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BLOG – GIFT DAY 152 :: 30 days of love: there’s something to love

1 Jun

It’s DAY 22 over here of the 30 Days of Love. We’ve already had two yummy recipes and a week-long Giveaway, some treats, a sneeze, some wise words to the Class of 2013, some news, a Pop Quiz, 3 things I love, a biopsy, a call to say what you need to say, a prayer, a choice, a reminder of home, a sunrise, a road trip, a little joy, looking for a rainbow, and now…
There’s something to love.

I wrote about fear the other day. As in, there’s nothing to fear.
But, I woke up the other day thinking…. there’s something to love. As in there is always something to love.Today, I LOVE that we are headed west and will, by the end of our day, see the Rocky Mountains.

(We should end up somewhere between Iowa and Wyoming by tonight. Photos will be posted to Facebook when we can shoot a few pics!)

We are dropping off Jaynane in Iowa and will continue without our travel buddy. I LOVED having her company for half of the trip, and someone to laugh with about the mishaps and weather phenomenons of our road trip.

(Bikes anyone?)

Speaking of things I love. Here’s the next installment of The Abundance Interviews.

This one is from Debi Lilly, planner of A Perfect Event. Check it out to get her tips on how you can you create abundance:

  • In your home
  • At your wedding or other celebrations
  • For your family
Westward bound, girl.More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}
{what do you love today?}

Day 332: when it’s love

29 Nov

We are still on the road…literally posting from the passenger seat tonight.

It comes with some beautiful views:


And for those who are wondering…..
We do not have a seat strapped to the top of the car (wheeeeew!) although Justin was bummed that our mechanic wasn’t interested in selling that original seat from the New England Patriot’s original stadium.

We do however have Thursday night football on the radio…

Speaking of the radio, we heard this song three times (in three different states) today: Van Halen, When It’s Love



It is officially a road trip.

Day 330: temporarily sidelined…ya’ll come back now, ya’hear!

27 Nov

Let me start this post by saying….we’re not stuck. 
Just temporarily sidelined.

As we pulled out of Naples in our PACKED TO THE GILLS SUV this morning, I turned to Justin and said:

“If we had a chair on top of the car we could be the Beverly Hills Hillbillies!”

It seemed funny at the time.
I mean, geez….we even have a SUITCASE strapped to the top of the car.

It was the only way we could fit everything we own inside the vehicle for our drive north.

I actually have no idea how Justin got everything inside this thing. I watched him measure every square inch and then move boxes and plastic tubs around until it all fit, Tetris Style.

We even have a 52-inch TV in this automobile!
Again, I have no idea how.

Luck seemed to be on our side.
Everything fit!
We hit the road!
Until…. the car overheated not even 20 miles out of town.

So we turned around. 

And here’s the part where I say THANK YOU for being a friend.

Dear Amy and Chad, thank you for offering up a good mechanic in the “literal” heat of the moment as our car overheated running down the highway.

Dear Debbie and Rob, thank you for offering up a place for us to stay as we wait for our car to be fixed and new radiator installed.

Dear Claire, thank you for writing such a fun story to keep me occupied while waiting for the car to be diagnosed.

And, thank you Travis! Car mechanic extraordinaire.

We have an appointment in the morning for a new radiator and something with a locksmith too. We hope to be on the road tomorrow afternoon.

Just as we left the mechanic shop today with diagnosis in hand, Justin turned to me and said, “Did you see the bleacher seat from the orignal Foxborough Stadium that was in his shop?”

“No?” I answered. “I was reading my book the whole time.”

“Well, it’s awesome and from the Patriot’s original stadium.” Justin seemed super excited and then he said the words that solidified our Beverly Hills Hillbillies status:

“I wonder if he would sell it to me?”

Visions of driving back to Boston with a chair strapped to the top of our car whooshed by, Clampett style.

And that’s the moment I heard singing in my head…
“Ya’ll come back now, ya’hear!”

Day 146: On the road again

26 May

Back on the road, day 2. Which means that bags have shifted, pups have found new, sunny spots in the car, and we find ourselves dog tired after a 10-hour day.

But, I also found a few new Apps that I love and are worth trying out.

I-Exit – allows you to see what’s up ahead at the next few exits. It’s been great for gas, not so great for spotting hotels.

WordPress for iOS – testing it out right now on my iPad, may just be my new solution for blogging on the go, or on the road, or when I’m just lazy and daydreaming outside somewhere without wifi.

The real test – will it allow me to upload photos? You be the judge!
Let me know if these photos come through:




Day 311: soda, soda, everywhere and not a drop to drink

7 Nov

The road trip continues.
Today we drove through 4 more states; Maryland, Washington D.C. (I know, not really a state), Virginia and North Carolina.

At one local grocery store near our final stop, I couldn’t help but notice this product: Chubby Kids Soda.  Really?  A high-sugar drink that blatantly markets to children?

I suppose it doesn’t surprise me. Sugary drinks, in all forms, are everywhere.  Especially on the highway between Boston and Florida.

