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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 9 – DAY 188 :: trust the beauty

7 Jul


We drove the south coastline today winding through little seaside towns and beautiful picturesque downtowns and stores. It made me think about my very first promise not to shop, because, I was shopping in the most wonderful sense of the word. 

Jaynane and I were together, shopping and oohing and ahhing at all the little beautiful things looking for dresses and skirts and jewelry and presents. This is a partnership I know well, it is one my Mama Sling taught to me. To appreciate beauty. Not in the sense of the torrid and turbulent definition of beauty standards but to appreciate the beauty within. 

Because beauty is a feeling. 

I used to think beauty was a very specific thing, a look, a shape, a fabric, a cut, a design, an art. But it’s really the art of feeling. And when we feel we are alive. We are here. We are present. 

Which is the best present of all. 
Trust the beauty within. 

Trust me!
More tomorrow.


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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 63 :: enjoy

6 Mar
{the moment}

I had a moment tonight when I remember something: there is only this moment. That’s it. This is all. This very moment until it turns into the next moment. But we are still inside this moment.

So we might as well enjoy it.

Believe me, that is easier said (or blogged) than done. I am a poster child for forgetting the wisdom of living in the moment….at times. So let this be my reminder 😉  Yours too, if you wish.

Here’s to this moment.

More tomorrow…


{live your moment}

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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 328 :: the last month

30 Nov

Day 328: The present…

It’s hard to believe December begins tomorrow. December. Tomorrow. It’s been a year of yoga, and there is only one month to go! One month.

As fast as time as flown by it has also crawled along each day and night. And yet, the best lesson I am learning from this yoga challenge is to take in the present moment. Whatever (and whenever) that may be.

Namaste, Present. Namaste.

More tomorrow.

{be here now}

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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 299 :: friday’s bliss

30 Oct

Today’s bliss…. this. Simply this… Friday night.
Every night I sit and think. What is the most profound, important thought coming to my mind as I write. What should I share on this blog?

And tonight… I have this. Friday. It’s FriDAY! I love Fridays… feel good Fridays! 

But the secret to all that is simply this. This moment. This present moment. This second of really being alive, feeling alive, just being present.

Today, I have signed my name to two different cards for two different people in my life going through medical procedures. And, the only silver lining to that is the reminder of this…. THIS present moment.

Happy blissful Friday.
Stay present.

More tomorrow.

{can you feel it?}

Day 352: 12 days of christmas :: present and presents

19 Dec

I just returned home from yoga class.
It was a little present I gave to myself during the hectic holiday ramp up of buying, wrapping, locating, returning for the right size presents.

After all, we are only 6 days until Christmas.

As soon as yoga class began, the instructor asked us to “be mindful to what you will be present for tonight.”

Here we are in the holiday season and there was that word again… present.

present, the promise 365, jamie eslinger

It made me stop and reflect on presents and being present…. and being present for presents.

Ever since my mother died there has been a black cloud over Christmas in my heart. She was the Queen of Christmas. Specifically, she was the queen of the BOWS that went around the wrapping that held the presents.

Nobody was allowed to smash a bow. Just placing the gifts under the tree was a challenging game of Tetris.

“Don’t smash a bow!” Mama Sling would yell from the kitchen as I hovered over the tree as if she had eyes in the back of her head.

(And, just for the record, I believe Mama Sling DID have EYES in the BACK of her head.)

With Mama Sling so went Christmas.

Gone were her stockpiles of gifts hidden in the back of her closet, just in case someone showed up at the house as a last minute surprise. Gone was the gigantic pile of gifts under the tree all neatly wrapped with bows the size of Texas.

Ever since Mama Sling died I have had to learn to relate presents with Christmas in a whole new way. I learned to accept the new rules of the my father’s house, that only the grandchildren would be given gifts at Christmastime. I had to accept the fact that my husband, at the time, believed gifts were a waste of money.

I had to accept that my definition of a present was not the same as others. I believe Christmas should come with gifts straight from the heart, no matter the size. It’s just the thought that counts. I blame Mama Sling, it’s all her doing.

And, tonight as I took in a deep breaths during yoga, being present for every single stretch and painful move, I smiled at how far I’ve come.

Not just because my life now revolves around a family that adores Christmas. And not just because Justin, my partner, is the World’s Best Giver of Gifts.

It’s because after all this time, I finally know that just being present is the most wonderful present of all.

Being present for friends.
Being present for family.
Holding the presence of those who are no longer here in my heart.

That’s the magic of Christmas — the very precious present.
Well, that, and some seriously gigantic bows that are not to be crushed.

Love you Mama Sling.
Your presence is felt.


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