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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 9 – DAY 315 :: who you are – 50 days to go

11 Nov


There are 50 days left of The Promise 365!

If there is anything this blog has taught me over the past nine years, it is who I and who I am not. As this promise began it was to take care of my head, heart, body, and soul but as it neared the end, it began to unveil who I really am and what I am made of. 

For one thing, I believed my entire life that I was part Native American. It was a story told by my family and my mother about her mother and so on. When I took the 23 and Me test last year, I couldn’t believe the results. I was more French than German (which my last name hails from Germany) and more British than I ever knew. The Irish part was not a surprise but the fact that I have absolutely ZERO Native American lineage is astounding.

While that is all very interesting (to me) and an adventure in genetics and ancestry, what I have really learned over these past nine years is who I am as a person.

I am dogged and dedicated. I never expected to blog every single night for nine years but I have (and will) and if nothing else I have learned that nothing can stop me when I put my mind and heart into it.

I am soft and hard in all the right places. While my body has fluctuated and I am a few organs short of a full set now, I have learned that my heart is softer than I ever knew it could be. I have learned so many lessons in love and gained new insights in loving (myself and others). But I am hard in all the right ways, sometimes stubborn, but all for the right reasons. 

I am positive. Maybe not a surprise since I was voted “Most Likely To Be Positive In A Nuclear Holocaust” in college, but when you force yourself to write every single night you begin to see patterns. The pattern I have weaved is one of wanting to leave a little more sunshine than rain. I have collected up inspiration wherever I found it and shared it with you – even on my darkest nights when I couldn’t face my own sad moments. Maybe that was in part to make myself feel better but I genuinely, absolutely, positively believe the glass is better when it’s half full. Because doesn’t the world need more hope? 

In all these years, I have learned so much about who I really am. And after all that, I can positively say it’s good to know, who you are and who you are not. 

Trust me!
More tomorrow.


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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 155 stretching

9 Jun

Day 155: Goals.

It occurred to me tonight that I am two years out. Two years! From surgeries and all that comes with that.

And it is soooo good to be two years out. Two years on the other side. Two years into the future. The two-year stretch. And even though I am still tight in my shoulders, breast and chest, I am two years better.

I asked my resident yoga guru, Jill, about stretches for my chest tonight, and some tips on how to keep stretching out that area that still remains tight. She showed me some cool poses, and those, I will try.

But I am happy to report that being a little tight is a good thing when you’re a lot grateful.

Life sometimes throws us lemons and surgeries. And I am starting to learn that as long as we keep the long view way out into the future while still remembering the perfect moment of “now,” well …all shall be well.

And, even when we’re tight, it’s important not to lose sight on our stretch goals.
Two. Years. Two years!

Now that’s worth doing some yoga.

More tomorrow.


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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 61 :: blissed off

2 Mar
I’m trying an experiment. Being blissful.
But not in a annoying sort of way, over they top happiness, like this definition describes.

Not that anything is wrong with supreme bliss. But it feels a little hyper and I think I’d like a more gentle approach to life these days.

So bliss it is. In small bits. Gentle waves.

My experiment is to see if I can sustain a blissful state of mind even when that around me won’t provide it. Like tonight, while at the grocery store when a woman wouldn’t move out of my way …. I gently turned around and went in the other direction.

Maybe that is more like avoidance. But I’m wondering how long I can sustain a positive attitude, a blissful state if you will, while still having a grip on the real world.

We’ll see how long it lasts…. how blissed off can I possibly get?
It’s got to be worth a try.

More tomorrow.

  {what blisses you off?}
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