And who am I to judge?
I was a self-professed Coca-Cola fan until a year ago — and inside I may still be one.  Even though I don’t drink it anymore I love the brand, I grew up on it.

I once ordered a Coke at a lunch meeting while I was pitching the Pepsi marketing team.  Yeah… try talking yourself out of that one.  (I eventually did.)

Coke was my choice in the Soda Wars — Pepsi vs. Coke?  No contest.

Today, on one of our many stops we pulled into a road side rest stop where my thirsty soul tried to find something to drink.  There were no shops or stores.  Just big vending machines.

My options were:

Diet Dr. Pepper
Ginger Ale

I happily forked over two dollars and fed the big box and pushed the button for WATER.

The words SOLD OUT ran across the screen in bright red dashed letters.
So I pushed the other WATER button.
Finally, I pushed my last WATER button option.

Surprise!  I was greeted with those same dancing letters.

One would think running into this issue would be easily resolved with the push of the REFUND lever sticking out right next to the dollar eater.  But, no, not this trick vending machine.  Nope. Nada. No refunds. Not happening.

So it was, there on a highway road stop, that I engaged with a vending machine in a full-on stare down.

I didn’t budge. It didn’t either.

I poked and prodded the REFUND lever to no avail.
It held its ground and my dollars.

I was left with a choice — wondering what would be the best of the worst sugary drinks. Would juice be better?  What about lemonade?

I reluctantly pushed the Ginger Ale button and out popped a big, green, plastic bottle. I turned it over in my hands and read the label. What— 59 grams of sugar!?

Ugh. Bad. Choice.

Just as I turned to leave the vending machine another couple was making their way to the dollar eating area, when it occurred to me — I could just give them the drink I held in my hand.

It would be benevolent! It would be like paying it forward! I mean, I was certainly not going to drink it. They would be so happy! I would do a good deed!

As they approached I flashed a big smile and outstretched my big, green Ginger Ale offering.

Their faces turned to disgust and they started waving their hands in the universal sign of that-toxin-will-kill-me motion.

The man rubbed his stomach and said:
“That stuff really messes me up. Sorry. Thanks for the offer.”

I don’t know why I was surprised, that’s exactly what I would do if in the other shoes.

Instead of giving him a can of soda, I shared another kind of gift.
A friendly warning that the evil vending machine was out of water and if provoked would eat his dollars.

The Soda Wars continue it seems.
But, I know, nothing was the better choice as something for my body today.

Day 296: a road trip for the body and soul

23 Oct

I slept next to this contraption once at Boston Logan Airport.
All night long it went Cling! Ping! Ding! Whoosh! Whack.

It was during a holiday with my trusted traveling buddies Laura and Lisa. We were road tripping between Boston and New York during Thanksgiving Break in order to do our patriotic duty of walking the Freedom Trail and witnessing the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade all in one week.

We were sophomores in college and back then it made total logical sense to sleep in the airport instead of pay for a hotel room (since we had early morning flights).

All night long I heard the inner workings of the art installation as I tried to wrap my six-foot frame into some sort of slumber between two arm rests of the pleather airport lounge seat.

All night long it went Cling! Ping! Ding! Whoosh! Whack.

Today as I sat next to this same contraption at Logan’s Terminal E, I thought to myself — I will never do that again.

I’m discovering there’s a lot of things I would never do again.  But, back then, it was exciting to spend a night in a foreign city — at the airport!

Actually, it was more than exciting, it was daring.

Everything about that trip was daring for three 19 year-old women from small agricultural towns.  We rode buses and subways and planes through the great North East. We booked a (seedy) hotel room in Times Square.  (I have no idea HOW we found a HOTEL ROOM back then without the INTERNET.  But we did.)

We froze in arctic wind tunnels in the shadows of New York City sky scrapers as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade floated before our very eyes.  At least, that is, until we couldn’t take the bitter cold anymore and then huddled all together in the doorway of a luxury hotel under outdoor heaters.

We ran through the streets of New York laughing and giggling. With wide eyes and big hearts we tried our best to fit in.

We thought we were so sophisticated.
We laughed like school girls.

We made our way through by sensing and seeing and asking for directions.

At stop lights and intersections we instinctively followed the crowd.
“They go. We go!” We screamed to each other following native New Yorkers into the street without (GASP!) that familiar blinking walk signal.

Like I said, it was daring.

Other road trips took Laura, Lisa and I to Chicago, SeattleAlabama and the Gulf of Mexico.  With each new adventure we grew bigger as the world became smaller.

As I sat next to that same old contraption, chiming and clinking in the airport today, I was whooshed back in time to a younger, risk-taking version of myself.

It occurred to me that the journey I am on this year, during this promise, isn’t all that different from the adventures and risks I took back then.

This road trip is taking me in a different direction of course, one more inward than out.  But, in a way, it is allowing me to grow bigger while the world appears to be smaller with each and every step.

And, in much the same way, I am making my way through this head/heart/body & soul road trip by sensing and seeing and asking for directions.

In the process, I have cleaned up my food act, learned to meditate, traded cookies for green smoothies, and powered through yoga.

