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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 282 :: joy is old photos

18 Oct

{and pie} 

We sorted through Justin’s baby photos tonight. The adorable firstborn pics to the young soccer days. We even found his report card from high school. But the best find of the night was a letter my Mama Sling sent to Justin for his 21st birthday.

He must have been in college at the time, and we were no longer a couple. But Mama Sling sent him a coupon for a homemade pie that she would make him at his request. It was a folded note in her handwriting that brought me so much joy tonight. I didn’t know she sent it to him at the time because we were broken up and no one was allowed to mention his name to me. 

But now, looking back, I have to think my mother would have been pleased to know I would eventually find her note twenty years later. It’s just a simple note with a promise in it for homemade pie. But it brings a smile to my face and warms my heart to know my now husband won over the heart of my mama way back then.  

More tomorrow… Lovemore,


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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 68 :: women’s history month

9 Mar

Day 68. American Pie.

Yesterday was International Women’s Day. And March is Women’s History Month.

But today I had the pleasure of lunching with a 96-year-old woman who has lived more history than most of us can imagine. 96! Years! Old!

She was beautiful. And shining and brilliant – and even though she walks with a cane she had more poise and strength than most people I run into. On her 96th birthday she was surprised by friends and family with a birthday party, and today she told me that she hasn’t had a party on her birthday since she was 4-years old.

That’s a long time to wait if you ask me. But the wait must have been worth it because this woman was so alive. She told me she not only has children, and grandchildren, but she also has great-grandchildren and great-great grandchildren!

And that’s something to celebrate. It has me thinking a lot about birthdays, and longevity, and surprises.

This same, amazing, 96-year-old also told me a story about how her niece one day out of the blue left a note on her door, asking her if she wanted pie for breakfast.

I wonder how many of us can do that? Not just eat pie for breakfast, but go out of our way to invite the elder mentor women in our lives to enjoy a sweet treat — just because. It makes me want to go leave a note on somebody’s door. It makes me want to eat more pie!

My 96-year-old friend, of course, said yes to the pie — which has me hoping and wishing that could be the secret to a long life!  Or maybe it is more surprise parties? But probably, it has more to do with showing up, shiny and brilliant, celebrating the history we are creating each and every day of our lives.

Then, again… it could be the pie.

More tomorrow.

P.S. Yoga next!

{who are you celebrating?}

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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 326 :: bliss bust

26 Nov

Today’s bliss…trying.

So, the pie….

Turns out it was not all the that. The crust was sort of dry, and the wheat flour that we had at ten o’clock last night was not quite “right”. (That’s another flour story for another day that has to do with Safeway and no electricity… but anyhoooo, back to the pie).

While the insides tasted sweet, they were just too candy-pecaned much for most human tongues, unless you’re three-years old and will eat anything, including straight sugar out of the box. I almost ate one whole pie piece because, well, I think that’s my punishment for making it in the first place…

But that’s only because we were able to cut through the crusted-over top shelf that formed during the baking process, requiring a heavy kitchen knife to slice through the surface. A laser beam would have been more efficient. 

And while on the surface it seems like a bust, it’s really a bliss. Because last night during our evening escapade to make this pie appear and then today during the final process of tasting pie to tongue, I couldn’t help but think fondly of my mother. 

St. Mama Sling.

She would have been tickled to death at the thought that I was in the kitchen. Her daughter, the one who vowed to NEVER, EVER learn how to cook, made a pie. For Thanksgiving. She would have laughed and teased and reminded me over and over that I should have paid attention while she had been trying to teach me how to cook and bake and prepare a holiday meal. But I didn’t. 

So the pie was pretty awful. Hard on the outside. Too sweet on the inside. Hard to cut through. Difficult to swallow. But totally worth it. Because I tried.

And Mama Sling would be so proud. 

And that reminds me…It’s kind of similar to the best parts of life. Whether it be a holiday or regular day. Even if it’s pretty awful. Hard on the outside. Too sweet on the inside. Hard to cut through. Difficult to swallow. But totally worth it.

Just trying is all that matters.
And for that I am grateful.

More tomorrow.
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