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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 347 :: may the force be with you

17 Dec

Today’s bliss…no wars.

On this night of the official debut of Star Wars The Return Of A Childhood Phenomenum, I am reminded that the best blissful wishful thinking of all would be no wars at all. 

Here’s to peace on earth. May bliss be with you.

(And…don’t tell me what happened in the movie because I haven’t seen it yet.)

More tomorrow.


Day 347: 12 days of christmas :: peace on earth

14 Dec

There are no words tonight, in light of the excruciating tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

We are 11 days from Christmas and all I feel is an immense sense that the rug has been pulled out from under so many families and an entire community in the most devastating way possible.

My mission this year has been to be lovemore+fearless and search for the love in all aspects of life. I know there are only two forces in this world, love and fear, and we cannot experience both at the same time.

And yet, there I was today, driving home, listening to the radio, hearing the unimaginable as I sat dumfounded, confused, mad, and terrified.

I cannot find the love.

So tonight, I offer a prayer for peace instead.

May we create a world where peace is uplifted and cherished.
May we open our hearts to all those in Newtown and to each other in this time of confusion and agony. May we share this journey together; holding each other, watching over each other and tending to the needs of our hearts so that peace may exist. 

Someway, somehow, I am holding onto love, knowing that there is great work ahead of us. And it is up to all of us to create change.

May there be peace on Earth.

peace, jamie eslinger, thepromise365.com

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