I have discovered I shop for emotional reasons far beyond my conscious awareness.

But, more than anything, I am learning how to touch the surface of my soul and hear the voice of my mother again.  Like the tip of an iceberg there is still so much more to discover.

Who would have thought not shopping could bring me so many riches?

And, that thought alone, makes the light bulb inside my head go Cling! Ping! Ding! Whoosh! Whack.

Day 209: want to be happy? go on vacation!

28 Jul

We are leaving, not on a jet plane, more like a slow ferry.

We are packed up and heading to “America” (as island locals say) a.k.a. the mainland.

Our destination?  A mini family reunion, a wedding, and a dentist appointment. Hey, it can’t all be fun and games when one gets the chance to sail to America.

It’s a boat trip + road trip + Novocaine trip, all in one.
The latter I am not looking forward to.

But, don’t all road trips have a bump in the road somewhere?

Even though we spend our summer on an idyllic island, this distinctly feels like vacation.  And, according to the recent Time article, Want Happiness? Don’t Buy More Stuff — Go on Vacation, experts report doing more brings more happiness than purchasing more

I can relate.

So far, over this journey (a vacation of sorts, from shopping), I have learned first-hand it is just as adventurous to find a new yoga class as it is to find a frilly dress.  One would think purchasing a physical item would make euphoria last longer.  Turns out, it doesn’t.  We attribute more long-term happiness to memories and special moments, or vacations and road trips than to new t-shirts or TV’s.

Vacations are indeed priceless.

When I think back over my life, I can remember every road trip ever taken.  From the trek last fall where Justin, Pup and I crisscrossed the entire country, to the spring break with my college buddies where Laura and Lisa and I drove to Corpus Christi, Texas, bringing back more than hangovers and memories; we packed up the car with full body sunburns and Aloe vera (not a good combination for a 20 hour car ride home).

And, then there is that one road trip Justin and I took, a very long time ago, heading towards college in his black Tahoe.  We drove from Idaho to Missouri, from West to Mid-west, on our way to college.

It was a long way
Not because of the distance between home and college, but because of the distance between us.  We were recently broken up. (Looking back, now, we think our two mother’s collaborated to put us together in a car for two days in hopes our hearts would resolve. Good plan. Didn’t work.)

On that long and winding road, where there is NOTHING between Colorado’s Rocky Mountains and the Missouri River, we made small talk and listened to CD after CD after CD, ignoring the pink elephant in the car: my broken heart.

Somewhere between Denver and Kansas City we spotted billboards for The World’s Largest Prairie Dog.  And when you see a billboard for the world’s largest prairie dog, you have to stop.  Not surprisingly, it was a cement hoax, a large sculpture of a prairie dog (which you probably already guessed).  But, it broke the ice between our two hearts as we laughed and rolled our eyes at the roadside ridiculousness.

We laughed the rest of the way to the Missouri state line. When Justin dropped me off at Laura and Lisa’s front door we waved to each other.  No more kisses, no more hugs.  But we had something new: one, big, prairie dog.

Yesterday, a song on Pandora rang through my computer speakers and held me in its grip.  It’s called Long Way and it’s a road trip song (it caught my attention because it mentions Idaho, and many other places I have driven through.)

I searched online to find out more, and you’ll never guess what I found…

A video where the artist, Antje Duvekot, describes her own road trip across the county and what she discovered.  Turns out we aren’t the only suckers for enormous prairie dogs!

If you have a few minutes, this video is worth a watch and the song is a good listen.

Call it good for your soul.  Or, if you’ve ever driven cross-country, broken up with the person sitting next to you, then it just might be good for your heart too.

Trust the research.
Vacations last longer than souvenirs.
Some trips are short. Some are long.  
But, all are memorable.

Day146: just in time

26 May

It is the end of the day and I am tired.

I can feel my eyes are heavy and my contacts are all but dried out.

I do not want to get back in the car tomorrow.
I do not want to drive another 400 miles.
I am tired of yelling at Garmin and her roadway trickery.
I am tired of 18 wheelers running into my lane.

Tired, tired, tired, I am.
(And, I do not like green eggs and ham.)

But, I am grateful.
For today, after a long drive and one very slow and painful traffic jam, we arrived just in time.

  • Just in time to see a seven-year old get off the school bus and run to her mother with arms wide open.
  • Just in time to watch a five-year old open up his Spiderman birthday present and squeal with delight.
  • Just in time to sing happy birthday and witness candles blow out and cupcakes disappear.
  • Just in time to marvel at bikes without training wheels navigate long park pathways.
  • Just in time to have a few perfect moments with friends.

And, most precious to my heart, we arrived just in time to hear the words “Aunt Jamie” and “I will miss you” and “I remember you” come out of little hearts and minds.

It was enough to melt my heart.
Indeed, it was well worth the drive.

My only regret is that we leave tomorrow.

I am tired, but I am also filled with joy.
What a good stop for my road trip weary soul.

Tomorrow we will make the island and summer awaits.
But not without making some really important pit stops along the way.

Just in time.

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