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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 249 :: joy is rest

11 Sep
{crawling into bed}

As I crawl into my PJ’s and get ready to rest tonight, I am sitting here thinking that sometimes joy is as simple as crawling into bed at night. It’s a simple thing really. The routine. The rest. The relaxation. The end to the day. The dreamtime that awaits.

Joy is teaching me that sometimes it is the simple things that mean the most. And, it is our daily routines that make up our joyful lives.

Here’s to routines – the ones we look forward to, the ones that give us a respite, and the ones that create a sense of joy.

More tomorrow…



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Day 288: me and my pj’s

15 Oct

Me likey.

It’s bedtime around here and I am exhausted from a really fabulous day with Debbie Phillips at Sophfronia Scott’s book workshop (otherwise known as The Book Sistah!).

It was such a great day that, to be honest, the only thing I wanted to do when we returned to our hotel room was slip into my pajamas.  (Well, actually, make that — take off my bra — and then slip into pajamas.)

Ahhhhhh, PJ’s at the end of the day.
There’s no better way to find comfort for my body or the aching, throbbing feet I just pried out of one-inch heels.

Okay, maybe snuggle in bed with a super cozy comforter and big, fluffy pillows.

My pajamas do double duty — because I sleep in workout clothes and I work in my pajamas.

Here I am in bed getting ready to write Day 288 all snuggled up in my signature nighttime attire of workout top and shorts.

My PJ’s may not be pretty, but they sure are comfy.  Plus, when you wear the same thing to bed that you wear to the gym it makes it easier to roll out of bed in the morning and actually GO workout.

Once an athlete, always an athlete.

Maybe when I return to shopping I will buy a pretty pair of beautiful pajamas!

Until then, here’s one thing I know:  I love sleeping in, no matter what I sleep in.

What do you sleep in?

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