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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 9 sundays – 23 days to go

8 Dec


There are 23 days left of The Promise 365! But there are only three Sundays left in the year and this blog. So today I ruminate on Sundays.

First of all, there are the let down Sundays like today, where the Patriots lost the afternoon game. (There have been many winning Sundays along the way too!). Then there are the inspiring ones like the times I have visited churches on islands and cathedrals in Paris. There are also the long-awaited ones where I hang on to the weekend with a tight grip and a good book before the workweek begins again.

But most of all there are the Sundays that represent new beginnings. They symbolize new days ahead with new ideas, new adventures, and new experiences. These are the rest of the Sundays in December of this promise and this blog. Because, while The Promise 365 is ending that means the future is beginning. 

And there is no greater adventure than the future.
Trust me!
More tomorrow.Jamie


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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 9 – DAY 20 :: trust is a team sport

20 Jan


I am exhausted after watching the Patriots pull out another overtime, nail-biting win. Even though I grew up as an athlete, learning how to recover after losing and be fueled by winning, these last minute games make me break out in full body sweat.

It’s an amazing feeling, the euphoria of the win. And devastating to lose. So much of being an athlete is learning to trust, in your team, in your coach and in yourself.

But something about watching the Patriots play tonight, I am reminded that trust is a team sport. Whether it is in athletics, home or work. We all have teams that fuel our success.

Teams are connections are built on trust. We are only as strong as the person next to us, catching us when we fall and holding us up when we win.

That’s what teammates (including workmates and homemates) do best.
Trust your team.



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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 35 :: win and lose

4 Feb
{next year}

It’s always hard to lose. And that’s the hardest part of sports, sporting or being a sports fan. Someone always loses. “There’s always next year,” was coined for a night like this.

And yet, on the other side, there is a winner. A first-time victory and the joy of bringing home a trophy. History in the record books. So many elated sports fans. The first taste of victory.

It’s the light and the dark. The sun and the shade. One needs the other to exist. For that contrast.

Tonight I felt that contrast as my heart beat so fast inside of me I could barely breathe. I so wanted the Patriots to win. Not because the team has been there before. Not because it was Tom Brady, the GOAT in the game. Not because I have watch him play since his days at Michigan or because we spent most of our adult life in Boston. It was because Justin was at the game.

I just wanted them to win so that he could see it. Experience it. Take it all in.

Of course, this is where you say, “Oh, it’s just a game.” And it is. But it’s making me think about JOY — and what it takes to feel joyful — do we need the low to understand the high? Does the winner need the loser to feel victory? 

The answer is most likely, yes, in both instances.

And yet, it sucks to lose. In the whatever game you play. Always. But the point may be to find joy in the game. To honor the ability to play. Or to just be there. Win or lose.

Congratulations Philly – may you enjoy every moment of this joyous occasion.
And… for the rest of us…there’s always next year 😉

More tomorrow…



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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 34 :: the joy of pats

3 Feb
{twas the night before}

‘Twas the night before the Super Bowl and all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a Pats fan. And when I say Pats fan, I mean Justin. He is as giddy as a little boy on Christmas morning. In a few hours, Justin will board a plane for Minneapolis for a date with destiny. Thanks to a few cousins and some lucky last minute tickets.

The funny thing is, he has been waiting his entire life for this day. His favorite team and the Super Bowl all culminating into one big game in a brand, grand new stadium. It’s everything the little boy in him always dreamed of — especially when the Patriots were terrible. Like…. really terrible. For years. Decades. Yet, he has remained strong and steadfast. Always a believer.

It’s easy to forget those years now… the New England Patriots are a dynasty in the making. If not already a legend and a legacy. But there were days when the team was only this special in the hearts of little boys and a few grown men.

One of those little boys who is now a grown man, will be in a seat at the stadium that Minneapolis built. Rooting for his team. From the sidelines. Just like he always has… with passion in his soul and hope in his heart.

And that reminds me…this is what JOY is made of.

What a joy to see someone’s dream come true.
Priceless, really.

More tomorrow… (Go Pats!!)



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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 298 :: halloweenies

31 Oct

Day 298: Candy!

Happy Halloween to all the badass warriors out there (sent to me from a few badass warriors!). I assume yoga takes away all the candy we ate?

And then, of course, there was this:

Namaste, Halloween warriors. Namaste.

More tomorrow.


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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 24 :: losing yoga

24 Jan

Day 24. The sting of loss. 

Still a bit under the weather but feeling so much better. Except for the pounding in the front of my head. I’m not sure if it’s from my cold or from defeat. As in, a Patriots loss.

While I sat licking our collective Patriot wounds I did think of my dear Mama Sling — she was a Broncos fan, and she, would have been thrilled to see her orange team win. I suppose that’s the hardest part of sports. For every winner there must be a loser.

So tonight I did yoga while watching another team win. Stretched out in front of the television I pigeoned my way through a Carolina victory.

And maybe that helped to squeeze out the agony of defeat. Or maybe not, but at the very least, it was a daily jolt of yoga. And… there’s always next year.

Oh, yeah…does anyone know yoga to cure headaches?

More tomorrow.

{next year?}

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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 32 :: what’s the score

1 Feb
I’ve been in an airport since this morning, before the sun rose. The Blizzard has rerouted and rearranged my plans, along with many others. But it’s good to know that the Super Bowl goes on… as evidenced by everyone huddled around TV’s throughout the airport.

