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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 363 :: a kind lesson

29 Dec
{these two}

It’s been a year, 2017. Amidst it all two things have been constant: Pup and Brady.

Sometimes for comic relief, other times for adventure. One thing I am absolutely sure of… there is nothing kinder than the love of a dog and the wag of a tail to the rhythm of joy. Times that by two and you’ve got a pretty kind life.

If there is nothing else in this year to teach me the power of kindness, there are these two dogs. They are cuddled up on their dog bed right now, wrapped around each other and snuggled in for the night.

In this year of Kindness, they have taught me this: Lick it better and shake it off.

More tomorrow…


{shake it off}

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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 293 :: 4-letter word friday

20 Oct


On this 4-Letter Word Friday, I am touched by the kindness of pets. Specifically, my two dogs.

Pup, at age 16 (and a half!) is just a daily miracle. His big brown eyes can see straight through a person. His impeccable sense of timing (wake time, breakfast time, nap time and dinner time) is always on point. And he loves to cuddle more than the furry kitties he watches outside the window.

Even Brady, our crazy one, is full of love. I think it’s the love in him that makes him would so tight. His love of food (any type of food), meeting new people, running after the rain and catching flies is done with full-on enthusiasm.

Both keep us on our toes. They sometimes make me wonder who is really in charge here. And yet, I can’t imagine life without these kind creatures.

So this Friday is devoted to pets. pups and dogs.

May they awaken your soul with kindness.

More tomorrow…


{the kindness of pets}

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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 197 :: puppies

8 Aug


I thought it would be kind to share cute puppy photos today. Why? Because these make me smile. And laugh out loud. Some are moments of pure chaos. Others are moments of pure bliss. Some are just a strange, crazy moment that we share with a Vizsla pup named Brady.



Did you smile?

More tomorrow….


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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 179 :: feel good friday

3 Jul
It’s Feel Good Friday…and boy does that feel good to write.

In this year of BLISS I am learning a very important secret. Nothing is more important than feeling good. I’ve tried to give up complaining (still haven’t cracked the code of the 21-day no-complaint challenge) but I have learned SO much.

Mostly, I have learned what sets me off. What throws me off my game. What sends me through the roof. In most cases it is spiders. Not just any spiders, black widow spiders! And that takes away all the good feeling blissfulness that I have built up, in a matter of seconds.

So, for tonight, I share this — because these pups make me feel GOOD. And all that matters is feeling good right now. It’s all we’ve really got when you think about it.

So…..Once a week for 35 weeks this owner caught his pups racing for their food bowl. They literally grow up before your eyes on camera. It’s pretty darn ahh inducing cute.

Happy Friday!

More tomorrow. 

  {what made you feel good today?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 325 :: sunday cuddle day

23 Nov

Somedays are just made for cuddle days… especially if you have a built-in pillow. That’s what we call Pup Peak Performance! 

Happy Sunday, here’s to the week ahead!

More tomorrow. 


 {what will you do this week?}

BLOG – GIFT DAY 348 :: foiled again!

14 Dec

Yesterday I was so thrilled to receive our first Holiday Cards!

But upon further inspection I was foiled. 
By Direct TV. 

The card looked so genuine. So holiday-ish. All holiday stamped and calligraphy-looking addresses too. 

Such trickery. 

But never fear. We did recieved REAL cards in the mail! 
Including my new set of Green Ink holiday cards. 

I can’t help myself.
I must share the LOVE with you too… 

…including this pic of Pup and Brady snuggling by the fire (er… space heater). 

It’s pure love. 
And such a GIFT that these two pups get along so well. 
And I count it as my gift of the day. 

It’s a blessing really. 

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

{are you counting your blessings?}

BLOG – GIFT DAY 295 :: an abundance of pups

22 Oct

In keeping with my promise to seek abundance this year, here’s my Abundance Photo of the Day… our Pups.

I found this photo of our PUPS today. Brady is the little one and Pup is the big one.

The photo is over a year old and our little Brady looks so tiny.  Our big Pup also looks younger with less white whiskers on his chin.

It’s amazing how time flies, how fast we grow, how much we learn.

Pup has taught Brady how to be a dog – even though Brady doesn’t always listen.  And Brady has taught Pup how to run and play again – even though Pup can’t always keep up.

