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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 157 :: thoughts of joy

5 Jun
{no plans}

It’s funny how much time I spend planning, and then how much joy I get from the spontaneous (good) surprises in life. It has me thinking that sometimes, joy is not having a plan.  But it’s so hard to plan on that! How ironic.

More tomorrow…


{spontaneous joy}

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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 56 :: enjoy

26 Feb

It’s almost march. MARCH? And joy has me realizing one thing… we have to en-joy the process. Otherwise, time just flies by. Enjoy your process… whatever it may be:

  • letting in love
  • getting over grieving
  • releasing anger
  • finding your truth
  • doing your job

More tomorrow…



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Jamie’s BLOG – DAY 236 :: how the best leaders lead

24 Aug

It’s Sunday night. I find myself planning and organizing for the week ahead.  It’s part of peak performance.

Tonight, I am excited to read a little more before I go to bed. Also a peak performance activity. To read every day, even just a little bit.

My latest read is the book How The Best Leaders Lead.

As Zig said… Readers are Leaders.

What book are you reading?

More tomorrow.


{what book are you reading right now?}

2014 BLOG – DAY 51 :: rise up

20 Feb

What is your ideal day?
What time does your ideal day start?
What do you do first? Next? After that?

I promised to talk about “ideal days” today because it relates to peak performance and the gold standard.  Yesterday, I shared the “Think Gold” mantra. Today I am blending these two concepts into a “Gold Medal Day.”

What is a Gold Medal Day?
It’s your perfect day. Your ideal schedule.

I recently reworked my ideal day, and *gasp* it starts at 5:30am!
Starting at sun up to sun down I made a list of everything that I want to accomplish in one day. It looks like this:

5:30 – wake, take thyroid pills, take dogs out
6 – write
7 – plan daily projects
8 – shower and dress
8:30 to noon – meetings and work
12 to 1pm – lunch
1 to 5 – meetings and work
5:30 – gym, workout, play
7 – dinner
8 – blog
9 – read and go to bed

That’s the Gold Medal Day. 
It doesn’t happen in that order every single day. Life happens in between, calling my attention to laundry, dogs running inside with muddy feet, date night, fun, friends, travel, fabulous excursions, grocery shopping, naps, what have you!

Like an athlete that trains, this is the schedule that leads to peak performance. There are bronze days and silver medal days too. There are days where I don’t even place in the top three.

As mundane as it seems, this schedule is the big, huge, Olympic goal. It’s the little, tiny, minute steps forward each day that lead to peak performance.

That, and being in it to win it. Putting down a performance everyday with passion, love, dedication and determination.

It’s also a simple equation. Show Up + Rise Up = Gold.

So, now that I’ve shared…
What is your ideal Gold Medal Day?

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

{what is your ideal day?}
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