Including me.
Until now.

I just realized I have less than an hour before my flight leaves and I need to post my blog (or I will miss the window for today, and I won’t let that stop this 5-year writing streak!).

So I had to pull myself away from the game. I have no idea what the score is while I’m over here in this corner of the airport writing, sucking up juice from an outlet to keep my computer running. I can hear the cheers and boos coming from afar but I have no idea what they mean. Of course I’m hoping it’s for the Pats good fortune but I am surrounded by Seahawks fans so…..

And then something hit me! As I pulled myself away from the crowd I see something beautiful. Further proof that we are all connected. We are all plugged into this game (well, most of us) one way or another. Whether it’s for the team, the commercials, or as my friend Laura said about her kids, they care more about the food!

Speaking of commercials. I am beyond moved by these Coke ads. The brand has taken the Big Game and turned it into a platform for a big message. One that we all know is true = what we say to each other matters so let’s talk about things we all want to hear.

And while Coke wants us to hear a message to crave more sugar, I know what we all really crave is love. I know this from my own trials and tests. When my body craves something sweet what I really want is some LOVE. Or something I can’t have, like a hug from my mom. Give me some sugar! As Kid President says.

We are all connected. But it’s being connected to our hearts that matters most. That’s the big game. So while I have no idea what the score is right now, I do know this:  when we all live from our heart, from a place of love, everybody wins.


More tomorrow. 

 {what is your sugar?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 18 :: pats-tastic bliss

18 Jan
So….. that was a day full of football. And some serious bliss (and panic) inducing games, especially if you are a Seahawks fan. Over here we are in Patriot bliss! That game was Pats-tastic! Holy Patrimony!

Ironically we are Patriots fans living in Seahawks territory who happen to be related to some serious “Hawks” fans. (Every time they talk about the 12th man I think they are referring to Tom Brady.)

Tonight, when we shared both of our teams victory over the phone, Justin tried to get his little niece to say “Go Pats!” and he promised that he would say, “Go Hawks!”  Being a young Seahawks fan and a smart little cookie her response was, “You go first.”

As Vince Lombardi said, “People who work together will win.”

So bring on this family splitting Superbowl Sunday. At least we have a few weeks to prepare, and tease, and root on Number 12 …. Tom Brady that is!

Go Pats. 

More tomorrow. 

 {what team brings you bliss?}

2014 BLOG – DAY 11 peak performance: 80 is the new 40

11 Jan

The Pats won!

Which makes us pretty happy around here.
And it has me thinking about peak performance …and football …and age.

I am admittedly a football flunky. 
I love watching the game. I love hearing the game. I love seeing the advertising and partnerships in the stadium. I love the commercials in between on TV.  But I really have no idea what those players do out there on the field …Other than run and hit each other while wearing tights …And score touchdowns.

They take hits that I cannot possibly imagine.
Then get back up again. 

The fact is, they are at their peak performance levels. The good news seems to be that we can do the same, us mere mortals who did not inherit the football gene.

In a recent study of octogenarian endurance athletes, including a former Olympic champion cross-country skier, researchers saw cases where “80 is the new 40,” according to lead author Scott Trappe, director of Ball State’s Human Performance Laboratory. -Boston Globe

Of course this study is dealing with life-long athletes who stayed in shape their entire life… but I digress. What’s good for them must be good for “us” too.

80 is the new 40! 
That sounds fabulous to me (given that I turn the big 4-0 this year, ahem, like in a few weeks).

So if 80 is the new 40 …does that mean 40 is the new 20?
(Well, okay, I accept.)

Except there is one disclaimer:

Longevity also depends, in large part, upon what players do during the offseason and between games. And there is ever-improving knowledge about that. -Boston Globe

And there’s the rub, the kicker, the bottom-line, the reality of it all in an-apple-a-day sort of way.

But still…. 80 is the new 40!

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

{what does age mean to you?}

BLOG – GIFT DAY 328 :: a month of inspiration :: winning after losing

24 Nov

Today, in my month-long nod to inspiration, I share a come from behind win – and what it means to you. 

Do you feel behind? 
Like you’re losing, like there’s no way to get where you want to go? 

Then take a note from tonight’s Sunday Night Football game. 
The New England Patriots (our favorite team) played the Denver Bronco’s (Mama Sling’s favorite team). 

Somehow in the first quarter the Pats FUMBLED three times and gave up two touchdowns and a field goal. Blame it on the cold weather, the indomitable Denver defense or just some serious bad luck, but by halftime the Pats were down 24 – 0. 

How could this happen?
And SO fast?

The score looked overwhelmingly pitiful, so Justin required that I wear a NE Patriots hat. Just to help bring back some mojo. To believe in something. Anything to change the momentum.

So I donned the hat, and a new attitude.
Go Pats!

As you probably already know, The Pats won. 

Which brings me to this: 

It’s so easy to get down. It’s even easier to stay down when the going gets tough. But you can always turn “it” around – whatever your it may be. 

The past does not have to dictate the future. 
Because every new action counts more than the one before it. 
Every choice matters. 
And you can always start over. 

So go forth and do or re-do. 
And… no matter what, believe.

You just might win.

More tomorrow.

Lovemore {fearless!}

{where do you want a win?}
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