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DAY 4: temptation lurks

4 Jan

Powerful messages are everywhere. And, since I love to follow other people’s marketing (good and bad examples) I subscribe to way too many emails.

Here is a very short list of “my friends” who send me emails almost every morning (around 3:30 am usually):

Rue La LA
Restoration Hardware
Pottery Barn
Coldwater Creek
Ann Taylor
JC Penney
Title Nine
Living Social
Daily Grommet
Daily Candy
West Elm

Ah, temptation! The Promise 365 has me running and saying no … but at the same time I am finding it hard to look away. Which is just a mild form of self inflicted torture.

It is sort of like sitting at the head of the table for Thanksgiving dinner and saying “no, not eating today”.  My inner child screams: “If you weren’t planning on eating, you should have gotten up from the table already instead of drooling all over the pumpkin pie!”

Dilemma: I would love to delete my membership from every temptuous email just so I don’t have to think about buying anything over these next 361 days.

But I can’t. I want to know what’s out there, I don’t want to fall behind on any possible trend, cool new promotion or marketing program.

And that makes me wonder… is it a sign of weakness that I can’t unsubscribe?

Or, maybe it’s a sign of strength if I can make it through the entire year not buying frivolously and still read these messages from “my friends” every day.

To delete or not to delete. That is the question.

What would you do?


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