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BLOG – GIFT DAY 141 :: 30 days of love: POP quiz

21 May

It’s DAY 11 over here of the 30 Days of Love. We’ve already had two yummy recipes and a week-long Giveaway, some treats, a sneeze, some wise words to the Class of 2013, some news, and now…A Pop Quiz…Don’t worry, it’s not much to stress over. Just two simple questions:

If you could start over at anything, what would you do?
And how would you add more love?

More tomorrow,
Lovemore (fearless),
{pop! quiz! share your answers in the comments section below}

Day 174: what do you want to keep doing?

23 Jun

Today I visited Pup at the clinic. 

I was so elated that everyone I met at Countryside knew who “Pup” was when I asked for him. One vet tech even told me how much she adored Pup and sat with him to make sure he got all of his meds one night.

It’s so wonderful to know he is in such great hands!

And, it was so great for me to see the little guy, although I couldn’t help but feel like I had barged into his summer camp and broken some rule about hugging him in front of his new friends and giving him treats.

In fact when Pup first came into the visiting room he was more interested in smelling all the floor panels and corners to find out what other dogs had been before him versus showering me with big slobbery kisses.

I take all of this as more good news, good signs, good progress.

Which brings me back to the Pop Quiz from yesterday.

Yesterday I asked these specific questions:
How do you want to celebrate your good health?
What do you want to keep doing?
What do you want to stop doing?

What do you want to add in?

I also promised answers so here are mine:

What do you want to keep doing?
I want to continue to understand and break my chocolate and sugar addiction

What do you want to stop doing?
I want to stop relying solely on others to cook for me (that includes restaurants and my dear Justin – it’s time I cook something for him, that tastes good)

What do you want to add in?
I want to try a new treatment each month at a spa
I want to add in a more consistent schedule of yoga and body work
I want to drink more water

That’s it for me (for now).
I hope you had some time to think about these questions or maybe come up with some new ideas of how to celebrate your good health too.

If there is one thing Pup has taught me this week, it’s this:
not to take the ability to run after a ball or jump up and down for granted.


Day 173: pop quiz! a cause for celebration

22 Jun

Today ends with a few things to celebrate around here:

1)  I spent the afternoon in Starbucks and DID NOT order a Mocha!

2)  Two of our favorite people in this world sold their house on different coasts on the same day! (and not to each other)

3)  The best news of all, the Pup Report came back with no new news ~ which is good news!

All cause for celebration if you ask me.

Looks like our little guy will spend the next few weeks on bed rest in order to hopefully heal up and get well soon.

Our little Pup’s condition had me thinking hard over the last few days about how much good health is something to celebrate, nourish, and protect.

So here’s to your good health.

And here’s your Pop Quiz:
How do you want to celebrate your good health?
What do you want to keep doing?
What do you want to stop doing?
What do you want to add in?

I hope you have a moment to ponder this too.
I’ll share my own answers tomorrow.

Until then….

Day 138: pop quiz!

18 May

Pop Quiz!

(Aren’t these fun?)

If you were to fill up one box with the items you need to have with you, around you, for you … what would you choose?

I have been thinking a lot about what I am grateful for in my life.

I owe some of this in part to attending my college reunion and reflecting on the last 15 years of my life.  At the same time we are packing up our Naples apartment and getting ready to head back to Martha’s Vineyard for the summer.

There is something quite magical about touching everything I own, splitting up what goes and what stays, placing it in boxes and knowing it won’t see the light of day for half a year.

It makes me wonder, just what do I really need?
And, what do I need with me?

There are the books I want to read but haven’t cracked open yet.  The clothes and shoes I want to wear, the keepsakes and jewelry and photos I want with me and not in some box in a storage unit for the summer months.

And then there are the precious items that fall into a category all their own.

Like the straw angel my mother gave me in college with a note that told me I would always have her with me.

I can’t just box that up!
But, in reality, do I really need to tote it around with me for the summer?

Today’s random pop quiz is this….

You get one box ~ one box only.
What goes in?
What stays out?

Before you answer, you may want to think about what feeds your head and your heart.

As for me, the angel’s in. 
It’s my little souvenir of faith that there is an angel up there watching over me.
And, sometimes, no matter where I am, that’s all I need to know.

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