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Jamie’s BLOG – DAY 167 :: timing is everything & making new friends

15 Jun

I have to laugh at timing. It’s everything. And it’s not till it’s over that it makes any sense at all to me.

I met a new friend yesterday as I volunteered in the park, and I have to shake my head and wonder about the timing.

My new friend is having surgery tomorrow — the same surgery I will have in July. The final surgery of this mastectomy journey.

She’s my age. She’s a few years younger actually, but who’s counting? And she’s a few months ahead of me in this process called mammogram meets lumpy breasts meets surgical magic.

She lives a few blocks from me. In the same town that I have been trying to find friends but have been lost in a sea of strangers.

She’s been here all along. I just didn’t know where to find her.

She’s been doing the same thing I have been doing (doctor appointments, surgery, diagnosis, follow-up, fills, excruciating expander pain, planning for more surgery, et. al.).

As we compared notes a word came out of her mouth that has been in my head.


We are delicate beings right now. Everything is delicate. The two mounds that are expanding at a rate no teenage hormone would ever encounter. The expanders hidden under the flesh that radiate with pain. The stretch marks that are surfacing. The deep well of feelings, thoughts, plans, procedures that collide with not enough time in the day for the work, laundry, dishes, voicemail, making the bed, feeding the dogs and remembering to brush your teeth.

We are delicately traveling through this medical adventure at light speed. It is, after all, a routine medical procedure. And as much as this mastectomy business is a universal experience, proliferating through the bosom of our collective culture, it is delicately weaving its way through our two lives, just blocks away from each other in this small western town.

Our delicate beings.
As if we were destined to meet.
At times like these I have a deeper understanding. And still, I have to chuckle at the timing of it all.

Good luck my new friend, with your surgery tomorrow. You have my heart, my hope, and my faith that all will be well.

I have no doubt, in time, a deep reservoir of strength will spring up from within you (and me).

In fact, I can say, it already has.

More tomorrow.

{one is silver and the other gold}
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