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Day 144: packing and organizing tricks to love

24 May

We spent the day packing.
Packing. Packing. Packing.

I never feel more disorganized than when we pack.

And that’s why this is the most wonderful time of the year — when all the lost socks make themselves known and dust bunnies come out to play.

Every time we pack up our seasonal Florida apartment all I can think is “where did all this STUFF come from?”

Which makes it difficult to feed my TOSS pile.

For starters, I have a book problem.

Even with my iPad and Kindle, books of the bound kind hunt me down and corner me, begging to become a dust collector on an abandoned shelf. But, I love them. How can I toss them? What if I want to read them again?

Worse are the books that I haven’t got to yet but MAY want to read — someday — a snow day perhaps, in Florida.  

Hey, it could happen. 

Or, it couldn’t.
But, I’m packing and keeping my books just the same.  

It’s this time of year that I always find myself wishing I had organized my space better, when we moved in. It’s when I yearn for closets and cabinets that look like they came out of the pristine pages from The Container Store flyer.

Something to put on my wish list for next year.

Until then, I found
8 Incredibly Clever Organizing Tricks to tide me over.  I hope you enjoy too.

Now, I’m off to pack more books.

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