dreaming.

This morning as I looked out on the forests, trees, and water sitting on the face of the earth and the grounds of Omega, it occurred to me that the natural order of things always knows what to do. 

A tree doesn’t contemplate where to grow.
It just grows.

Whether you are a masculine or feminine, here or there, near or far, it seems the natural thing, the next step, the necessary action is for all of us to grow.

Through every season.

Day 264: f*ing friday :: freeway fright

21 Sep

Today continues the weekly series, F*ing Fridays, which will coincidentally occur on Friday. In Year One, I mentioned some of my favorite F words back on Day 5, including: Fearless, Fabulous, Fine, Fun, Faith, Freedom, Forgiveness, to name a Few.

Last week I dove into the words Funny Things

Today’s F*ing Friday is dedicated to the word:
Freeway Fright

As in, I think I’m going to throw up.

I just got out of a cab that swerved in and out of every single car between JFK and West 57th.


My stomach is still turning from the tumultuous ride.


But in New York, I am, and headed to OMEGA we soon will be!

The car ride made me think of all the things I am (still) afraid of…

  • Like the swerving in between cars and trucks and SUVs…
  • Like the ENORMOUS spider that crawled under Brady’s kennel yesterday…
  • Like making mistakes…

I am working on these big ones. And, I have made huge progress this year.

1) I calmly rolled down my window in the crazy cab ride and just let the wind hit my face (instead of gripping for dear life)

2) I calmly asked Justin to remove the spider instead of chasing after it with a death weapon (a.k.a. my shoe)


3) I have to admire the way I handled last Friday’s F-up with our dinner reservation. Sure, I made a mistake, but it was nothing we couldn’t recover from. In fact, I think it made the whole night even better in it’s own f*ing way.

Here’s to being fearless… 
One step at a time. 

Have a great weekend!

Day 263: recharge your battery. skip class. just jump. mountain day.

20 Sep

What a day.

Just when I had everything planned out precisely …the car battery dies.

It took two cars and two sets of jumpers (Justin and the neighbor!) to boot the battery back up.

As I sat in the car waiting for the engine to turn over, crackling and churning without any charge, I couldn’t help but think it was such a visual, living analogy for when my own life battery runs weak.

Ironically, today was Mountain Day at my alma mater Smith College. Mountain Day is a special day reserved specifically for rejuvenation in the beautiful fall air.

The best part? It’s a surprise.

I remember when I first entered Smith and upperclass(wo)men explained Mountain Day to me. They promised that one morning, early in the morning, the college bells would ring and that meant we could skip class for the day.

“Really, we get to skip class?” I asked in disbelief with big nerdy-school-girl eyes wondering if it was really a hoax or some sort of hazing trick for all the new students, just to mess with us.

I soon found out it was not a trick. It was the real deal. MOUNTAIN DAY exists.

And, today, on this Mountain Day of 2012, while I sat in my car waiting for the battery to charge, it occurred to me that it always take more time and more resources to refill and recharge — and, really, don’t we need more Mountain Days?

To skip out and seek a surprise break from it all.

Good thing I am headed to OMEGA tomorrow with Debbie Phillips! I think that will more than recharge my batteries.

Speaking of renewable energy…
I LOVE the photos Susan from Dawgma Gallery posted today of our little pups.

This was Brady’s first photo shoot.

How Susan got him to crawl up on this boat (with AMERICAN FLAG waving in the background) I do not know. She’s a pro.

And, while Pup is also a pro at photo shoots by now, he still showed up with supercharged charm — even at ten years old.

They make a cute pair.

But, boy, do I wish I could BOTTLE THAT ENERGY.

Doesn’t it make you want to jump?

Starting tomorrow and over this weekend, I will be reporting from OMEGA and will share any insights I gain on supercharging our batteries. Until then, maybe we should all think about taking a break, a day off, or totally skipping out on something?

That is … if you didn’t already today.

Happy Mountain Day. 


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