Brady is a handful most of time, and a ball of love the rest of the time. He is constantly hugging and hanging close to whatever warm body is in the room. Even with all of his antics we are convinced that Brady has given Pup at least another 5 years of life.

Without this little ball of energy our eleven year old Pup wouldn’t run after the ball to get it first. He wouldn’t jump as high or bark as loud.

He certainly wouldn’t have a little brother to lay on top of his head or sit on him either.

It’s brotherly love really.
And a whole bunch of Abundance too.


More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

{what reminds you of abundance?}

Day 274: lovemore monday :: red dresses

1 Oct

As you know, I entered this year determined to be fearless. But, I don’t want more fear or less in my life.  I want more love.  So I made up a new word, lovemore!  That’s why Lovemore Mondays are here.

Today’s Lovemore Monday is a love story about red dresses.

I have lived without television all summer. It’s our lifestyle on the island, but, now we are off-island and I am officially dog sitting four (yes 4!) very adorable dogs (one of which is my crazy puppy!) this week — I find myself escaping the poochy chaos and plopping myself right in front of the TV.

Tonight this ebay commercial caught my eye. It so captures the fear I feel as soon as I see Brady nosing towards my closet or suitcase or a pair of shoes.

If you have ever raised a puppy, you know this scream:

It also makes me think about red dresses …and reminds me that I need to plan my next shopping adventure with Holly Getty.

Speaking of Holly… here’s her totally adorable pooch, Matteo — who is such a fashionista, he would never destroy a red dress.

Brady, on the other hand, has already ruined one pair of shoes and a set of ear buds from Justin’s Phone.

Even still, no matter what our four legged friends tear, eat, mess or ruin… on this Lovemore Monday and always….


Day 223: three things series is back… what did you love today (more than chocolate?)

11 Aug

It couldn’t be hotter on Martha’s Vineyard, due to Jaws Fest here on “Amity Island” — I even saw a sign today in a window that made me do a double-take.

The island is so busy and the traffic so backed up, I had enough time to snap this pic out the window of my car while idling on Main Street.

It makes it easy to confuse reality with cinema. Jaws.  Amity Island.  A movie.  A place.  A feeling.

It’s just a movie, but it’s fear inducing. Because our minds don’t know the difference between reality and cinema – the fight or flight symptoms kick right in whether it’s real or just looks real.

As for me, I flee a scary movie. And, I’m not sure I want to change that.

As for love, I fell totally for Pandora Radio today as I cleaned and vacuumed and prepared for the next round of visitors here at the house on Amity Island. There’s something so amazing about good tunes — it’s make the time fly by, even when I’m cleaning.

Which gave me more time to spend with my pups.
And, now, forgive me while I dote… aren’t they cute?

No matter the name of this island we’re on…
never fear, these guys are the real deal — and I love them more than chocolate!

Day 211: lovemore monday :: boogie-woogie

30 Jul

As you know, I entered this year determined to be fearless. But, I don’t want more fear or less in my life.  I want more love.  So I made up a new word, lovemore!   That’s why Lovemore Mondays are here.

Today’s Lovemore Monday is a love story about small tasks.

I found this quote today and it made me pause.

“I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble.”
~Helen Keller

What a good reminder.
And, I have to remember that everything does add up, even the small stuff.  Every day here at The Promise 365 something little adds up to something noble — even if it is only a slight turn or twist inside of me that nobody else can see.

Take this afternoon for instance… I swam in the ocean.

Let me repeat that.
I. Swam. In. The. Ocean.  (Emphasis for me more than anyone else.) Alas, with a boogie board, but I was still in the ocean, submerged, flipping and flopping and have tons of fun.

It was thrilling and felt, well, fearless (for me!). Maybe a small task, but, really that’s all that counts, right?  Just like Helen said … “it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble.”

Our pups, on the other hand, took water time as an opportunity to boogie-woogie down the beach without us and land eight houses away.

When I finally caught up to the dogs they looked at me as if I were the crazy one, running down the beach, jumping rock walls, scaling neighbors yards in a single bound with leashes in tow.

Quite a pair these two. Fearless you might say.

One leads the other, and vice versa, into trouble and mayhem, and they both lead us to meet new people and make new friends every time we are out, whether it be walking down the sidewalk or frantically scaling rocky walls lining the beach.

And, that’s why, on this Lovemore Monday…

I. Love. It.

Not a small task. 
But very noble indeed. 

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