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11 Dec

power – 20 days to go

There are 20 days left of The Promise 365! 

Sometimes the most simple things are the most powerful. I have learned many lessons over the past nine years, including love, fearlessness, abundance, peak performance, bliss, joy, and kindness. All of them have one thing in common, trust. 

It’s funny to be on this side of making promises. Now, that I know this is my last one (who would have thought trust would be the grand finale?) I am in awe of how they all connect together through the power of trust. 

It takes trust to love. It takes trust to be kind. It takes trust to go after peak performance and to follow your bliss, tap into joy, and live in abundance.

It is the simple power of trusting yourself. And that is simply powerful. 

So here’s to trusting yourself in all that you do.
You got this 
Trust me!
More tomorrow.Jamie


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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 95 :: the best part of monday is…

5 Apr

I just wasted a good part of my life looking for something inspiring about Mondays to share. Since it’s Sunday night (and I feel like my weekend was sucked into pro-tax-ination land) I felt the need to get a lift out of the night before MONDAY and share something inspiring before the week takes over again.

I couldn’t find anything so I’m making up my own Monday Bliss List… and I hope you add to it!The best part of Monday is…
– It’s a fresh start
– Coffee, coffee, coffee
– The sun will rise (and that’s always a good thing)
– It’s all potential (nothing has been missed or messed up yet!)
– Going to sleep on clean sheets (from weekend laundry!)
– Waking up to a new adventure about to begin

Would love to hear your list.
Here’s to Monday, Monday, Monday!

Oh, yes, and this too!
If in doubt, just look at cute animals.

More tomorrow.

  {what’s the best thing you can say about Monday?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 42 :: hanging out with some bliss

11 Feb
Just hanging with the boys tonight… which includes this one: 

Sometimes I think that’s all bliss is… the moment. This moment. That moment.   

“Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.”
– Omar Khayyam

More tomorrow. 

  {what moment did you have today?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 40 :: blooming

9 Feb
This girl is going to brush her teeth and go to bed. Soooooo tired tonight.
But before I hit the sweet dreams sack I want to share a glimpse of hope, a blossom on the tree outside my office!

Spring is coming….. how blissful.

More tomorrow. 

  {are you dreaming of spring}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 31 :: dogged pursuits

31 Jan
Bliss moment of the day?  Well, it was eating brie.But that’s not my bliss moment of the day. It was Brady’s as he snuck up and snatched half of the block of brie from the sofa table. It was sort of an informal appetizer for us and become a formal contraband treat for Brady.

Admittedly, it made me mad. In one gulp he downed our brie, which I bought tonight as a special treat because it sounded so good. Whoosh! Just like that, it was gone.

But honestly there is something inside of that I respect. Brady knows what makes him happy. He is programmed to go after it no matter what anybody else thinks (or says … or yells).

He’s unashamed of his blissful pursuit. Food. Food. Food. Brady knows exactly where all of the food is in the house at all times. If I stand up from my desk and walk away leaving a bit of my lunch for TWO SECONDS Brady will be there licking his chops. Even if he was in another room. Even if he is outside. Somehow he knows where the food is and the direct coordinates of human arms to said food. He calculates his approach in a matter of seconds.

Then I turn around and my food is gone. GONE girl.

It makes me scream. The one word said over and over in this household is “Brady!” at all octaves and all levels of annoyance. But it doesn’t faze him. He keeps his focus. He knows what he wants.

We named Brady after Tom. After all, he is the most amazing quarterback in football history. Little did we know our Brady would have the same intense training regimen and winning instincts as #12… it just happens to be in the food department.

Regardless, I have to respect this tenacity. He is dogged in his blissful pursuit (pardon the pun). This dog’s got game and he schools us almost every single day.

Then he crawls up in my lap and pretends he’s sorry.

Yeah, he’s got my number. And my food. Pretty blissful life for this pup.

More tomorrow. 

 {what is your dogged pursuit?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 29 :: time lapse #bliss

29 Jan
It’s hard to believe that January is almost over. Where did the time go? I am reminded about the phenomenon known as “time flies when you’re having fun.” Or maybe better said, sheer bliss.

So, tonight I share a Pug and his bath. I don’t know why this feels significant, other than it reminds me of those moments when happiness comes from something as simple as warm water and bubbles.  

Maybe sheer bliss is really being so dopey that we forget what time it is….
Then again, maybe it’s just bubble bath?

Ask the Pug.

More tomorrow. 

 {does time fly when you have fun?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 28 :: keepin’ it simple

28 Jan
I’m keepin’ it simple tonight. Simple. Simple. Simple. 
And it feels good. Which makes me wonder if “simple” is a clue to this blissful thing? The more simple, easy, obvious, no brainer “duh” kind of moments I have the more I think that bliss shouldn’t be all that complicated.

Maybe ultimate bliss is really easier than we think? How rather simple would that be?


More tomorrow. 

 {how do you want to simplify?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 24 :: spa bliss

24 Jan
If a dog is Man’s Best Friend then the spa just might be a girls. Or mine. Okay, I can’t choose, I love our pups more than a spa … but sometimes a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do.

Spa Day!

Today my hairdresser had extra time so she styled my hair. I cannot tell you the last time I sat to have my hair styled …. STYLED with a curling iron.  It sort of felt like a teenage version of myself getting ready to go to the Prom.  As I left the spa in a cloud of hairspray I felt my bubble burst. My hair was way to prettified to go home. 

Going home felt like such a boring answer to my glorified styled up hairdo. Ironically as I drove myself through the familiar streets on my boring path home, there was an NPR program dedicated to power of boredom.

The program was all about boredom and how it literally doesn’t exist anymore. The death of boredom as we knew begins at the first hint of our minds screeching to a halt because we grab the cell phone in our purse and find something to occupy the minds.

Which is a brilliance killer. Apparently boredom bears brilliance or at least leads to more creativity.  Now that’s something to ponder (when you’re not looking at your phone!).

As I arrived home with my curled up  hair I realized one of the reasons why I love going to the spa. It’s a break. It’s a moment when I can’t be disturbed. While my head is in the sink or under the hot lamps my mind lets go and drifts to something it hasn’t had time for …day dreaming.

So maybe daydreaming is part of the path to bliss?
Hold the phone. Let me think about that. 

More tomorrow. 

 {do you have time to daydream?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 23 :: bliss is better than stress

23 Jan
I’m closing out my work week. It’s been a stressful week (thank you DMV) but I’m ready for the weekend and a little relaxation to arrive. I have to say, it’s been a good reminder for me to choose bliss over stress.

The challenge is to remember that in the moment.

More tomorrow.

 {what do you choose?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 18 :: pats-tastic bliss

18 Jan
So….. that was a day full of football. And some serious bliss (and panic) inducing games, especially if you are a Seahawks fan. Over here we are in Patriot bliss! That game was Pats-tastic! Holy Patrimony!

Ironically we are Patriots fans living in Seahawks territory who happen to be related to some serious “Hawks” fans. (Every time they talk about the 12th man I think they are referring to Tom Brady.)

Tonight, when we shared both of our teams victory over the phone, Justin tried to get his little niece to say “Go Pats!” and he promised that he would say, “Go Hawks!”  Being a young Seahawks fan and a smart little cookie her response was, “You go first.”

As Vince Lombardi said, “People who work together will win.”

So bring on this family splitting Superbowl Sunday. At least we have a few weeks to prepare, and tease, and root on Number 12 …. Tom Brady that is!

Go Pats. 

More tomorrow. 

 {what team brings you bliss?}
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